Writing Fast MATLAB Code

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MATLAB is a popular programming language for its simplicity and broad range of tools for topics like signal procesing, statistics, di erential equations, and of course, matrices. Users can easily add their own m- le functions for speci c applications, further extending MATLAB's usefulnes. However,the MATLAB programming language is parsed{codeisinterpretedandtranslatedintocom- puter operations in realtime { where faster languages like C/C++ are compiled ahead of time into the computer'snativelanguage. Someadvantagestoparsinginrealtimearegreaterplatformindependence, robustnes, andeasierdebugging. (AlsonotethatMATLAB's\eval"functionhasnoC++equivalent.) The disadvantage of parsing in realtime is signi cant los in sped, as wel as increased overhead and les low-level control. To compensate, MATLAB o ers means to help sped up code. This article discuses these and other strategies to improving the sped of MATLAB code.  The Pro ler tool  Aray prealocation  Vectorized computation

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