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6. 4 Operating SAP HANA SAP HANA Appliance 44 SAP HANA Tailored Data Center Integration 6.5 Updating an SAP HANA System Landscape Prerequisites 54 Update Process 55 Update to Higher Revisions of the SAP HANA Database 64 6.6 SAP HANA Lifecycle Management 64 6.7 SAP HANA Content SAP HANA Archive Types Deploy a product Archive(.ZIP) Deploy a Delivery Unit Archive(tgz) 67 Additional Information 7.1 Related Information Important SAP Notes 69 7.3 SAP License Key 7.4 Software download 7.5 SAP HANA Revision Strategy .78 7.6 SAP HANA Hardware and Software Requirements ..78 SAP HANA Master Guide Content PUBLIC 1 SAP HANA Master Guide This guide is the entry point for planning the installation of your SAP HAna system landscape This guide is organized as follows ·What| S SAP HANA? a high-level definition of sap hana SAP HANA USe cases A variety of use cases and scenarios that SAP HANA can be used in from an application point of view SAP HANA Architecture Various aspects of the SAP hana architecture from a technical point of view SAP HANA Deployment Options An overview of the different deployment options for SAP HANA on-premise or in the cloud SAP HANA Implementation and Operation An overview of the implementation and operation activities during the lifecycle of SAP HANA. the individual steps depend on the chosen use case and the technical deployment Additional Information A collection of additional information. This section includes information about important SAP Notes, the SAP HANA license key, the software download, and hardware and software requirements for SAP HANA SAP HANA Master Guide PUBLIC AP HANA Master Guide 2 What s sAP hana? SAP HANA is a modern, in-memory database and platform that is deployable on premise or in the cloud The SAP HaNa platform is a flexible data source-agnostic in-memory data platform that allows you to analyze large volumes of data in real time. Using the database services of the SAP HANA platform, you can store and access data in-memory and column-based SAP HANA allows online transaction processing (oLtP) and online analytical processing(OLAP)on one system, without the need for redundant data storage or aggregates Using the application services of the SAP HANa platform, you can develop applications, run your custom applications built on SAP HANA, and manage their lifecycles For information about the capabilities available for your license and installation scenario, refer to the Feature Scope Description(FSD)for your specific SAP HANA version on the SAP HANA Platform webpage SAP HANA Master Guide What Is SAP HANA? PUBLIC 3 SAP HANA USe Cases SAP HANA can be used in a variety of use cases and scenarios 3.1 SAP HANA as Primary Persistence for SAP NetWeaver Based Applications SAP Business Suite applications(ERP CRM, SCM. and so on), SAP Business Warehouse(BW), and other SAP enterprise solutions are built on SAP's pervasive platform, SAP NetWeaver Java application servers are able to run"on"SAP HANA, Where SAP HANA serves as the sole database in the SAP NetWeaver has two distinct aspects: ABAP and Java. Many applications built on SAP NetWeaver's ABAP or architecture While the technical interfaces are available for applications built on SAP Netweaver AS ABaP and as Java to run on SAP HANA, specific development enablement is normally required for each application to ensure it runs optimally on SAP HANA. SAP Business Suite applications(ERP, CRM, SCM, and so on), SAP Business Warehouse(BW) and other SAP NetWeaver-based applications have been renovated to run on SAP HANA in a manner that exploits its many advantages. Additionally, various components and complimentary applications that are built on SAP NetWeaver can also run on SAP hana through the use of the provided SAP NetWeaver DB interface SAP NetWeaver SAP NetWeaver AS ABAP AS Java DBSL Open SQL for Java SAP HANA System SAP HANA and saP netweaver As abaplava on one server multicomponent, resource-optimized, and cost-optimized deployment approach one server is a Deploying SAP HANA and SAP NetWeaver AS ABAP or SAP NetWeaver As Java on For more information see saP Note 1953429- saP hana and sap net weaver as abap on one server and saP Note 2043509-SAP HANA and SAP NetWeaver Java on a Single Host SAP HANA Master Guide PUBLIC SAP HANA Use cases SAP HANA Server SAP Netweaver AS ABAP/Java Syste em SAP HANA System Related Information SAP Note 1953429 SAP NOte2043509心 End-to-End Implementation Roadmap for SAP NetWeaver As ABAP on SAP HANA End-to-End Implementation Roadmap for SAP NetWeaver AS Java on SAP HANA End-to-End Implementation Roadmap for SAP BW powered by SAP HANA 3.2 SAP HANA as Data mart a data mart is an industry term for a repository of data gathered from operational data originating transactional systems(and/or other sources), designed to serve a particular community of information workers by forming a basis for analytics, reporting, or a specific use in another type of application. The emphasis of a data mart is on meeting the specific needs of a particular group of users in terms of analysis content, presentation, and ease-of-use With SAP HANA, operational data marts offer real-time analytics and reporting on data replicated from a transactional system's database The raw tables themselves are copied(structure and data) from the transactional systems database intO SAP HANA. As new data is added into the relevant tables in the transactional system's database, copies of those records are automatically transferred immediately into SAP HANA using replication technology. These replicated tables become the basis for specialized views that are created for analytics purposes. In some cases, the data modeling effort involved in developing these views may be significant, to convert raw transactional table data into a form that is best suited for analytics. Business Intelligence tools, such as the Bl Tool Suite available from SAP BusinessObjects, are used for analysis and reporting SAP HANA Master Guide SAP HANA Use cases PUBLIC Real-time Operational Data Marts with an SAP Business Suite System BI Tools SAP Business suite SAP HANA System Database SLT/SRS SAP Business Suite is a source system for operational data marts in SAP HANA. The sap landscape Transformation Replication Server(SLT) is an SAP NetWeaver ABAP-based tool that provides real-time data replication. In addition, a log-based SAP Replication Server(SRS)can also be used to provide real-time data replication for an SAP Business Suite system SAP HANA Master Guide PUBLIC SAP HANA Use cases Real-time Operational Data Marts with a non-SAP OLTP System BI Tools Non-SAP SAP HANA OLTP System System Database SRS A non-SAP transactional source system is used as a basis for real-time operational data marts in SAP HANA SAP Replication Server (SRS) refers to the SAP Replication Server application, which is a tool which provides real-time data replication SAP HANA Master Guide SAP HANA Use cases PUBLIC Agile Data Marts BI Tools DXC SAP Business Suite DS Database SAP HANA System DXC SAP Business Warehouse(BW Database Agile data marts are a type of data mart that offer analytics and reporting on data acquired from a transactional system. When deployed in SAP HANA, they may offer advantages of flexibility when compared to taking a more comprehensive approach to organizational information management, such as deploying data marts within the context of an Enterprise Data Warehouse 3,3 SAP HANA-Based Accelerators SAP HANA-based accelerators are types of applications or scenarios that extend the capabilities of business processes in SAP Business Suite systems by leveraging the performance and scalability advantages that SAP HANA provides. This is implemented by performing operations for certain parts of computing operations of designated business processes or reports The ty pical approach for accelerators involves replicating data for data-intensive operations that are often bottlenecks for the given operation in an SAP HANA table. a type of"switch"is then set in the SAP Business Suite application to indicate that whenever these specified tables are read the read operation will take place in SAP HANA LISIng a secondary database connection SAP HANA Master Guide PUBLIC SAP HANA Use cases

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