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PCIE3.0 绝好的资料,找了好久才找到。 出自MindShare,2012出版, 1057页完整版本,带书签,文字版pdf 可以搜索
Mind Share Live Training and Self-Paced Training Intel architecture Virtualization Technology Intel Ivy bridge processor PC Virtualization Intel 64(x86)Architecture IOⅤ irtualizati Intel QuickPath Interconnect(QPI) Computer Architecture AMD Architecture lO Buses AMD OPteron Processor(Bulldozer) ● PCI Express3.0 AMD64 Architecture USB3.0/2.0 · hCI for usb Firmware Technology Storage Technology UEFI Architecture · SAS Architecture BIOS EsSentials Serial ata architecture NVMe architecture ARM Architecture Memory Technology ARM Architecture Modern dram architecture Graphics Architecture High Speed design Graphics Hardware Architecture High Speed Design · EMI/EMC P rogrammIng Surface-Mount Technology (SMT) X86 Architecture Programming · SMT Manufacturing X86 Assembly Language Basics SMT Testing OpenCL Programming Are your company's technical training needs being addressed in the most effective manner? MindShare has over 25 years experience in conducting technical training on cutting-edge technologies. We understand the challenges companies have when searching for quality effective training which reduces the students' time away from work and provides cost-effective alternatives. Mind Share offers many flexible solutions to meet those needs. Our courses are taught by highly-skilled, enthusiastic knowledgeable and experienced instructors. We bring life to knowledge through a wide variety of learn ing methods and delivery options. MindShare offers numerous courses in a self-paced training format ( elearning We've taken our 25+ years of experience in the technical training industry and made that knowledge available to you at the click of a mouse training@mindshare.com 1-800-633-1440 www.mindshare.com ARBOR BY MINDSHARE The Ultimate Tool to View, Edit and verify Configuration Settings of a Computer Decode data fre om Live Systems Feature list Scan config space for all PCl-visible functions in system Run standard and custom rule checks to find errors and non-optimal settings Write to any config space location Apply Standard and I memory address or IO address Custom Rule Checks F View standard and non-standard structures in a decoded format o Import raw scan data from other tools (e.g. Ispci) to view in Arbor's decoded format Decode info included for standard PCL PCI-X and PCI Express structures Decode info included for some x86-based structures and device Directly Edit Config, specIfic regisTers Memory and IO Space Create decode files for structures in config space, memory address space an space Save system scans for viewing later or on ofher systems 三二二二二 all de ecode files and se aved system Everything Driven from scans are XML-based and open-format pen Format ⅩML COMING SOON Decoded view of x86 structures (MSRS, ACPL, Paging, Virtualization, etc. mindshare. com I 800.633 1440 I training@mindshare. com ArBor The Ultimate Tool to view Edit and Verify Configuration BY MINDSHARE Settings of a computer Mind Share Arbor is a computer system debug, validation, analysis and learning tool that allows the user to read and write any memory, lo or configuration space address The data from these address spaces can be viewed in a clean and informative style as well as checked for configuration errors and non-optimal settings Vⅰ ew Reference info structures. All the register and field definitions are up-to-date with the PCI Express 3. 0 nd PCle Mind Share Arbor is an excellent reference tool to quickly look at standard PCl, PCl-X al X86, ACPI and USB reference info will be coming soon as well Decoding Standard and Custom Structures from a Live System MindShare Arbor can perform a scan of the system it is running on to record the config space from all PCl-visible functions and show it in a clean and intuitive decoded format. In addition to scanning PCI config space, Mind Share Arbor can also be directed to read any memory address space and Io address space and display the collected data in the same decoded fashion Run rule checks of standard and custom structures In addition to capturing and displaying headers and capability structures from PCI config space, Ar can also check the settings of each field for errors(e.g violates the spec)and non-optimal values (e.g. a PCle link trained to something less than its max capability). Mind Share Arbor has scores of these checks built in and can be run on any system scan(ive or saved. Any errors or warnings are flagged and displayed for easy evaluation and debugging MindShare Arbor allows users to create their own rule checks to be applied to system scans. These rule checks can be for any structure, or set of structures, in PCI config space, memory space or IO space he rule checks are written in JavaScript.(Python support coming soon. Write Capabil Mindshare Arbor provides a very simple interface to directly edit a register in PCI config space, memory ddress space or IO address space. This can be done in the decoded view so you see what the meaning of each bit, or by simply writing a hex value to the target location Saving System Scans(XML) After a system scan has been performed, Mindshare Arbor allows saving of that systems scanned data(PcI config space, memory space and lO space) all in a single file to be looked at later or sent to a colleague. the scanned data in these arbor system scan files ( aresys files)are XML- based and can be looked at with any text editor or web browser. Even scans performed with other tools can be easily converted to the Arbor XML format and evaluated with Mind Share Arbo PCI Express echnology Comprehensive guide to generations 1.x, 2.x 3.0 MIND SHARE, INC Mike jackson Ravi budruk Technical edit by joe winkles and Don anderson Many of the designations used by manufacturers and sellers to distinguish their prod- ucts are claimed as trademarks. Where those designators appear in this book, and Mindshare was aware of the trademark claim, the designations have been printed in ini- tial capital letters or all capital letters The authors and publishers have taken care in preparation of this book, but make no expressed or implied warranty of any kind and assume no responsibility for errors or omissions. no liability is assumed for incidental or consequential damages in connec tion with or arising out of the use of the information or programs contained herein Library of congress Cataloging-in- Publication data Jackson, Mike and Budruk, r PCI Express Technology /MindShare, Inc, Mike Jackson, Ravi Budruk.[et al. I Includes index ISBN:978-0-9836465-2-5(alk. paper) 1. Computer Architecture. 2.0 Microcomputers -buses I. Jackson, Mike II. MindShare, Inc. III. Title Library of Congress Number: 2011921066 ISBN:978-0-9836465-2-5 Copyright C2012 by MindShare, Inc All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted, in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopy- ing, recording, or otherwise without the prior written permission of the publisher Printed in the United States of america Editors: Joe Winkles and don anderson Project manager: Maryanne daves Cover Design: Greenhouse Creative and mindshare, Inc Set in 10 point Palatino Linotype by mindShare, Ir Text printed on recycled and acid-free paper First Edition, First Printing, September, 2012 This book is dedicated to my sons, Jeremy and Bryan -I love you guys deeply. Creating a book takes a long time and a team effort, but it's finally done and now you hold the results in your hand. It's a picture of the way life is sometimes: investing over a long time with your team before you see the result. You were a gift to us when you were born and weve invested in you for many years along with a number of people who have helped us. Now you've become fine young men in your own right and it' been a joy to become your friend as grown men what will you invest in that will become the big achievements in your lives? I can hardly wait to find out Acknowledgments Thanks to those who made significant contributions to this book Maryanne Daves-for being book project manager and getting the book to press in a timely manner. complete re-write of Chapter 8 on"Transaction Ordering? p( Don Anderson- for excellent work editing numerous chapters and doing a Joe Winkles-for his superb job of technical editing and doing a complete re- write of Chapter 4 on Address Space and transaction routing Jay Trodden- for his contribution in developing Chapter 4 on"Address Space and Transaction Routing Special thanks to LeCroy Corporation, Inc for supplying Appendix A: Debugging PCI Express TM Traffic using Lecroy Tools pecial thanks to PLX Technology for contributing two appendices Appendix B: Markets Applications for PCI ExpressTM Appendix c: Implementing Intelligent Adapters and Multi-Host Systems With PCI Express M technology Thanks also to the PCI SIG for giving permission to use some of the mechanical drawings from the specification

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