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VhdManager.exe VhdManager.ini ; Generated (13.09.2015 18:44:54) by Simple Vhd Manager v1.0 ; www.sordum.org [Main] Language=Auto WinSetOnTop=0 GridLines=1 NewVhdSize=2,5 NewVhdOpt=0 [VirtualDiskFiles] 1=C:\20180619_034757.vhd [Language_English] 01="BlueLife" 02="Attach marked and detach unmarked files" 03="Add file to list" 04="Remove file from list" 05="Refresh list" 06="Disk Management" 07="Action\n Location\n Attached\n Boot Menu\n Virtual Size" 08="&File;\n &Edit;\n &Options;\n Tools \n &Help;" 09="&Add; File" 10="&Create; and Attach VHD" 11="&Attach; Marked Files" 12="&Detach; All Files" 13="&Remove; Entries In Boot Menu" 14="&Exit;" 15="&Attach;" 16="&Detach;" 17="&Read;-Only" 18="&Add; to Boot Menu" 19="&Remove; From Boot Menu" 20="&Paste; File" 21="&Remove;" 22="&Remove; All" 23="&Check; - Uncheck" 24="&Check; All" 25="&Uncheck; All" 26="&Open; Location" 27="&File; Properties" 28="&Disk;" 29="&Cd;-Rom" 30="&Refresh;" 31="&Open; With Explorer" 32="&Change; Drive Letter" 33="&Remove; Letter" 34="&Drive; Properties" 35="&Attach; Marked To System Startup" 36="&Disable; Autorun" 37="&Always; On Top" 38="&Show; Grid Lines" 39="&Add; to Context Menu" 40="&Show; Hidden Files" 41="&Show; File Extensions" 42="Disk &Management;" 43="Diskpart &Command; Prompt" 44="&Msconfig;" 45="&Restart; Windows Explorer" 46="&Donate;" 47="&HomePage;" 48="&Contact;" 49="&About;" 50="Please Wait ..." 51="Select Virtual Disk File\n Virtual Disk Files\n All Files" 52="Enter boot menu name\nOk\nCancel" 53="Added" 54="Unable to write file!" 55="File not found!" 56="The file path must not contain any spaces. Please correct it and try again." 57="Virtual hard disk size \nVirtual hard disk format \n Virtual hard disk type \nDynamically expanding \n Fixed" 58="%drive% not enough free space!\n Do you wish to continue?" 59="An error occurred. Check your settings and try again! \nError Code:%error%" 60="Mount &Options;\n &Mount; \n &Unmount; \n &Open; With Simple VHD Manager\n VHD Mount \n V

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