Grokking Deep Learning

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Artificial Intelligence is the most exciting technology of the century, and Deep Learning is, quite literally, the "brain" behind the world's smartest Artificial Intelligence systems out there. Grokking Deep Learning is the perfect place to begin the deep learning journey. Rather than just learning the "black box" API of some library or framework, readers will actually understand how to build these algorithms completely from scratch. Want to dig even deeper into Deep Learning? Be sure to check out our video course Grokking Deep Learning in Motion, available exclusively at (​grokking-deep-learning-in-motion)! Purchase of the print book includes a free eBook in PDF, Kindle, and ePub formats from Manning Publications. Table of contents Chapter 1 Introducing Deep Learning: Why You Should Learn It Chapter 2 Fundamental Concepts: How Do Machines Learn Chapter 3 Introduction To Neural Prediction: Forward Propagation Chapter 4 Introduction To Neural Learning: Gradient Descent Chapter 5 Learning Multiple Weights At A Time: Generalizing Gradient Descent Chapter 6 Building Your First Deep Neural Network: Introduction To Backpropagation Chapter 7 How To Picture Neural Networks: In Your Head And On Paper Chapter 8 Learning Signal And Ignoring Noise: Introduction To Regularization And Batching Chapter 9 Modeling Probabilities And Nonlinearities: Activation Functions Chapter 10 Neural Learning About Edges And Corners: Intro To Convolutional Neural Networks Chapter 11 Neural Networks That Understand Language: King Chapter 12 Neural Networks That Write Like Shakespeare: Recurrent Layers For Variable-Length Data Chapter 13 Introducing Automatic Optimization: Let Chapter 14 Learning To Write Like Shakespeare: Long Short-Term Memory Chapter 15 Deep Learning On Unseen Data: Introducing Federated Learning Chapter 16 Where To Go From Here: A Brief Guide

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