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PR 5220 Instrument manual Table of contents Table of contents 1 Safety Information 1.1 General Information Intended use 1.3 Initial Inspection 1.4 Before commissioning 14.1| nstallation… 1.4.2 Electrostatically Sensitive Components 1. 4.3 Protective earth 1. 4. 4 Supply Voltage Connection 4.5 Failure and Excessive stress 14.6Fu 1.4.7 EMC-Compliant Installation 面1 2 Ethernet transmitter series 99900 2.1 The transmitter versions 2.11 PR 5220/00 Version 10 2.1.2 PR 5220/01 Profib Bus …10 2.1.3 PR 5220/04 DeviceNet. 10 2.1.4 PR 5220/06 ProfiNet l/o 10 2.1.5 PR 5220/07 EtherNet-IP 2.2 Overview of the Instrument 1,: 2.3 Labcl on the Housing 12 2.4 Housing Dimensions. 12 2.5 Display and Controls 国国国E国面面i面目国B面a面面 13 2.5.1 Status leds… 13 2.5.2 Opcration Using the VNC Program 14 2.6 Overview of connections 19 3 Installing the Instrument 1■■■■■■国■L■■■国国国■■■■■■■■■■■I 20 3.1 Connections… 20 3.1.1 Network port 3.1.2 RS-485 Interface 3.13 Analog output 25 3.1. 4 Optocoupler Inputs 3.1.5 Optocoupler Outputs 27 3.1.6 Load cell connection….…… 28 3.1.7 Connecting Analog Platforms (CAP. 31 3.1.8 Connecting xBPl Platforms(S.)…,… 3.19 Connection of Digital Load cells 32 3.1.10 ProfiBus Interface(PR 5220/01 only 3.1.11 DeviceNet Interface(PR 5220/04 only 34 3.1.12 ProfiNet l0 Interface(PR 5220/06 only) 35 3.1.13 EtherNet-IP Interface(PR 5220/07 only Sartorius EN-3 Table of contents PR 5220 Instrument manual 4 Commissioning 4.1 Data Backup/Power Failure 4.1.1 CAL SWitch = 37 4.1.2 Factory Settings… 4.2 Switching on the Instrument 4.3 Configuration and Calibration 8888 4.3.1 Connecting the Device to the network and Finding out the iP address 4.3.2 Resetting the Instrument/Activating Network'DHCP' 41 4.3.3 Searching the Instrument in the Network Using ' IndicatorBrowser a0i0n0da0d I 44 4.3.4 Operation Using the vNc Program 4.3.5 Operation Using Internet Browser 4.3.6 INFO Function 4.3.7 ctup Function (VNc) 438 Setup Menu… ianid0D 4.4 Calibration Weighing Point, Internal A 55 4.4.1 Displaying Calibration Data 1主 4.4.2 Selecting the calibration Mode 56 4.4.3 Dctermining the Maximum Capacity(Max) 4.4.4 Determining the scale Interval 59 4.4.5 Determining the dead load 4.4.6 Calibration with Weight(by Load) 62 4.4.7 Calibration with mv/ value [by mV/ 4.4.8 Calibration with Load Cell Data("Smart Calibration 4. 4. 9 Subsequent Dead Load correction .......m...65 4.4.10 Linearization 4.4.11 Test Value Determination/ Display 4.4.12 Finishing/Saving the Calibration 66 4.4.13 Parameter Input 4.:.=· 67 4.5 Calibrating an xBP| Scale…… 4.5.1 XBPI Set-up for Serial Port 4.5.2 xBPI Scale function 71 4.5.3 XBPI Platform Configuration 1面面国面主面日面面E 4.54 XBPI Scalc Parameter 4.5.5 XBPI Parameter Tables 74 4.5.6 BPI Setting Dead Load 4.5.7 XBPI Calibration with the Uscr Wcight...... 4.5.8 BPI Calibration with Automatic Weight Detection. 79 4.5.9 BPI Calibration with Default Weight 4.5.10 XBPI Calibration with Built-in Weight 82 4.6 Calibrating Digital Load Cells Type 'pendeo 4.6.1 Gcncral informatior.…… 4.6.2 Viewing the Interfaces 4.6.3 Selecting and Setting up the Interface. 4.6.4 Selecting the Load Cell Type. 84 4.6.5 Adjustment Sequence 85 4.6.6 Search for Load cells 4.6.7 Assigning Load Cells EN-4 Sartorius PR 5220 Instrument manual Table of contents 4.6.8 Calibrating Load Cells 88 4.6.9 Corner Correction 4.6.10 Finishing/Saving the Calibration .92 4.6.11 Parameter Input 3 4.6.12 Subsequent Dead Load Correction 4.7 Configuring Gencral Paramcters 4.7.1 Serial Interfaces [Serial ports parameter 4.7.2 Operating Parameters 98 4.7.3 Fieldbus para meters 99 4.7.4 Network parameters 101 4.8 Configuring limit Valucs 102 4.9 Digital Outputs and Inputs 106 4.9.1 Configuring Digital Outputs 1E主国量1a面BE国E 4.9.2 Configuring digital Inputs 4.10 Analog Output 110 4.10.1 Adapting the analog output 111 4.11 Logfiles 112 4.12 Saving Configuration Data [Backup of EAROM] 113 4.12.1 Saving configuration and calibration data 113 4.12.2 Loading Configuration and calibration Data into the device .115 5 J-Bus/ModBus 117 5.1 General description 117 5.2 ModBuS-TCP/-UDP 118 5.3 Functions 119 54 Error Messages……… …123 5.5 Word Addresses 124 6 SMA Protoco… ■■■■■ 125 6.1 General 125 6.2 Description of Used Symbols. 125 6.3 SmA Com mand set 面面主面国面 …126 6.4 SMA Reply Messages... 129 6.5 Communication error …134 7 Fieldbus Interface 134 7.1 Fieldbus Interface protocol 7.2 Description of the 1/0 Area(read /Write Window) …136 7. 3 Special hints for DeviceNet and etherNet-IP 140 7.4 Fieldbus Register 141 8 Global sPm variables 145 9 Configuration print-Out 10 Extended functions ■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■国口■■国■■■国■■■■■■■■国国国■■晶国■■■■■■■■■国国■口看■■■国■■■■国■■■国■■■国国■■国■国■国■■■■■■■■国■ n150 10.1 Resetting the Instrument to the Factory Settings. 150 10.2 Updating a ncw Softwarc with FlashIt 151 Sartorius EN-5 Table of contents PR 5220 Instrument manual 11 Repairs and Maintenance 153 11.1 Solder work 153 11.2 Cleanin 153 12 Disposal 153 13 Error Messages umami. ■■■■■■■■■■■■■I ng154 3.1 Measuring Circuit Error Messages 154 13.2 Weight Error Status …155 13.3 Error Messages with xBPI Scales 155 13.4 Error messages of the calibration 翻国国 156 13.5 Show Error Log 158 14 Specifications Bm HBaaLRBIn 14.1 Instructions for Use of 'free software 最a主 …159 14.2 General data 14.2.1 Power Supply 143 Effect of ambient conditions 14.3.1 Environmenta| Conditions…… 14.3.2 Electromagnetic compatibility(emc) .160 14.3.3 RF Interfcrcncc Suppression 14.4 Weighing Electronics 161 14.4.1 Load cells 161 14.4.2 Principle 14.4.3 Accuracy and stability 1444 Sensitivity… 161 14.5 Mechanical data 14.5.1 Construction 14.5.2 Dimensions 14.53 Weight…… 162 14.6 Use in Legal-for-Trade mode ..... 14.6. 1 Documentation for Verification on the en closed cD 面面面 …162 14.6.2 Additional Instructions 15 Index 16 Appendix… m166 16.1 Pin Assignment for Interface RS-485 166 16.2 Network Settings under Windows XP. 167 16.3 Network settings under Windows 7 168 EN-6 Sartorius PR 5220 Instrument manual Safety Information Safety Information 1.1 General Information △ The instrument was in perfect condition with regard to safety features when it left the To maintain this condition and to ensure safe opcration, the opcrator must follow the instructions and observe the warnings in this manual 1.2 Intended use The instrument is intended for use as an indicator for weighing functions. Product opcration, commissioning and maintenance must be performed by trained and qualified personnel who are aware of and able to deal with the related hazards and take suitable measures for self-protection The instrument reflects the state of the art. The manufacturer does not accept any liability for damage caused by other system components or due to incorrect use of the product 1.3 Initial Inspection Check the contcnt of the consignment for completeness and inspect it visually for signs of damage that may have occurred during transport. If there are grounds for rejection of the goods, a claim must be filed with the carrier immediately and the sartorius sales or service organization must be notified 1.4 Before Commissioning Visual inspection Before commissioning and after and storage or transport, inspect the instrument visually for signs of mechanical damage Sartorius EN-7 Safety Information PR 5220 Instrument manual 1.4.1 Installation The instrument is designed for mounting on standard rails(35 mm, acc to DIN 46277 △ Excessive heat may reduce the instrument lifetime! When mounting on the rail, make sure that the distance from other instruments left and right of the module is at least 20 mm mm s∥ 士|+|-+M+M-S+S 24 VDC SIGN SENS 2|3(ND V-V- EtherNetiP>> ±本燃 I2I3[+ DeviceNet DIGITAL IN SUPPL DIGITAL IN[LC SU 匚了 +33V DIGITAL OUT DIGITAL OUT 平RBPR5227 江-PP5220 1.4.2 Electrostatically Sensitive Components This instrument contains electrostatically sensitive components. For this reason, an equipotential bonding conductor must be connected when working on the open instrument (antistatic protection 1.4.3 Protective earth Connection to protective earth must be performed via the mounting rail 1.4. 4 Supply Voltage Connection he supply voltage is 24V DC +10%/-15% Max power consumption of PR5220/00:65W PR5220/01:85W +|-+」M PR5220/04:85W 24 VDC PR5220/06:85W PR5220/07:85W For connection to 230/115V AC, an external power supply (e.g. Sartorius PR 1624/00 or Phoenix Mini Power) is required EN-8 Sartorius PR 5220 Instrument manual Safety Information 1.4.5 Failure and excessive stress If there is any reason to assume that safe operation of the instrument is no longer ensured, shut it down and make sure it cannot be used. Safe operation is no longer ensured if any of the following is true The instrument is physically damaged The instrument does not function The instrument has been subjected to stresses beyond the tolerance limits(e.g, during storage or transport 1.4.6 Fuse This instrument does not have a replaceable fuse. The load cell supply voltage is protected against short circuit In case of failure of the load cell supply voltage, disconnect the instrument from the supply voltage, determine the cause and take remedial measures. Subsequently, the supply voltage can be switched on again 1.4.7 EMC-Compliant Installation Use only screened data cables Connect screens on both ends with ground Keep unscreened cable ends short Connect screen rail to cabinet housing with low impedance Use metal or metallized connector housings Establish equipotential bonding between instruments system modules Mandatory for x-app Usc standard refcrence potential Connect mounting rail to protective earth Install measure and data cables separately from power cables Screen clamp(e. g. Phoenix SK8-D) Rail connection (e.g. Phoenix AB-SK 65D Mounting rail (35 mm) il (e.g. Phoenix NLS-cU 3/10) Sartorius EN-g Ethernet Transmitter series PR 5220 Instrument manual 2 Ethernet transmitter series 2.1 The transmitter versions Three pr 5220 series transmitter versions are available; subsequent extension of the version is not possible The version is determined unambiguously by the type number. The front foils are adapted to the version PR5220/00 PR5220/01 PR5220/04 性M Devceve) DIGITAL OUT 评音 雷Pso 1[eXEP52004 PR5220/06 PR5220/07 eeao aa 4444.4 0290w805 □口 AG引ouL FA B A D PR522 RPR52207 2.1.1 PR 5220/00 Version This version has digital inputs and outputs as well as an analog output and a Lan adaptor for configuration and operation of the instrument. Connecting e.g. a remote indicator is possible via the serial output 2.1.2 PR 5220/01 ProfibBus In addition to PR 5220 00, the instrument is provided with a Profi Bus port 2.1.3 PR 5220/04 DeviceNet In addition to PR 5220/00, the instrument is provided with a deviceNet port 2.1.4 PR 5220/06 ProfiNet 1o In addition to PR 5220/00, the instrument is provided with a ProfiNet l/0 port. 2.1.5 PR 5220/07 EtherNet-IP In addition to PR 5220/00, the instrument is providcd with a Ether Net-IP port EN-10 Sartorius

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