Python Network Programming Cookbook, 2nd Edition - 2017

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Chapter 1, Sockets, IPv4, and Simple Client/Server Programming, introduces you to Python's core networking library with various small tasks and enables you to create your first clientserver application. Chapter 2, Multiplexing Socket I/O for Better Performance, discusses various useful techniques for scaling your client/server applications with default and third-party libraries. OneKing.Soul Preface [ 2 ] Chapter 3, IPv6, Unix Domain Sockets, and Network Interfaces, focuses more on administering your local machine and looking after your local area network. Chapter 4, Programming with HTTP for the Internet, enables you to create a mini commandline browser with various features such as submitting web forms, handling cookies, managing partial downloads, compressing data, and serving secure content over HTTPS. Chapter 5, Email Protocols, FTP, and CGI Programming, brings you the joy of automating your FTP and e-mail tasks such as manipulating your Gmail account, and reading or sending emails from a script or creating a guest book for your web application. We learn to write email clients with SMTP and POP3. Chapter 6, Programming Across Machine Boundaries, gives you a taste of automating your system administration and deployment tasks over SSH. You can run commands, install packages, or set up new websites remotely from your laptop. Chapter 7, Working with Web Services – XML-RPC, SOAP, and REST, introduces you to various API protocols such as XML-RPC, SOAP, and REST. You can programmatically ask any website or web service for information and interact with them. For example, you can search for products on Amazon or Google. Chapter 8, Network Monitoring and Security, introduces you to various techniques for capturing, storing, analyzing, and manipulating network packets. This encourages you to go further to investigate your network security issues using concise Python scripts. Chapter 9, Network Modeling, introduces you to the world of network simulations and emulations. Yo
Python Network Programming Cookbook Second edition Copyright o 2017 Packt Publishing All rights reserved. No part of this book may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted in any form or by any means without the prior written permission of the publisher, except in the case of brief quotations embedded in critical articles or reviews Every effort has been made in the preparation of this book to ensure the accuracy of the information presented. However the information contained in this book is sold without warranty, either express or implied. Neither the authors, nor Packt Publishing, and its dealers and distributors will be held liable for any damages caused or alleged to be caused directly or indirectly by this book Packt publishing has endeavored to provide trademark information about all of the companies and products mentioned in this book by the appropriate use of capitals However, Packt Publishing cannot guarantee the accuracy of this information First published: March 2014 econd edition: August 2017 Production reference: 1080817 Published by packt Publishing ltd ry place 35 Livery Street Bi birmingham B3 2PB. UK ISBN978-1-78646-3999 Credits Authors Copy editors Pradeeban Kathiravelu Safis Editing Dr M.O. Faruque Sarker Juliana nair Reviewers Project Coordinator Dr.S. Gowrishankar Judie Jose Michael bright Commissioning Editor Proofreader Kartikey Pandey Safis Editing Acquisition editor Indexer Rahul nair Aishwarya gangawane Content Development editor Graphics abhishek jadhav Kirk penha Technical editor Production coordinator Mohd riyan khan Aparna bhagat About the author Pradeeban Kathiravelu is an open source evangelist he is a ph. D. researcher at INESc-iD Lisboa/Instituto Superior Tecnico, Universidade de lisboa, Portugal, and Universite Catholique de louvain, Belgium. He is a Fellow of Erasmus mundus Joint Degree in Distributed Computing(EMjD-DC), researching a software-defined approach to quality of service and data quality in multi-tenant clouds Pradeeban holds a master of science degree, Erasmus Mundus European master in Distributed Computing(EMDC), from Instituto Superior Tecnico, Portugal and KTH royal Institute of Technology sweden He also holds a first class bachelor of science in engineering(Hons)degree, majoring in computer science and engineering, from the University of moratuwa, Sri Lanka. His research interests include Software-Defined Networking(SDN), distributed systems, cloud computing web services, big data in biomedical informatics, Network Functions Virtualizations(NFV), and data mining. He is very interested in free and open source software development and has been an active participant in the Google Summer of Code(GSoc) program since 2009, as a student and as a mentor Pradeeban has published several conference papers and co-authored a few book chapters He has also worked on Open Daylight Cookbook and learning Open Daylight as a technical reviewer. Python Network Programming Cookbook, Second Edition(2017) is his first book as an author, and he is quite excited about it I would like to thank my readers for the interest in the book. Please feel free to contact me if you need any assistance in the topics or the recipes, beyond what we have discussed in the book. I would like to thank the entire editorial team at Packt, including abhishek jadhav Rahul nair, and mohd riyan khan. i would like to extend my thanks to the linux Foundation for their open source projects on softwarization of networks and systems. I would like to thank my friends and colleagues who helped me in various ways. I would like to thank prof. Luis veiga(INESc-ID Lisboa), my MSc and Ph. D advisor, for sharing his wisdom and encouragement throughout my stay in Instituto Superior Tecnico. I would like to thank him for being my mentor since 2012. I would also like to thank prof. ashish Sharma(emory university, Atlanta) for his guidance and motivation My special thanks go to my loving wife, Juejing gu. This book would not be a reality without her continuous support and creative suggestions. Her tireless efforts helped me always be on time without missing the deadlines I would like to thank my mom, Selvathie Kathiravelu, for her support Dr M.O. Faruque sarker is a software architect based in London uK, where he has been shaping various Linux and open source software solutions, mainly on cloud computing latforms for commercial companies, educational institutions and multinational consultancies. Over the past 10 years, he has been leading a number of python software development and cloud infrastructure automation projects. In 2009, he started using ython, where he was responsible for shepherding a fleet of miniature E-puck robots at the University of South Wales, Newport, UK. Later, he honed his Python skills, and he was invited to work on the Google Summer of code(2009/2010) programs for contributing to the bluez and Tahoe -LAFS open source projects. He is the author of Python Network Programming Cookbook and Learning Python Network programming both by Packt Publishing He received his Ph D. in multi-robot systems from the university of south Wales. He is currently working at University College London. He takes an active interest in cloud computing, software security, intelligent systems, and child-centric education. He lives in East London with his wife, Shahinur, and daughter, Ayesha All praises and thanks to Allah, the God who is the merciful and the Beneficent. I would not be able to finish this book without the help of God. I would like to thank everyone who has contributed to the publication of this book, including the publisher, technical reviewers, editors, my family and friends for their sacrifice of time, encouraging words, and smiles, especially my wife Shahinur Rijuani for her love and support in my work. I also thank the readers who have patiently been waiting for this book and who have given me lots of valuable feedback About the reviewers Dr. S Gowrishankar is currently working as an associate professor in the Department of Computer Science and Engineering at Dr. Ambedkar Institute of Technology, Bengaluru, Karnataka, india He received his Ph D. in Engineering from Jadavpur University, Kolkata, West Bengal, India in 2010, MTech in software engineering and BE in computer science and engineering from Visvesvaraya Technological University (VTU), Belagavi, Karnataka, India in the year 2005 and 2003 respectively From 2011 to 2014 he worked as a senior research scientist and tech lead at Honeywell Technology Solutions, Bengaluru, Karnataka, India He has published several papers in various reputed international journals and conferences He is serving as an editor and reviewer for various prestigious international journals. He is also a member of ieee acm, csl, and iste He has delivered many keynote addresses and invited talks throughout india on a variety of subjects related to computer science and engineering. He was instrumental in organizing several conferences, workshops, and seminars he has also served on the panel of a number of academic bodies of universities and autonomous colleges as a bos and boe member His current research interests are mainly focused on data science, including its technical aspects as well as its applications and implications. Specifically, he is interested in the applications of Machine Learning, Data Mining, and Big Data Analytics in Healthcare I would like to acknowledge my earnest gratitude to my wife, roopa k m, for her constant source of support and encouragement throughout this assignment. I'm truly thankful to almighty God for having her in my life and give her my deepest expression of love and appreciation Michael bright, rHCe/RHCSA, is a solution architect working in the hPe emea customer Innovation center He has strong experience across Cloud and Container technologies(Docker, Kubernetes, AWS, GCP, Azure)as well as NFV/SDN Based in grenoble, france, he runs a python user group and is a co-organizer of the docker and FOSS Meetup groups. He has a keen interest in Container, Orchestration, and Unikernel technologies on which he has presented and run training tutorials in several conferences He has presented many times on subjects diverse as nfv, Docker, Container Orchestration Unikernels, Jupyter Notebooks, MongoDB, and Tmux Michael has a wealth of experience across pure research, R&d and pre-sales consulting roles Forsupportfilesanddownloadsrelatedtoyourbookpleasevisitwww.packtpub.Com Did you know that packt offers e book versions of every book published, with pdf and epubfilesavailableyoUcanupgradetotheebookversionatwww.packtpub.comandasa print book customer, you are entitled to a discount on the ebook copy. Get in touch with us atservice@packtpub.comformoredetails. Atwww.packtpub.comyoucanalsoreadacollectionoffreetechnicalarticlessignupfora range of free newsletters and receive exclusive discounts and offers on packt books and eBooKs Mapt Get the most in-demand software skills with Mapt. Mapt gives you full access to all Packt books and video courses, as well as industry-leading tools to help you plan your personal development and advance your career Why subscribe? Fully searchable across every book published by Packt Copy and paste print and bookmark content On demand and accessible via a web browser Customer Feedback Thanks for purchasing this Packt book. At Packt, quality is at the heart of our editorial process. To help us improve, please leave us an honest review on this book's amazon page athttps://www.amazoncom/dp/1786463997. If you'd like to join our team of regular reviewers, you can e-mail us at ustomerreviewsapacktpub com We award our regular reviewers with free eBooks and videos in exchange for their valuable feedback. Help us be relentless in improving our products

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