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来源: 目录: | LuaUnicode.url | +---0.13A | | | \---0.2B 下面的来源于: This is an attempt to answer the LuaFaq : Can I use unicode strings? or Does Lua support unicode? In short, yes and no. Lua gives you the bare bones support and enough rope and not much else. Unicode is a large and complex standard and questions like "does lua support unicode" are extremely vague. Some of the issues are: Can I store and retrieve Unicode strings? Can my Lua programs be written in Unicode? Can I compare Unicode strings for equality? Sorting strings. Pattern matching. Can I determine the length of a Unicode string? Support for bracket matching, bidirectional printing, arbitrary composition of characters, and other issues that arise in high quality typesetting. Lua strings are fully 8-bit clean, so simple uses are supported (like storing and retrieving), but there's no built in support for more sophisticated uses. For a fuller story, see below. Unicode strings and Lua strings A Lua string is an aribitrary sequence of values which have at least 8 bits (octets); they map directly into the char type of the C compiler. (This may be wider than eight bits, but eight bits are guaranteed.) Lua does not reserve any value, including NUL. That means that you can store a UTF-8 string in Lua without problems. Note that UTF-8 is just one option for storing Unicode strings. There are many other encoding schemes, including UTF-16 and UTF-32 and their various big-endian/little-endian variants. However, all of these are simply sequences of octets and can be stored in a Lua string without problems. Input and output of strings in Lua (using the io library) uses C's stdio library. ANSI C does not require the stdio library to handle arbitrary octet sequences unless the

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