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v3.17 * updated libFLAC to version 1.2.1 * added a flush after every log line to help GUIs * "eac3to some.mpls" now also works if the stream files aren't there, anymore * fixed: number of subtitles was not appended to demuxed subtitles' file name * fixed: dialnorm removal (for Nero decoder) failed with some 2.0 TrueHD files v3.16 * added undocumented "-no2ndpass" switch to turn off 2nd pass processing * fixed: two pass processing sometimes produced superfluous sup files * fixed: MPG/EVO/VOB audio tracks with "PES extension 2" were not detected * fixed: very small W64/RF64 files were not detected correctly * fixed: when processing was aborted, log file was sometimes not created * fixed: sometimes specifying a title number addressed the wrong HD DVD title v3.15 * "24.975" is now interpreted as "25.000/1.001" * Blu-Ray "sup" are demuxed with DTS set to 0 again, proper fix will come later * fixed: error code not set for "source file format could not be detected" * fixed: audio resampling from/to 24.975 didn't work properly * fixed: WAV files beginning with lots of zeroes were sometimes not accepted v3.14 * WAV reading was broken for all but very small files (introduced in v3.13) v3.13 * fields and frames are counted and displayed separately now * added DIRAC bitstream parser * added support for "-24.975" and "-changeto24.975" * Blu-Ray subtitle demuxing: PTS value is now written to both PTS + DTS * joining MKV files is now declined with a proper error message * last chapter is now removed, if it's less than 10 seconds from end of movie * fixed: "-normalize" didn't work with stdout, anymore * fixed: audio delay was incorrect when 1st m2ts part contained no audio data * fixed: very small WAV files were not detected correctly * fixed: "eac3to source.eac3 dest.dts -core" crashed v3.12 * fixed: track languages for HD DVD discs were not shown * fixed: MLP channel order was wrong for some specific channel configurations * fixed: "DirectShow reported 255 channels" happened

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