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-------------------- FairyGUI Copyright © 2014-2020 FairyGUI.com Version 3.4.0 support@fairygui.com -------------------- FairyGUI is a flexible UI framework for Unity, working with the professional FREE Game UI Editor: FairyGUI Editor. Download the editor from here: http://en.fairygui.com/ -------------------- Get Started -------------------- Run demos in Assets/FairyGUI/Examples/Scenes. The UI project is in Examples-UIProject.zip, unzip it anywhere. Use FairyGUI Editor to open it. Using FairyGUI in Unity: * Place a UIPanel in scene by using editor menu GameObject/FairyGUI/UIPanel. * Or using UIPackage.CreateObject to create UI component dynamically, and then use GRoot.inst.AddChild to show it on screen. ----------------- Version History ----------------- 3.4.0 - NEW: Add multi-display support. - NEW: Add API DynamicFont(name, font). - IMPROVED: Compatibility with 2018.3. - FIXED: Incorrect letter spacing on mobile platform. - FIXED: Same transition hook may be called twice. - FIXED: Exception raised when texture was disposed before object was disposed. 3.3.0 - NEW: Add textfield maxwidth feature. - NEW: Add API to query package dependencies. - IMPROVED: Graphics module refactor. Now it is more convenient to create various shapes(pie, lines, polygon etc) and do mesh deform. Memory usage on building mesh is also dropped. Also supports automatically setup uv for arbitrary quad to avoid seam between 2 triangles. All shaders are updated, don't forget to replace shaders in your project. - IMPROVED: Text-Brighter mechanism is removed, so FairyGUI-Text-Brighter.shader is removed. - IMPROVED: Add support for shrinking multi-line text. - IMPROVED: Improve Lua support. 3.2.0 - NEW: Add DisplayObjectInfo component. Define script symbol FAIRYGUI_TEST to enable it. - FIXED: A virtual list scrolling bug. - FIXED: A BlendMode bug. 3.1.0 - NEW: Draw extra 8 directions instead of 4 directions to archive text outline effect. Toggle option is UIConfig.enhancedTextOutline

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