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DSHplus User Manual用户说明材料
User Manual DSHplus 3. 7 Manual Table of contents DSHPLUS 3.7 MANUAL ABOUT THE MANUAL 2 1| NTRODUCTION∴ WHAT IS DSHPLUS? 2 STRUCTURE OF THE USER MANUAL 3 TYPOGRAPHICAL CONVENTIONS 4 MOUSE PROCEDURES∴…… ∴10 5 CONTENT OF THE OTHER MANUALS 10 6 NSTALLATION 2 BASIC PROGRAM FUNCTIONS START DSHPLUS 12 2 CREATING A NEW PROJECT 15 3 DRAWING MODELS IN THE DESIGN MODE 16 3.1 The component library 16 3.2 Select components from the component library 3.3 Connection of components 20 3.4 Complete model design..... 22 4 MODEL CREATION 5 SIMULATION MODE 24 Set parameters and starting values of the nodes and components 25 5.2 Set simulation parameters .29 5.3 Fluid options 30 5.4 Save parameters 31 5.5 Start and abortion of calculation.……31 5.6 Control of simulation data during calculation.……………32 5.7 Save simulation results 36 6 CLOSE A PROJECT ……………37 7 EXIT DSHPLUS 37 3 THE INDIVIDUAL FUNCTIONS ∴39 1 ProjeCt 39 CFLUIdON Gmbh 201 1 User Manual DSHplus 3. 7 Manual 1.1 New 1.2 New from Template… ……41 1.3 Open 41 1.4 Import 1.5 Close 1.6 Save 45 1.7 Save as 45 1.8|nfo. .46 1.9 Print 47 1. 10 Exit 48 2 MODEL 2.1 Edit 2.2Save.… 58 2.3 Stop edit 58 2.4 Libraryⅵiew………. ■重重 59 2.5 Graphic elements 59 2.6 Refresh .60 2.7 Select all 60 2.8 Co 60 2.9 Paste 61 2.10 Undo 面1 2.11 Redo 61 2.12 Create Model 61 2.13 Compile Model .64 2.14 Edit model source 65 3 PARAMETERS .66 3.1 Load 69 3.2 Save 72 3.3 Save as∴ 72 3. 4 Delete 74 3.5ShoW.… 3. 6 Show favourites .76 3.7 ASCll-Import 3.8 ASCll-Export 79 3.9 Status∴ 80 3.10 Protection∴ 81 3.11 Look-up tables… 83 3.12 Fluid options………… …90 CFLUIdON Gmbh 201 1 User Manual DSHplus 3. 7 Manual 3.13 Particle options(NEW) 9 3. 14 Parameter selection 92 4 SIMULATION 93 4.1 Start.……… 94 4.2 Start continuously 94 4.3Stop……….,….,.,…,,, 4.4 Parameters 4.5 Messages.........9 4.6 Graphic 99 4.7 Current values 105 4.8 Animation 107 4.9 Save results 4.10 Load results 11 4.11 Create report 11 4.12 Create ePLAN report 112 4.13 Final values as initials 12 4.14 nitial conditions .113 4.15 Selection of variables 115 5 MODULES 117 5.1 Director.…… 117 5.2 Variation of parameters...........................119 5.3 Batch simulation 122 5.4 Optimization…… 123 5.5 Waterfall pl 125 5.6 Frequency analysis 126 5.7 System identification 128 8 System eigenvalues......………129 5.9 Component Editor 130 5.10 Export model.….…..,……….….…………,132 5.11 Create submodel ∴132 5.12 mport S- model….…… 133 5.13 Four pole analysis. .134 6 WINDOW .136 6.1 Miniature picture 136 7 EXTRAS ∴137 7.1 Options 137 7.2 Select licence file 45 CFLUIdON Gmbh 201 1 User Manual DSHplus 3. 7 Manual 8 HELP 146 8. 1 Contents .146 82 Component library…………… .147 8.3 About 147 ersion into 147 8.5 Licence info 148 8.6 Hotline Support 149 9 CONTEXT MENUS 149 4 BASICS OF COMPUTATION 152 1 MATHEMATICAL PRINCIPLES 152 1.1 Mathematical description of technical systems 152 1.2 Calculation method of dsHplus .153 NUMERIC INTEGRATION 157 5 EXAMPLES OF SIMULATIONS mmmmmmm 163 1 CYLINDER CONTROL……… 11自面面自量1.自日 163 2 DIGITAL CYLINDER CONTROL 66 3 HYDROSTATIC DEⅣVE, 1.自面面 168 4 HYDRO TRANSFORMER 170 5 DIESEL ENGINE DRIVEN PUMP 171 6 MECHANICAL DRIVE TRAIN 172 7 PRESSURIZATION AND VENTILATION OF A VOLUME 174 8 CYLINDER IN A CLOSED-LOOP CONTROL SYSTEM 9 MODELLING OF A PRESSURE REGULATING VALVE 179 10 MODELLING OF A DIGITAL CONTROLLER USING THE DIRECTOR 182 INDEX 187 CFLUIdON Gmbh 201 1 6 User Manual 1 Introduction 1Introduction 1 What is dSHplus? DSHplus is a simulation software tool that has been developed to support design engineers with virtual engineering functionality throughout the development of com plex fluid technical systems To stay competitive new products have to be developed in the shortest possible time For that reason, errors have to be determined in an early state of the develop ment process, so that cost-consuming iteration loops in the product development are avoided. With the help of a simulation-based design in the beginning of the product conception it is possible to get new products faster to the market-with a benefit in quality and at lower costs. The computer-based simulation not only short ens the expense for prototypes and testing cycles, it optimizes the whole product life cvcle DSHplus is designed to support the user comfortably from the first design of the system until the start-up of the system's operation. DSHplus contributes in a valua- ble way in securing one's own market position and open up new ways to enlarge it The program therefore has been developed in the past few years into an indispen sable working tool for system design What are the features of dshplus' DSHplus is a graphic oriented simulation software, hence the whole modelling con- cept is based on the combination of single components. Libraries which contain hy draulic and pneumatic as well as electrical, control engineering and mechanical components are available to model complex systems. The circuit diagram analogy thus achieved enables a simple and convenient structure of the respective simula- tion model and guarantees that the user immediately feels familiar with the simula tion tool dSHp/us A prerequisite for accepting simulation in the industrial practice is the simple param- eterization of components. cataloque data of the manufacturers therefore form the basis for modelling the components in DSHplus. The open mathematical description of the system as C++ Source Code enables the user in addition to include his own approaches into the component description and makes it possible to use the pro gram in conjunction with other simulation tools CFLUIdON Gmbh 201 1 User Manual 1 Introduction Which possibilities does DSHplus offer? With DSHp/us, the system developer disposes of a design tool which offers planning safety already in an early project stage. The circuit diagrams and simulation results of the concept draft can also be used for communication between the project part- ners DSHplus enables to develop alternative system solutions and circuit concepts and to comfortably evaluate them. The result is a system design which is adapted in an optimal way to the technical problem. The reduction of the prototype expenditure thus achieved is also responsible for a considerable saving of time in planning or revision of the systems Another result of the dynamic system evaluation with dSHplus is the optimal com ponent selection when converting the developed system solution. The use of DSHplus not only leads to an optimization of the costs for the manufacturer but also at the same time guarantees the user that the plant is optimized with regard to oper ating costs DSHplus simulation models can even be used as reference during commissioning and for training of the plant personal as the experience of well-versed users has shown Working with DSHplus The manual on hand will provide the user with a practical introduction in DSHplus and show how the program can be used for solving fluid-technical problems The system developer will appreciate very quickly the efficient and easy-to-use envi ronment which enables him to carry out the numeric calculation of the system inter- actively and to visualize it With all these advantages, however, one may never forget that behind the circuit diagram displayed on the screen, a complex system of differential equation is hid den for which the individual program functions of DSHplus are only a comfortable handling tool The validity of the simulation results obtained from DSHplus largely depends on a realistic parameter set and a useful model structure for which the system developer is responsible. In order to achieve a stable numerical calculation, realistic data have to be available or be worked out for the parameterization of the components CFLUIdON Gmbh 201 1 User Manual 1 Introduction 2 Structure of the user manual Three types of manuals are supplied with DSHplus, a user,'s manual, component manuals, and a module manual The user's manual contains the following chapters Chapter 1 is this introduction chapter. Chapter 2 provides a brief introduction to DSHplus. It explains the program ele ments which haye to be carried out to run a simulation Chapter 3 complements this introduction with detailed information on all pro gram functions to ensure an optimal workflow using DSHplus Chapter 4 describes the technical and mathematical fundamentals of DSHp/us Chapter 5 contains simulation examples Index enables the user to use the manual as reference book At the end of each individual chapter, numerous references are made to thematically linked chapters. These should facilitate the user to find a solution to individual cross- chapter questions. 3 Typographical conventions In order to facilitate reading the manual, commonly used categories are highlighted in this manual as follows MENUS, MENU POINTS and KEYs in the dialogs are represented by bold type and capitals Names of Dialogs, Fields and Lists of the individual dialogs are marked in bold type Source code is marked in grey, indented and marked with its own font and font size CFLUIdON Gmbh 201 1 User Manual 1 Introduction This is an example for formatting a source code in the manual louse procedures In DSHplus the left mouse key is intended as primary key, the right mouse key as secondary key. The descriptions in the manual always refer to this designated func tion. Please mind that the primary and secondary function will be reversed if you have adjusted your mouse by hand, e. g for left-handed operation The left mouse key offers you the following possibilities Showing: place the mouse pointer on a certain element of the screen Clicking press the mouse key briefly and release it immediately again without moving the mouse Drawing keep the left mouse key pressed while shifting the mouse pointer Marking click on a single object with the left mouse key or draw the mouse over several objects The right mouse key offers you the following possibilities Clicking press the right mouse key briefly and the so-called CoNTEXT MENU is opened. For further information about context menus please see Chapter 3, 8 Context menus 5 Content of the other manuals The second manual type- the component manual(consisting of technical parts contains the documentation of all components and nodes that are available in DSHplus In the third manual the module manual the analysis functions and the program interfaces that are available in DSHplus are documented and illustrated with several examples CFLUIdON Gmbh 201 1 0

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