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Foreword ow many times have you visited your favorite programmin g forum or mailing list and been amazed at the sheer number of posts on terrain rendering algorithms that seem to fly at you from every angle? Terrain rendering seems to be a favorite subject among today's hobbyist programmers; it serves as an excellent portal to more demanding problems and their solutions. However, terrain rendering is by no means a simple problem, and a particular solution can get rather complex. People from all walks of "programming"life have tried their hand at coming up with the next best solution for rendering their idea of a perfect world. Some even dare say that there are as many terrain rendering algorithms as there are people who write terrain engines. Most of these solutions are variations of more widely accepted solutions. These solutions are generally accepted by people as solutions that give good performance. Some of them have been around for quite a while and have been modified over the years to adapt to the ever-changing hardware they are meant to run on This book takes three of these generally accepted solutions and puts them through their paces. I am very pleased to say that one of these solutions came from my very own puddle of programming ideas I have popping up every now and again in a flash of enlightenment As this book compares three terrain rendering solutions without any prejudice or bias, I am not one to talk about them, obviously. i will leave that to the author Willem. de boer 「=「 Acknowledgements Wow, so many people need to be thanked. Let's start with the trademark peo ple: my family and friends. First of all, I want to thank my mom, my step-dad, my sister, and my dog. They rock, and without them, I wouldnt be writing this right now. Id also like to thank my friends. Thanks to kyle way (you owe me) for dealing with me at late times in the night and always distracting me with things. Thanks to Nate, Renae, and Randy for always being the ere Also thanks to luke. Claudia. Amanda Laurelin. Marissa. ella. Rebecca Lacee, Laura, and everyone else. You know who you are Next it's time to thank the people I'm not so close to (In fact, these are the people who are as good of friends as any, but I've never actually seen them before. First of all, thanks to Evan for being a good programming partner and a good friend Also thanks to Ron for helping me out a ton and for just being a good guy. Also, a huge thanks to Dave Astle, Kevin Hawkins, and Jeff Molofee for getting me where I am today and being great mentors. Also thanks to Mike, sean, and warren for being three really cool guys. Id also like to give a huge thanks to all the guys in #gamedev who put up with my late-night rants about green bunnies and cats running around my monitor waging war over christmas lights Now,Id like to thank all the people who made this book possible. A huge thanks goes to Emi Smith, Andre laMothe, and Karen Gil for helping to make this book the best it could be, for actually giving me the opportunity to write it, and just generally being a great bunch of people. Id also like to give another huge thanks to willem de boer, Stefan Rottger, and mark Duchaineau for giving me ideas and reviewing respective chapters to make them the best they could be. In addition, thanks to the people at Longbow Digital Arts for letting me use a demo of Treadmarks for this books cd, the guys at Digital Awe for letting me put Tropical storm on the CD, and the rest of the guys who let me use their demos on the books CD: Thatcher Ulrich Leonardo boselli, and Serba andrey. Finally, Id like to thank the people and things that had no idea they were even involved with this book at all. a huge thanks goes to Fender for making my incredible guitar. Also, Pepsi Corporation deserves a thanks or two for making the legendary Mountain Dew. Another really big thank you goes to the guys at New Found glory for being a great band and also to Tool, the Offspring, Blink 182, and Nirvana. And finally, thanks to the people at Pacific Sun for providing my"coding clothing About the author Trent Polack is a high school student currently attending Kalkaska High school. He has been programming in various languages since he was nine years old, when his cousin showed him the joys of QBasIC Trent is an active contributor to the programming community, con tributing several tutorials to GameDevnet and its affiliates. He has a passion for game programming, namely graphics, databases, and most of all, engine coding. When Trent is not programming, he takes a large interest in reading(especially books by the late Douglas Adams), basketball, playing guitar, and listening to music 「L Contents at a blanc巴 L仨TT仨代干口MTHE三仨1写仨口1T口代■■■■■X1-X1 1NTR口口u匚T1口N■■■■"■■■■■■■■■"■■■■XV Part one Introduction to Terrain Programming.. 1 c十日T仨R1TJ凵RNY1NT口THE国积岳丹T口UT口口口代■■三 匚HT仨仅己T巨杈丹N工■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■15 匚十日饣T仨三 TEXTUE1NG丁仨丹N■■■■■■■■■■■■■三三 匚H俨T仨RL1G屮T1NGT杈仅卂N■■■■■■■■■■■■■"■与7 Part Two Advanced Terrain programming...73 c十日TER5c仨口m1M1NG干口代 TH匚L口口1M宁〓口■■■■""■■■■""■7与 匚H早T巨苠百匚Lm1 NG THE口凵TE■■■■"■■1与 〓HT仨仅7因H仨代岳VE杈Y口umYR口m"■■■■"■1己7 c十日T仨仅日因仅平1NG1T凵P日 三俨仨匚1L仨卡仨匚T丹№口m口仨■■■"·1E5 卂宁仨N口因T鴨口NTH二口■■■■■■"■■■"■■己口5 1N口仨X■■■"■■■"■■"■■;■■ 己口三 L口 stents 1NTR口口u匚τ口N■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■p■X1V Part口n Introduction to Terrain programming.1 CH丹俨TE权1下刊J口u代NEY1NT口 TH仨国仨T口UT口口杈s■""三 Terrain? No Thanks, Already ate General Applications Terrain and Game Development Demo building made easy! 44588 e main demos The Book at an Itty-Bitty Glance Part One: Introduction to Terrain Programming Part Two: Advanced Terrain Programming 12 The demos 2 Summary 3 CT已T仅气N卫口1"■■■■■■"15与 Heigh 6 The creation of a base Terrain class 18 oading and Unloading a Heightmap 2 The brute force of the matter .,,,24 Fractal Terrain generation 27 Fault formation 27 Midpoint displacement 33 37 References 37 Contents CH丹俨TE三T仨XT凵代1NGTE代丹1N 雪三三 Simple Texture Mapping Procedural texture generation The Region System 44 The tile system Creating the Texture Data........ 48 Improving the Texture Generator 49 Using Detail Maps 52 Summary 55 References 55 CH丹TE4L1 GHTING下仨仅代1N 57 Height-Based Lighting...... Coloring the Light Source 59 Hardware Lighting 62 Lightmapping 63 Slope Lighting 66 Okay, Slope Lighting Is Cool, But How Is It Performed? 66 Creating a Slope-Lighting System 68 Dynamically Creating Lightmaps 68 Summary References Part Two Advanced Terrain Programming...73 cH丹TE5仨口m—M平P1NG干口代 T屮cL口口1MF1代岳口"■■75 CLOD Terrain 0 ,,76 Why Bother with CLOD Terrain? 76 Not Everything Is Happy in the Land of CloD Terrain 78 Wrapping Up Your Introduction to CLOD Terrain 78 Geomipmapping Theory for the Semi-CLOD Impaired 79 Simply the Basics Triangle Arrangement Made Easy 80 Contents Implementing Geomipmapping for the very Slightly CLOD Impaired 87 Patch It Ur 87 Creating the Basic Geomipmapping Implementation 87 Problems exist to be fixed 98 Summary 104 References ,|04 匚H护TE日匚Lm区NGTH山口TRE■1与 Quads Do grow on Trees 106 Think Outside of the quad 108 ply the Basics.. Again 109 Propagation Propaganda ,|4 Cull like Youve Never Culled Before.. again I5 Hug the Quadtree, Love the Quadtree, Be the Quadtree 6 Implementing the basics l16 Complicating Things a Bit 123 Speeding Things Up a Bit 25 Summary 125 References 126 cH丹TE7圆H代岳ⅤERY口u nRY仅口m■■■■ 1E7 The Roam algorithm 128 Theory..... 128 Improvements to the roam algorithm 33 Seamus's Changes .33 R○AM2.0 37 Step I: Implementing the Basics 37 Step 2: Adding Frustum Culling 144 Step 3: Adding the Backbone Data Structure ,|49 Step 4: Adding a Split/Merge Priority Queue 56 Summary References 164 Contents XI cH丹俨TE杈日因代平平1NG1T凵日三仨1月L 仨干仨cT№口「口号"■1三 It's all in the wat 166 Letting the Water Flow, Part I Letting the Water Flow, Part 2 170 Primitive-Based Environments 0I l74 Thinking Outside of the Sky-Box 75 Living Under the Sky-Dome 78 Camera-Terrain Collision Detection and Simple response 87 Lost in the Fog. 89 Distance-Based Fog 189 Vertex-Based Fog 19 Particle Engines and Their Outdoor Applications 192 Particle Engines: The Basics 192 Taking Particles to a New Dimension 97 Adding Data Interpolation 199 Applying a Particle Engine to an Outdoor Scene .,,,,,20l Summary 202 Epil Pirogue 202 References ..203 已EN口1X因H月T后口NTHc口■ The gul .206 System Requirements ,,,,,,,,206 Installation 207 The Structure 207 1N口EX 它口三

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Focus on 3D Terrain Programming

This book is one-of-a-kind. Most 3D programming books on the market today concentrate on only one (or two) of the four algorithms that are presented in this book. Terrain engines have applications in games, but also in various simulations and they play a very important part in military flight simula

focus on 3D terrain programming中文版

focus on 3D terrain programming.很经典的一本讲述3D的一本书,对游戏开发很有帮助



Focus On 3D Terrain Programming源码

Focus On 3D Terrain Programming源码 chapter1-4代码 chapter5-8代码暂缺。

Focus on 3d terrain programming (english)

How many times have you visited your favorite programming forum or mailing list and been amazed at the sheer number of posts on terrain rendering algorithms that seem to fly at you from every angle? Terrain rendering seems to be a favorite subject among today’s hobbyist programmers; it serves as an

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经典书籍Focus On 3D Terrain Programming

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focus on 3d terrain programming所有代码

focus on 3d terrain programming所有代码,从第一章到第八章。。

Focus On 3D Terrain Programming

Focus On 3D Terrain Programming,聚焦3D地形编程技术,英文版(PDF版和CHM版),本书共八章,前四章以翻译完毕,并附在文件的word中,其他章节未完待续。








第1章应用架构演进1 1.1传统垂直应用架构2 1.1.1垂直应用架构介绍2 1.1.2垂直应用架构面临的挑战4 1.2RPC架构6 1.2.1RPC框架原理6 1.2.2最简单的RPC框架实现8 1.2.3业界主流RPC框架14 1.2.4RPC框架面临的挑战17 1.3SOA服务化架构18 1.3.1面向服务设计的原则18 1.3.2服务治理19 1.4微服务架构21 1.4.1什么是微服务21 1.4.2微服务架构对比SOA22 1.5总结23 第2章分布式服务框架入门25 2.1分布式服务框架诞生背景26 2.1.1应用从集中式走向分布式.26?

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