Incident Response and Computer Forensics 2nd ed.7z

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INTRODUCTION A ccording to the Internet research firm comScore, goods and services worthmorethan$17billionweresoldviatheInternetinthefirstquar- ter of 2002. It has been our experience that wherever money goes, crime follows. We have spent the last few years responding to incidents where the number one goal of a computer crime was money. Nearly every computer intrusion we have responded to was followed by credit card fraud, extortion, or fraudulent purchases of merchandise by thieves who had obtained valid customer credentials on e-commerce sites. It is highly probable that these intrusions also led to identity theft. With enough infor- mation about an individual, evildoers can manufacture false credentials andattempttowithdrawmoneyfromanunwittingperson’sbankaccounts. Today’s attackers are much more efficient and aggressive at seeking eco- nomic gain than they have been in the past. New regulations and standards are indirectly and directly influencing an organization’s capability to respond to computer security incidents. Therefore, we wrote this book to illustrate a professional approach to inves- tigating computer security incidents in an effort to help organizations com- ply with the new standards and regulatory requirements, as well as to minimize losses. xxv Copyright 2003 by The McGraw-Hill Companies, Inc. Click Here for Terms of Use. Duringaninvestigationofacomputersecurityincident,theuntrainedsystemadmin- istrator, law enforcement officer, or computer security expert may accidentally destroy valuable evidence or fail to discover critical clues of unlawful or unauthorized activity. We have witnessed lack of education curtail too many efforts to apprehend external and internal attackers. We have also witnessed computer forensics evolve from an esoteric skill to a propri- etary esoteric skill, with nearly every company that performs forensic analysis develop- ing many of its own tools and not sharing them. Also, much of the forensic training is availabletolawenf

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