Deep Learning Illustrated:A Visual, Interactive Guide

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Deep Learning Illustrated: A Visual, Interactive Guide to Artificial Intelligence "This book is a stunning achievement, written with precision and depth of understanding. It entertains you and gives you lots of interesting information at the same time. I could never imagine understanding and gaining scientific knowledge, namely 'Deep Learning' can be this much fun! Reading the book is a pleasure and I highly recommend it." —maryamkhakpour, O'Reilly Online Learning (Safari) Reviewer "This title is a great resource for those looking to understand deep learning. The illustrations are helpful and aid in cementing a richer understanding of the content, and the background context surrounding biological motivations for the tools and techniques enables a greater appreciation of the field. I enthusiastically recommend this book to any and all who are interested in the topic of deep learning." -vincepetaccio, O'Reilly Online Learning (Safari) Reviewer Deep learning is transforming software, facilitating powerful new artificial intelligence capabilities, and driving unprecedented algorithm performance. Deep Learning Illustrated is uniquely visual, intuitive, and accessible, and yet offers a comprehensive introduction to the discipline’s techniques and applications. Packed with full-color applications and easy-to-follow code, it sweeps away much of the complexity of building deep learning models, making the subject approachable and fun to learn. World-class instructor and practitioner Jon Krohn–with crucial material from Grant Beyleveld and beautiful illustrations by Aglaé Bassens–presents straightforward analogies to explain what deep learning is, why it has become so popular, and how it relates to other machine learning approaches. He also offers a practical reference and tutorial for developers, data scientists, researchers, analysts, and students who want to start applying it. He covers essential theory with as little mathematics as possible, preferring to illuminate concep
Praise for Deep Learning ∥ ustrated Over the next few decades, artificial intelligence is poised to dramatically change almost every aspect of our lives, in large part due to todays breakthroughs in deep learning The authors' clear visual style provides a comprehensive look at what's currently possible with artificial neural networks as well as a glimpse of the magic thats to come -Tim Urban, writer and illustrator of Wait but Why This book is an approachable, practical, and broad introduction to deep learning, and the most beautifully illustrated machine learning book on the market. Dr. Michael osborne, Dyson Associate professor in Machine learning, University of oxford This book should be the first stop for deep learning beginners, as it contains lots of concrete, easy-to-follow examples with corresponding tutorial videos and code notebooks. Strongly recommended -Dr. Chong Li, cofounder, Nakamoto turing labs, adjunct professor, Columbia University "It's hard to imagine developing new products today without thinking about enriching them with capabilities using machine learning. Deep learning in particular has many practical applications, and this book's intelligible clear and visual approach is helpful to anyone who would like to understand and life for years to come, w it could impact your business what deep learning is and hoy -Helen altshuler, engineering leader, Google This book leverages beautiful illustrations and amusing analogies to make the theory behind deep learning uniquely accessible. Its straightforward example code and best-practice tips empower readers to immediately apply the transformative technique to their particular niche of interest -Dr. Rasmus Rothe, founder, Meranti This is an invaluable resource for anyone looking to understand what deep learning is and why it powers almost every automated application today, from chatbots and voice recognition tools to self-driving cars The illustrations and biological explanations help bring to life a complex topic and make it easier to grasp fundamental concepts -Joshua March, CEO and cofounder, Conversocial; author of Message Me Deep learning is regularly redefining the state of the art across machine vision, natural language, and sequential decision-making tasks. If you too would like to pass data through deep neural networks in order to build high performance models, then this book--with its innovative highly visual approach-is the ideal place to begin -Dr. Alex Flint, roboticist and entrepreneur Deep Learning Illustrated The pearson Addison-Weslo Data Analytics Series lessons livelessonso Vsual Data Storytelling TABLEAU and Spark TensorFlow Pandas Everyone Fundamentals ihd Ehes Everyone video o ovE Cec. A也”4责 ideo Visit informit. com/awdataseries for a complete list of available publications he Pearson Addison-Wesley Data& Analytics Series provides readers with practical knowledge for solving problems and answering questions with data Titles in this series primarily focus on three areas 1. Infrastructure: how to store, move, and manage data 2. Algorithms: how to mine intelligence or make predictions based on data 3. Visualizations: how to represent data and insights in a meaningful and compelling The series aims to tie all three of these areas together to help the reader build end-to-end systems for fight ing spam; making recommendations; building personalization; detecting trends, patterns, or problems; and gaining insight from the data exhaust of systems and user interactions Make sure to connect with us. in formit. com/socialconnect p Pearson Addison Wesley informIT. cOm Sata Deep Learning llustrated A Visual. interactive guide to artificial Intelligence Jon Krohn with grant Beyleveld and aglae bassens 4 Addison-Wesley Boston· Columbus· New york· San francisco· Amsterdam. Cape Town Dubai· London· Madrid· Milan· Munich·Pais· Montreal· Toronto· Delhi· Mexico city Sao paulo· Sydney· Hong Kong· Seoul. Singapore apel· Tokyo Many of the designations used by manufacturers and sellers to distinguish their products are claimed as trademarks where those designations appear in this book, and the publisher was aware of a trademark claim, the designations have been printed with initial capital letters or in all capitals The authors and publisher have taken care in the preparation of this book, but make no expressed or implied warranty of any kind and assume no responsibility for errors or omissions No liability is assumed for incidental or consequential damages in connection with or arising out of the use of the information or programs contained herein For information about buying this title in bulk quantities, or for special sales opportunities(which may include electronic versions; custom cover designs; and content particular to your business, training goals, marketing focus, or branding interests), please contact our corporate sales department at corpsales@pearsoned com or (800)382-3419 For government sales inquiries, please contact For questions about sales outside the U.S., please contact intlcs( Visit us on the web informit. com/aw Library of Congress Number: 2019938790 Copyright C 2020 Pearson Education, Inc Cover art by aglae bassens All rights reserved. This publication is protected by copyright, and permission must be obtained from the publisher prior to any prohibited reproduction, storage in a retrieval system,or transmission in any form or by any means, electronic mechanical, photocopying, recording, or likewise. For information regarding permissions, request forms and the appropriate contacts within the Pearson Education Global Rights permissions Department, please visit ISBN-13:978-0-13-511669-2 ISBN-10:0-13-511669-4 ScoutautomatedPrintcode

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