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Eclipse搭建Android开发环境及新建 新手必备
an2=01 developers Java SE 6 Update 27 JDK JRE This release includes performance improvements,+ Download IE Download bug fixes and support for Firefox5. Learn mo且争 JDK 6 DOCS JRE 6 DOCS n Installation Installation nstructions Instructions ReadMe s ReadMe ReleaseNotes.ReleaseNotes Oracle License.Oracle License Java sE Java se Products Products a Third Party Third Party Licenses Licenses Certified System. Certified System Configurations Configurations 安装完成后,进入我的电脑->高级->环境变量- 环旋变量 Administrator的用户变里mn 要骨 值 JAVA HOME E: \Files \Programming j dk1. 6 TEMP XUSERPROFILEXAPPData Local Tamp TMP 糾 SERPROF工LE% App Loci1{Temp 新建Q) 编辑c 刪除① 系统变里( 变量 值 classpath %TAVA HOME% lib\dt. jar: %JAVA C: Winde t em32\cmd FP NO HOST C.. O RUMBER OF PR. 2 Windows NT 新建G) 编辑〔 刪除① 匚确定一清 在灿m的用户量0速0.mm的要量,值为 C:\.\iava\jdk. an2=01 developers (不是JR的路径) 在 系统变里 新建 classpath的变量,值为 . %JAVA HOME%\1ib\dt. jar: %JAVA HOME%lib\tool. jar 修改原有path变星,在最后面增加 點 AVA HOME‰bin (%之前的分号需要) 1.,2下载SDK 下载地址 http://developer.androidcom/sdk/index.html 下载版本: Android-sak r12-windows Download the android sDK Welcome Developers! If you are new to the Android sDK please read the steps below, for an overview of how to set up the SCK f you're already using the Android SDK, you should update to the latest tools or platform using the AndroId SDK and AVD Manager, rather than downloading a new SDK starter package See Adding SnK Companents Platform Package Size MD5 Checksum Windows androidsok r12-windows zip 36486190 bytes 8d5c104a34cd2577c5606c66d981aet installer r12-windows exe(Recommended)36531492 bytes 367fOed4eccrdaefc290d1f7dcb578ab Mac osX(intel) android-sdk [12-mac x86 zip 30231118 bytes3415494572b4b1afab123ab8170867 LInux ( 386) android-sdk r12-linux x86 toz 30034243 bytes td4852/5a8 deed1929936ed538ee99a 下载完成解庄缩后运行 SDK Manager.Exe an2=01 developers add-ons platforms platform-tools tools SDK Manager. exe SDK Readme. txt SDK Manager. Exe 会自动更新然后列出可安装的程补丁,请选择以下补丁安装 FX Android SDK Platform-touls, revision 6 Android sdk platform-tols, revision6(必须选) SDK Plat form Android 2.2, API 8, revisi on 3 SDK Platform Android2.2,API8, revision3(必须选择,模拟器速度不错) p SDK Plat form Android 3. 2, API 13, revi si on 1 SDK PLatform android3.2,API13, revision(毆新版,但是模拟器速度不是一般的慢 Choose Packa若est工nsta11 Package Description A License xpocunen::xtk址14账 acase description x sIK Flat fona Adrcid3.1. AFI 12 Does for Androi d API 13 revision 1 X SDK Plat form android 30. APT 11 Archive Descript争 X SDK Flat form kndrcid2.3. 3. API 10 Archive for any 0S v SDK Plat form Android 2.3, 1. API 9 Sze:瑟bMB SHAI: 5dadb3b30el f837716f8a5ef840e31 ebddf50b38 X Google APIs by Google Inc, Andr oi X Google APIs by Gacgle Inc, Androi Sit曲 AndroidRepository( X Google APIs by Google Inc, Androi. X Google APIs by Google Inc, Andr oi. X IDK 1,1 by Sony Ericsson Mobile Co XG。° ele APIs by Goczle Inc., Androi.,, x GuuEle APIs by Guugl: Ine, Aundr ui Google USB Dr: ver package, revi sion. 4 A-eJ I L=是 Accept c Reject 点 ccert A11 E] Some thina daperds on this package Install Cancel an2=01 developers (左边 Package项口需要安装的变为ˇ状态,不需要安装的变为状态) (由于我的 SDK Manager已经下载完成了,所以列表内容只剩下没有下载的,选择画面仅作 参考。有需要七可以下载一些里面的 sample样例方便习,需要对应相应的版本卜载) 下载完成后把SDK的路径添加到环境变量的path中(我的电脑〉高级〉环境变量 r> path) C:\ Android\android-sdk (C:之前的分号需要) 13下载 Eclipse 下载地址 http://www.eclipseorg/downloads 下载版本: Eclipse IDE for Java EE Developers, 212 MB (不能下载 Eclipse classic3.7,174Ⅶ会有插件不全的问题) an2=01 developers Eclipse Downloads Packages Developer Builds Projects Indigo Torrents Compare Package Older versions Eclipse Indigo(3.7) Packages for Windows clipse IDE for Java EE Developers, 212 MB Windows 32 Downloaded 1 241, 496 Times Details Windows 64 Eclipse Classic 3.7.174MB Downloaded 1 008, 936 Times Details Other downloads Eclipse IDE for Java Developers, 122MB Windows 32 Bit Downloaded 360.108 Tmes Details Windows 64 Bit Eclipse IDE for Java Script Web Developers, 109 MB Windows 32 Bit Downloaded 71. 606 Times Details Windows 64 Bit 下载完成后安装 2配置工作 21 Android SDK Manager配置 打开 SDK Manager. ExeNew新建一个AWD an2=01 developers ▲ moroi d sik and yD■ anager Virtual devices Installed packages L st of existing Android Virtual Devices located at C: Users\Administrator\ android\avd Available packages AVT ManeTs Platform API Levell He Abo丑t Android 2.2 Edit Delete 且ep Detail start A valid Android Virtual Derice. A repairable Android Virtual Levice X An Android Virtual Device that failed to load Click Details to see the error an2=01 developers Create ner Android Virtual Device (D) Name rumney Target: Android 2. 2-API Level 8 CPU/ABI: ARM (armeabi) SD Card: a Size: 100 MiB C File:厂 Snapshot 厂 Enabled Ski Built-in HGA C Resolution Hardware Property EA Abstracted LCD density 160 Max WM application h Delete r Override the existing AVD with the seme name Create AvD Cancel (其中个人认为Skin选择HGM模以器大比较合适开发用 然后选中新建的模拟器,点击 Start 就可以行模拟器了(启动稻慢,启动后不要关闭,在 Eclipse中讴行程序就会在模拟器中 挾行,程序内容变化也不需要反复启动模拟器) 2,2 Eclipse配置 Android site 版本信息 Eclipse java EE ide for Weh Developers Version: Indigo Release Build id: 20110615-06C 4 () Copyright Eclipse contributors and others 2005, 2011. All rights reserved Visi- an2=01 developers File Edit Run Source Navi gate Search Project Refactor Windor Help ,后 s Welcome F c品品 Expl O Help Contents Search Dymanic Hely Kay assist Ctrltshi ft+L Tins and Tricks Che么 t shee, Check for Tyda 工n13 A soft Eclipse Marketplace. han↑Ec1i Install New Software Available Software 8 elest 35】 te cr enter the15 CaLon or 5it色 点Ad Find moTe saftware by working w: th the Avsilghle softwar Stos preferences pe filter te其 ①Thrd Select All Deselect All atdi1需 v S_ow only the latest versions of awailable softwar e Hide items that are already installed y Group items ly catagory Thst is alrway dually? Show only software applicable -o target environment wCaatset al update si Les luring iast=ll 4e Eind required softwere <beckI liest> mish Canc al Add 新建一个site,Name随意 Add Deposi tory Nam e L。eal Location:http:// Archive Cancel

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