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中围通信 OLT optical interface specification ONU optical interface spccification insertion loss of <20 db for >lo km reach with 1: 16 insertion loss of≤24 dB for≥20 km reach with a 1: 16 split ratio or 210 km reach with a 1: 32 split the 802.3av specification uses a split ratio of either insertion loss of <29 dB for >20 km reach with a width. )All of the interfaces are specified to oper components for increased bandwidth efficiency RESEARCH PAPER 论文集锦 data frame. The first two blocks of idle characters photodetector followed by a receiver with a filter their normal values for Ethernet. Specifically, the amplifier must be used in the receiver. splitting in 中围通信 号鲁@ traffic to the onus. Such a broadcast is used for ing processing, such as VLAN filtering and IGMP and upstream data flows cast traffic that is passed to applications. It is pos REPOMPCPDU information fields RESEARCH PAPER 论文集锦 a flag in the gate message can be used to force the start time specified in the Gate message. The length field gives the length of time that the ONU is specified with respect to the number of periods sage is illustrated with the first payload transmis 中围通信 numbers to indicate the specific number of bits to in the gate message gives much finer resolution approach, especially for per-flow DBA, is for the The“ Sync Time” field in the GATE MPCPDU spccificd for EPON. bandwidth, and the specific amount of bandwidth it first FeC codeword of an upstream burst is aligned queue priority levels defined in IEEE 802.1Q.The summary field of the REPOrT message indicate RESEARCH PAPER 论文集锦 27 64B/66B blocks. The first step of FEC encod duces 32 parity bytes. In the final stage, the zero field that communicates to the onus whether the transmission. Specifically, the 32 FEC parity bytes REQ message. The REGiSTER REQ message … 中围通信 rOff time fields. The synchronization time is the REQ, and REGISTER messages are sent on the ISTER REQ has been expanded to include fields value contained in the MPCPDU timestamp field REGISTER REQ before the end of the Discovery timestamp field. The OLT then compares the offset When the olt receives the REGISTER REQ RESEARCH PAPER 论文集锦 and service flowS into specific containers that are managed by the dba and providc the Qos that Several ethernet frames were defined to communi oNu with an active VoIP service will need a fixed service How. As another example, if the OLT re defined in both EPON standards(IG 10G) and viding FTTH. By providing a highly flexible plat

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