keil 5.20 flex网络版安装

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ARM keil 网络版 安装说明
MDKF|eX版本 license获取 1.进入arm官网 2.在ARM官网中,点击" DEVELOP">"Sef- Service login"。 ARMCOMI"ANYˇ MARKLIS Y PRODUCTSˇ DEVELOPY Search A ARM joins SoftBank Group Corp-Simon Segars and M support Services ture vision Connected Community A CONNEC Develope ResuLes D OF OPPORTUNIT TRANS University Program ODUCTS AND BUSINESSES Self-service login Company Careers Innovation hub ARM Developer Play your part in shaping the ver Explore our resources for developers smart connccted world, with ncarly 1 xtraordinary. A carccr at ARM the latest electronic devices designed including thc ARM architecture, billion shipped last year alone. There's surrounds you with the worlds best by the ARM partner ecosystem probably a chip in at least one device Hrom students to seasoned veterans, software tools and embedded h Ip processors, graphics and syster within your reach right now theres a place at ARM for you support. More about arm Your career at arm Explore the Innovation Hub Learn at ARM Developer 3.如果已经有ARM账号,使用账号登录。如果没有,注卅一个账号并登录。 4.选择 License卜的 Generate ARM The Architectu Products supp。rt Com You sre hers: Support ARV Self Service ARM A ARM Self service Documentation Articles Licenses Books Designstart Evaluation prod ds SO Product Supporf Ining Support maintena ARM AGcrcditcd ARM Engineer Program Contact 5.输入PSN号,点击 Get license 回=anom0·画 ARML&Cx园 Generate Licens ARM The Architecture for the Digital World Froducts Community Markets About Careers Y睡合5arot, ARN Se Sor)Lnas) Generate Licenses Generate Licenses 而 Generate Get Licensee v Repost Fva Product 6.填写 Host ld:选择 ETHERNET,填写服务器的MAC地址,选择操作系统。 MAC格式为:xx不是xx:x:xx:xx,也不是xxxx-x×x v Documentation ˇ Knowledge Arti:he Telephone 0755-33142771 Licenses v Basks Dowr load s T时由D5自由如的地Nypb们m om and then use the ArM license Manager in DS-5 Ic generate your 30-day evaluatin license, We raye put to: v Desig nstart ARM License Man s an stl generate your lcer n Evaluation Products Product Support Kel Support Hostid. Eh HFRNHJ Processor Host Platform 7.填写完成后点击下面的盗色按钮确认。 8元成后可以在ⅥeW处查看 license,进入veW点击 search,可以下载 license.dat 9要是以前生成过,则按下面操作。 点击 search ARM The Architecture for the Dig tal World e ILvguul I Une PiJfle H:ly duct View Licenses roduct= I log d Results perpage: 20. View licenses search Serial Numher Searc Resulls per page. PsN Part License lype seats seats Avallabe 5:ats Used 土①A924M-11227-9YA63 Rehosted DSaUE-FA-30001 Locked uncounter ①L和144-11113-112rue DS5UE-LC-40UL1 点击加号 日①LM01541-111222-1553369005 Fufilled MDKPR-LC-40001 Floating tart Date nd Date suPport start Date upport End cate 201506/2 2016/3720 seats Duration Host ld Status start Cate End cate Owne host court B4608512EJJD Fumlied 201 6/05/20 2016/07/20 ae:. Emdocr Electronic echno oay cc Lt 1282163 点击 vIew License file contents(Part: MDKPR-LC-40001) (sera| Number:LM01541-111223552005 a-itaxary?tc bu::.tin madi fieA:iOoK a. r. we h-=t工Dp 配置 LICENSE服务器 1首先需要下载ARM官方的 license管理软件。 Support w ARM Self service Documentation Knowledge Article Downloads Evaluat on Products Product support ei Support aInIng apport Maintenance y Actre A83ist ARM Accredited Erl University Progam ˇ Con act support 进入" Downloads"->" Utilities"->" FLEXnet binaries and utilities"进行下载。 82手 2修改 license文件(可以跳过) 使用记事本打开 license文件,文件中有一行信息如 serVer this host 000802adbdff 其中 This host用服务器名替换。 000802adbd:服务器的MAC地址 假如,服务器名是 Emdoor,则修改后如下 SERVER Emdoor 000802adbdff 8224 8224:是TCPP的端口号,如果,不指定,默认是27000 请确定端口号是否合法,请和T人员确认 3完成上述两步以后,我们需要对 license管理软件进行配置。 我们以X86-64位的软件为例,下载到上图所示文件后,需要解压,解压后打廾文件夹. 如下图 ermine. exe 2013/2/121147应用程序 2.254KB 目 debug log 2014/8/89:01 文本文档 2KB PA inp_ LicAdmin_11.11. pdf 2013/2/12 11: 47 Adobe Acrobat. 2,069 KB 2013/2/121147应用程序 1.878KB 2:Intools.exe 013/2/121147应用程序 2.233KB 三| mutilexe 2013/2/121147应用程序 1,947KB 1- ReleaseNotes, pd 2013/2/12 11: 47 Adobe Acrobat 384KB LMTOOLS by Flexera Software LLC File Edit Mode Help Service/License Fie Syslem Settings Uites) Stat/Stoo Reread Server Staus Serve Dieg Confi Services Borowing enture service Save 5e exim Servce 1 Remoe Service Path to the nard ewe fle C: \Users \ee Desktop \BDXD02-PT-000511p Path to the icense fle C:\Users\lee. p \Desktop. dat rOwse 选填各个路径。mgrd.ee在下载的软件的文件夹里, license file从官方网站下载。debu log file需要新建,步骤:在选定的存放log的文件火下,新建TXT文件,然后修改文件名 并设置文件后缀为log。 4以上步骤完成后,点击 save servise保存操作。点击 Start/Stop/ Reread LMTOOLS by Flexera Software LLC File Edit Mode Help Service/icense File System Setings Utlbes: Stat/Stop/Reread Server Status Server Diag: Corfig Services Bamowingl FlwNet license service n talled on this computE Start Server Stop Server ReRead License File ifoce SeIver Shuhdow Advanced settings>> NOTE Ths bo must be checked fo shut down a icense server when lenses are borrowed Stopping Server 点击 Stop Server,如果在最下方的状态栏没有出现 Stopping Server,那么需将 Foresserver shutdown的复选框勾选上,然后点击 Stop Server,直至出现 Stopping servero 最后点击 Start Server,启动服务 5点击 Server status标签页,验证 License server是否安装成功。 LMTOOLS by Flexera Software LLC Fle Edit Mode Hel P Service/License File Systerm Seting:) Uities Start/S Reread [Server Status Server Diag: Contg Services Borowing Hebs bo monitor the status of network licensing activities Ophone Indwrual daemon Periorm Status ENquiry Indi dual Feature Server Name StaU Fle*tble License Manager stasus on Ert B/8/2014 11:16 [Detecting imgrd processeS,n, License server statua: 270000192.100.0.207 E三1【)cn192,1,9,207;c:、温1y21Dk七P\1G,d画 Using License Fie: C: \sers\ee. DEsktop\icense. dat 点击 Perform Status Enquiry,显小 license信息。例如下面是查询状态后的在窗口中显 示的正确信息。请注意红色的内容。8224@ emdoor-e46fed7:在客户端安装MDK的 license 时,需要指定 license时,应输入这个端凵号,告诉客户端通过8224端凵访问名为 emdoor-e46fed7的服务器,并获取 license License file(s) on endor-e46fed79:C:\ FLEXlm \license1lic:是在酉置 FLEXIm时指定的 license 文件位置 Total of5 licenses issued; Total of o licenses in use:是指当前可以使用的 license共用5个 目前有0个客户端使用。 Status Flexible License Manager status on Thu 12/4/200809: 32 如果服务器端的信息显示正确,但客户端不能从服务器获取到 license。请首先,确认 客户端是否能够访问到服务器,关闭防火墙。 8 客户端安装 1、找到光盘中的“MDK521aeXe”安装文件。 Setup MDK-ARM V516a Welcome to Keil MDK-ARH ARMKEIL Release 8 2015 Microcontroller tools This SETUP program stalls. MDK-ARM Y5168 This SETUP program may be used to update a previous product installaton However, you should make a backup copy before proceeding It is recommended that you exat all windowis progr ams before continuing with SETUP. Follow the instructions to complete the product instal ation e MDk AFM Setup <日ack Next》 Cancel 2、软件安装完成后,以管理员权限打开软件。 E:\MDK Works pace\TestLED\TestLED, uvprojx-uVision I File Edit View Project Flash Debug Peripherals Tools svcs Window New Ctrl+N ope Ctrl+o 氐晶邑◆的 Close Ctrl+s mmal Save 44 Save As 45 Save All 46 47 Device Database 4 License Management, 49 (LED) 50 Print setup 51 52 Pr Ctrl+P 53 Print Preview brary: PIO) 3、选择“Fil-》 icense Management.打开 License管理器,选择“ FlexlM Icense"。 SineleUkat Lee,lsL的nt国) strstr FleL Li cente Computer ID Mene ree l CID: CNZWR-NCY2B peer Jucemsoo. on Chark EuL her In I Ukense ID Code (LEVP-edut variant Suppot Periad Pt P, Derppee kit Eiaumign vermian MEK-ARM Fmfoasand [a4HQ-EDN7RE71S1-PS1XwRYUs Operon Exommn 15 Ag 201E Use Rex Server[@192.168 10.140 Ed通 Hked b 4、点击Edit,出现以下窗口 Flex License Server Server(portchostname): 241215810. Cancel 在窗口中填入正确的端囗号和服务器P地址,点击OK,将 Use flex server前的勾打 上,点击cose即可

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