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Contents xvii Web Forms 133 Intellisense 134 Customizing the IDE 135 Customizing the Code Editor 135 Customizing Shortcut Keys 135 Customizing the Toolbars 136 Exercise 3.4 Adding a New Toolbar to the Existing Set 136 Exercise 3.5 Adding Commands to Toolbars 137 Customizing Built-In Commands 137 Exercise 3.6 Creating an Alias 138 Customizing the Start Page 139 Accessibility Options 141 Summary 142 Solutions Fast Track 142 Frequently Asked Questions 143 Chapter 4 Common Language Runtime 145 Introduction 146 Component Architecture 148 Managed Code versus Unmanaged Code 150 Interoperability with Managed Code 152 System Namespace 153 File I/O 155 Drawing 156 Printing 157 Common Type System 158 Type Casting 160 Garbage Collection 163 Object Allocation/Deallocation 164 Close/Dispose 165 Summary 166 Solutions Fast Track 167 Frequently Asked Questions 168 Developing & Deploying… Embrace Your Parameters VB.NET is insistent upon enclosing parameters of function calls within parentheses regardless of whether we are returning a value or whether we are using the Call statement. It makes the code much more readable and is a new standard for VB programmers that is consistent with the standard that nearly all other languages adopted long ago. 153_VBnet_TOC 8/16/01 1:12 PM Page xvii xviii Contents Chapter 5 .NET Programming Fundamentals 171 Introduction 172 Variables 173 Constants 175 Structures 176 Program Flow Control 178 If…Then…Else 178 Select Case 182 While Loops 184 For Loops 186 Arrays 187 Declaring an Array 188 Multidimensional Arrays 189 Dynamic Arrays 191 Functions 192 Object Oriented Programming 196 Inheritance 196 Polymorphism 197 Encapsulation 197 Classes 198 Adding Properties 198 Adding Methods 200 System.Object 201 Constructors 201 Overloading 202 Overriding 203 Shared Members 205 String Handling 206 Error Handling 210 Summary 213 Solutions Fast Track 214 Frequently Asked Questions 217 NOTE When porting

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