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COFDM 4M bit/s 2Baud /Hs MPEG2 4 CO FDM无线图像传输 2M El 系统的实际应用 352288 COFDM QPSK 6Q AM 64QAM COFDM 4Mbit/s MPEG2 4 COFDM 20422 720576, (4) CO FDM CO FDM 330-460MHz 15W 80 400M HZ 42d Bm 12db 5dB 90dBi 3dB 3B 149(dB) 924+20g()+20g(d)=122.5(dB) 23.5(dB COFDM 2003 siF [3 Xiao do ng Li and Leo nard Cimini. Effects of 80 Clipping and Filtering on the performance of OFDM CO FDM A. IEEE Vehicular Technology Conference[C] Volume3,4-7Page(s):1634-1638May1997 [4] R. van Nee and R. Prasad. O FDM for Wireless M ultim ed ia Co mmunications [ M COFDM 2000. [5 A.E. Jnes and T.A. Wilkinson. Combined co deing CO FDM for error co ntrol and increased ro bust ness to system nonlinearities in OFDM [J]. Proc of IEEE VCT 96 6"904908,199 CO FDM [6 Osamu MUta and Y oshihiko AK AIW A. A Peak Power Reduction Scheme with Phase-control of Clustered Parity-Carriers for a Systematic Block- Co ded O FDM Signal a. IEEE Vehicular Tech no logy Conference [C I, 2003- Fa ll, 58th OFDM IMI Volume 1, 6-9 Page(s): 562-566 Vol. 1,Oct 2003 2003 [2] )[M :2007-03-07) 》20072 ?1954-2014ChinaAcademicJournalElectronicPublishingHouse.alLrightsreserved

试读 3P COFDM技术用于无线图像传输系统的优势_李永志
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