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破解版仅供个人研究之用,请于下载24小时内删除!正式商用请购买正式版。 5.4.5 - Fixed export to PDF for FCharSpacing 0 and HAlign = haBlock - Fixed exporting of Unicode characters to ODF for non-Unicode IDE - Fixed exporting of text with empty lines at the end to XLSX + Added TfrxPrintMode support in the frxClassRTTI - Fixed access to resource (frc) file - Fixed empty text with HTML tags exporting to ODF - Fixed horizontal align in the ODF export - Fixed zoom after drill-down 5.4.4 - Fixed bins' list refreshing when TfrxReport.PrintOptions.Printer changed in the designer - Fixed wrapping of the paragraph's first line with ParagraphGap + Added HTML tags and line spacing support for DOCX export - Fixed bug with page's color ant frame in the PDF export - Fixed exporting date to BIFF8 - Fixed BIFF8 export for reports with more then 1025 pages - Fixed exporting text with non-printable chars in the XLSX export + Added SynPDF Export demo - Fixed "Canvas does not allow drawing" error in the TfrxRichView - Fixed style's font for HighDPI - Fixed object's export to images if object's height or width < 1 for PDF - Fixed parent for objects with Left < 0 - Fixed haBlock alignment for RTL languages for PDF - Fixed reading confirmation for SMTP + [Lazarus] Added export to PDF 5.4.2 - Fixed Standart Report Wizard - Fixed restoring of preview's positions after drill-down - Fixed filenames of attachment in the e-mail export - Fixed &FNC1; usage in the Code128C and CodeEAN128C barcodes - [Fast Script] Improved FormatFloat accuracy - Fixed params in the FireDAC components - [Enterpise] Fixed Unicode in the CGI, ISAPI + Optimized picture cache - [Lazarus] Fixed images printing - Fixed printing on high-DPI printers - Fixed numeric formatting in the XLSX export 5.4.1 - [Enterprise] Fixed images path - Fixed FieldNames usage in th DBF export - Fixed Z-order for images in the HTML(Layered) export Version 5.4 --------------------------- + Added Embarcadero RAD Studio 10 Seattle support for x32 and x64 windows platfor

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