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GEN64 V10.6 是美国标志的软件是大型上位机制作画面使用的
双击 开始安装 iC:\genesis.2c 文件∝)编辑〔〕查看①收藏〕工具红)帮助 后退个|户挫索立件来|X曰 地址)同c:gani9.2 名称 大小「类型 install 文件夹 文 夹 文件 文件买 Hl 文件荚 文件卖 1KB" indows批处理文件 圆 instal1.csh 2 EAB CSH文件 目1 ICHISe.tx 4文本文档 ource C CDROM Inshr FTP Rtiw+cDSK一hs→ C DAT 安装路径:c:/ genesis9,2e C Products C peans List 妄装程序 妄捷版本: 操作系统 信息 开始安装 帮助 日志记录 退出 点击安装程序,并双击 C CDROM fasher C FTP i1 ist of】ames C DAT app gen Genesis 安辕路径:c:/gene ∩ Products beans 安装程序: app gen 妄旋版本: 操作系统 信息 OK 帮助 日志记录 退出 点击安装版本,选择 C CDROM s C FTP retrieve DIS List of Vers C DAT 92c2 安装路径:c:/ genesis9,2u C Products C beans 安装程序: pp gen 安装版本 操作系统 信息 K Apply Cancel 帮助 日志记录 退出 操作系统选择 上』 Retrie 7 List of Oper C DAT 2]k 安装路径:c:/qe C Products B esITe 安装程序: aFp gen 安装版本:v922 操作系统:□ 信息 Apply Cancel 点击开始红色箭头所指处安装,然后点击黄色箭头处 Source Destination r..m 1/nnMTNTM 1 /TncnT < 1/Temp e Is this a Serter or a Client installation enesis g Not ot Server Client t set UFOSFEroups Not set10虹 cal cat al好e器 Hot check installat⊥on Not 开始安装 E Install sco xvisionT ot 在安装路径中更改安装目录,例如 点击开始安装 Destination C/genesis Mode C standand C Custom Copy product files Set file permissions Up date license Update startup files Set users/croups Set logical databases Check installation 工几sta11scuXⅥi8ionT Start 在弹出的窗口点击接受 工ese Frontline PCB Solutions LP.("Frontline]rants yor non transferable license to use this copy of front: ithe "Program")consisting of the executable files documentation, according to the terms of this agree Configuration You must have a paid license of the Program or of al version of the Program with a specified number of se software packages purchased. You may install and usi Accept 在弹出的窗口选择 0pup■ essaY The installation you are about to perform requires approximately 135189 Kbytes Do you wish to continue VES NO 在弹出的窗口选择 Fopp■ Essive Ho such directory Nane=C:/genesis create YES NO 在弹出的窗口选择 Executable director L0cat10m冒imd冒 This window lets you define the location of the executables of the application. Normally executables are placed inside the destination path in a directory e<nn> (nn=version number) You will need to overWrite this only in cases wh 吧卫e You have multiple platforms (e.g. Sunus, Solaris)and you need to maintain two executable trees You wish to install the executable tree on another workstation for performance reasons Below is the default location for the executables directory Do not change it unless you are sure in what you are doing C:/genesis OK 在弹出的窗口选择 P心pup口e玉5祖e A full installation will he performed since the destination directory is empty Do you wish to continue YES N( 在右下角正在显示进度 Vision not done start 10.20 Stop 在弹出的窗口选择 pap■ essaie Which product are you installing? Genesis ATGen 在弹出的窗口选择 he command C: /genesis/e92/misc/dongle info. exe produced the following errors Button not found in one of the following ports: LPTI Dongle not tound CoM1 Dongle not£ound LPT2 Dongle not found cOM2 Dongle not found LPT3 Dongle not found COM3 系统找不到指定的文件 COM4 系统找不到指定的文件 LrSi Dongle not found Button error: 17600 点击箭头所指处在弹出的窗口填 并点击 Copy product files Set王 ile permissions Update license ate sta EtUF es Set users/groups Set logical databases Check installation Install sco Visions pu卫凵e55g Enter your Frontline IT registration numher supplied to you directly from Frontline, or one of Frontlines sales representatives Entry of a registration numer obtained in any other way is a violation of Us and international copyright lar Choose Skip if you already entered the registration numer once x03T910D1 Skil C dI(rcE 在弹出的窗口点击 Popup essage The DSD dongle driver will now be installed Uncheck the 16 hit box Choose the Install Driver option and when the text of the box reads Windows hT device driver installed successfully choose Euit 在点出的窗凵取消 点击箭头处安装驱动至安装驱动完成后退出 a11asSe■ic0 nductor巴 i ce iriver insta1l Windows ET Device Driver Inst alled Successfully 厂16bit 2 bit tall Iris Remove iriver 在弹出的窗口选择安装服务 Popup■es5aEe Install license server? ES NO 在弹出的窗凵点击 Key五equi了d This program requires a security key. If you E oIL. H ect k to enter it After entering a valid key, you will not be prompted again Form cancel 复制机器码粘贴仝名称处, 卫nter置ey Enter the registration name and key below, exactly as given to Hardware fingerprint: 37 40-DA26 Name 3740D点25 Cancel 打开算号器 地址凹)|c:ang.2 keren 名称 大小 圈 Armance,dn1 2Key Log gen92c2. Stat 选择文件打开工稈,选择 打开

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