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The first book to reveal and dissect the technical aspect of many social engineering maneuvers From elicitation, pretexting, influence and manipulation all aspects of social engineering are picked apart, discussed and explained by using real world examples, personal experience and the science behind

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shakastar 下到Kindle上看的 挺不错的 还能学习英文
carvajalivan 这本书特别好用 推荐!!!
mm11ma 很好的书可惜是英文
leiwendun 呀hiahia,好东西啊,哎,可惜是epub的,不太方便啊……
shenxinshan621107 从社会工程角度讨论黑客攻防的书籍,值得一看,但EPUB格式不利于一般读者阅读。
the art of human hacking


Social Engineering The Science of Human Hacking 2nd Edition pdf

Harden the human firewall against the most current threats Social Engineering: The Science of Human Hacking reveals the craftier side of the hacker’s repertoire—why hack into something when you could just ask for access? Undetectable by firewalls and antivirus software, social engineering relies on


The Art of Psychological Warfare, Human Hacking, Persuasion, and Deception Are You Ready To Learn How To Configure & Operate Cisco Equipment? If So You've Come To The Right Place - Regardless Of How Little Experience You May Have! If you're interested in social engineering and security then you're g

multi-agent systems for traffic and transportation engineering

Chapter I: Adaptation and Congestion in a Multi-Agent System to Analyse Empirical Traffic Problems Chapter II: A Multi-Agent Modeling Approach to Simulate Dynamic Activity-Travel Patterns Chapter III: MATSim-T: Architecture and Simulation Times Chapter IV: TRASS: A Multi-Purpose Agent-Based Simulati

CompTIA PenTest+ Certification Practice Exams (Exam PT0-001)

CompTIA PenTest+ Certification Practice Exams (Exam PT0-001) By 作者: Jonathan Ammerman ISBN-10 书号: 1260440907 ISBN-13 书号: 9781260440904 Edition 版本: 1 出版日期: 2018-12-06 pages 页数: (384) Don’t Let the Real Test Be Your First Test! Prepare for the challenging PenTest+ exam from CompTIA using this highly

SOA Design Principles

These days, many people refer to mobile communications, social business, cloud computing, and/or Big Data as “the next cool thing.” These “cool things” don’t come out of thin air, however. Like all good new business initiatives, they’re based on a foundation of tried-and-true engineering and design

Software Development, Design and Coding-2nd Edition-Apress(2017).pdf

What’s this book all about? Well, it’s about how to develop software from a personal perspective. We’ll look at what it means for you to take a problem and produce a program to solve it from beginning to end. That said, this book focuses a lot on design. How do you design software? What things do yo

Handbook of Statistical Distributions with Applications

Statistical distributions and models are commonly used in many applied ar- eas such as economics, engineering, social, health, and biological sciences. In this era of inexpensive and faster personal computers, practitioners of statistics and scientists in various disciplines have no di±culty in ¯tti

The R book

The high-level language of R is recognized as one of the most powerful and flexible statistical software environments, and is rapidly becoming the standard setting for quantitative analysis, statistics and graphics. R provides free access to unrivalled coverage and cutting-edge applications, enablin

Metasploit Bootcamp

Metasploit Bootcamp by Nipun Jaswal English | 25 May 2017 | ASIN: B0725ZGX9H | 230 Pages | AZW3 | 16.52 MB Key Features A fast-paced guide that will quickly enhance your penetration testing skills in just 7 days Carry out penetration testing in complex and highly-secured environments. Learn techni

Big Data and Visual Analytics-Springer(2017).pdf

The editors of this book, an accomplished senior data scientist and systems engineer, Thomas Anthony, and an academic leader, Dr. Sang Suh, with broad expertise from artificial intelligence to data analytics, constitute a perfect team to achieve the goal of compiling a book on Big Data and Visual An

The best software writting

CONTENTS About the Editor . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . vii About the Authors . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ix Introduction . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . xv Ken Arnold Style Is Substance . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1 Leon Bambrick Award for the Silliest User Interface: Windows Sear


以前和大家分享过SIGMOD2009和2011的论文,朋友们都很感兴趣,现手里有ICDE2013的全部论文,再次和大家分享~ 一个包放不下,一共分成了4个包,包含142篇长文论文,还有64篇短文论文,朋友们可以挑选自己感兴趣的部分下载,我尽量把文章目录写得明白一些。 这是第一部分,共有50篇论文。 9. Finding Connected Components on Map-reduce in Logarithmic Rounds Vibhor Rastogi (Google) Ashwin Machanavajjhala (Duke University) Laukik Chitnis

Handbook of Research on Soft Computing and Nature-Inspired Algorithms

Soft computing and nature-inspired computing both play a significant role in developing a better understanding to machine learning. When studied together, they can offer new perspectives on the learning process of machines. The Handbook of Research on Soft Computing and Nature-Inspired Algorithms i


partI Writing (30 minute)<br><br>注意:此部分试题在答题卡1上。<br><br>Directions:For this part ,you are allowed 30minute to write a short essay on the topic of students selecting their <br>fectures.You should write at least 120 words following the outline when bellow:<br><br>1.有些大学允许学生自由选择某些课程的任课教师<br>2.学生选择教师时所考



Camtasia 9安装及破解方法绝对有效

附件中注册方法亲测有效,加以整理与大家共享。 由于附件大于60m传不上去,另附Camtasia 9百度云下载地址。免费自取 链接:http://pan.baidu.com/s/1kVABnhH 密码:xees

电磁场与电磁波第四版谢处方 PDF

电磁场与电磁波第四版谢处方 (清晰版),做天线设计的可以作为参考。