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Battery compartment R6 ( Size AA)battery x 2 Installing the Batteries See B Insert two R6(size aa) batteries with correct polarity When to replace the batteries When the batteries are weak the band When the unit is not to be used for a long period of ndicators will glow faintly and the sound will time, remove the batteries to avoid damage causer be become distorted or unstable. In this case. by battery leakage and corosion replace both batteries with new ones Concerning the battery life, see Specifications". C1 (3 For Sw reception (1 TUNING 2 VOLUME 1234557 SW BAND SW HOLD ②2 J04 Operating the Radio 11 If the HOld switch is set to arrow direction release it To improve receIving 2: Select a desired band FM. sw or MW The radio is turned on and the condition corresponding indicator lights up (3: For SW reception, select a desired E band with the sw band selecto 2 i' Turn the TuNiNG dial to tune a FM: Extend the antenna for better reception desired station Sw: Stand the antenna vertically 2 Adjust the volume with the VOLUME MW: Rotate the unit horizontally for optimum reception A ferrite bar antenna is built into the unit To turn off the radio press the OFF button To listen with the supplied earphone 3 SECTION 2 DISASSEMBLY FRONT AND REAR CABINET Note: Follow the disassembly procedure in the nemer ical order given 3+BTP2 X8(2 pcs) front cabinet tuning shaft ②+BTP2x20 cabinet (tuning knob claw ③+BTP2x8 claw claw claw Be careful break off claws at 7 portions. DIAL POINTER SETTING 71.7×5 6 dial scale plate M14X3 Match the hole with setting the variable capacitor gear gap the arrow a direction. ⑤ switch boare ining belt Turn the variable capacitor fully counterclockwise. t SHe dial po inter centel scratched lines 9 First, turn the tuning shaft fully in the arrow direction. Move only the dial pointer in the arrow 8 direction and set it on the center of the scratched lines on the dial scale plate. Apply suitable locking compound to C portlon 4 SECTION 3 ELECTRICAL ADJUSTMENTS MW Section no mark AEP, UK, Italian Saudi arabia model procedure ) E, Tourist mode BAND Switch M MW IF ADJUSTMENT AM RF signal Adjust for a maximum reading on VTVM enerator T2 455kHz antenna close to MW FREQUENCY COVERAGE ADJUSTMENT Adjust for a maximum reading on vTvM LIe 520kHz CT11-3 1,650Hz(1,750kH) Output level: as low as possble MW TRACKING ADJUSTMENT SW Section Adjust for a maximum reading on VTVM. procedure L14 620kHz BAND switch SW CT11-4 1,400kHz AM RF signal SWIF(1)ADJUSTMENT Adjust for a maximum reading on VTVM 0.01 JL TI 10.6MHZ sWIF(2〕 ADJUSTMENT 10% amplitude modulation by ooH signal Adjust for a maximum reading on VTVM. Output level as low as possible T3 455khz FM Section SW1 FREQUENCY COVERAGE ADJUSTMENT procedure Adjust for a maximum reading on VTVM. BAND Switch FM T4 5. 75MHZ CT1 6.45MHZ FM RF signal SW1 TRACKING ADJUSTMENT Adjust for a maximum reading on VTVM 001F LI 6.1MHz 22. 5kHz frequency deviation by SW2 TRACKING ADJUSTMENT Output level; as low as possble Adjust for a maximum reading on VTvM 7.2MHZ WTYM SW 3 TRACKING ADJUSTMENT Adjust for a maximum reading on VTVM. 9.7MHZ set SWA TRACKING ADJUSTMENT Adjust for a maximum reading on VTVM e Repeat the procedures in each adjustment several L耳 11.94MHz and the frequency coverage and tracking adjustments should be finally done by the trimmer capacitors SW5 TRACKING ADJUSTMENT SWI to 7 Tracking Adjustment frequencies are in a line djust for a maximum reading on VTVM on the scale LS 15.325MHz Therefore, on adjusting first Sw 6. 1MHz and after adjust Sw2 to 7 Tracking without moving the dial pointer. SW6 TRACKING ADJUSTMENT Adjust for 17825MHz SW7 TRACKING ADJUSTMENT Adjust for a maximum reading on VTVM L7 21.65MHz L FM FREQUENCY COVERAGE ADJUSTMENT Adjust for a maximum reading on VTVM L16 8735MHz(750MHz) cT1-2 10805MHz(095MH)」 FMTRACKING ADJUSTMENT Adjust for a maximum reading on vTvm 87. 35MHZ( 80MHz) CT110805MHz(04H2) PARTS ARRANGEMENT DIAGRAM FOR ADJUSTMENT) Conductor side VTIN sW4 sw5 SW7 L14MWTracking Tracking Ad/ustment Adjustment Adlustment Ad/ustment Adjustment IF Adjustm CTIl-4/ Ad/ustment SWIF(2 Ad/justment 囫囡 ent Side rackin = 國P Mw L17 Adjustme L15 CT1 T. SW2 sW∥F Tracking Adjustment Adjustment Ad/ustment L:6 Adjustment 6 ICF-SW22 SECTION 4 4-1. PRINTED WIRING BOARDS DIAGRAMS 2 5 7891 UN FERRITE一FcN1 MAN日0ARD】 ● SEMICONDUCTOR LOCATION A ):e Rr L。 cation ●一: parts extracted from the conductor side, A-8 conductor side c-7 ●: Through hale D5 C-8 A Patlern on the side which is seen Pastern of the rear side a: chip components extracted from the rearside D-8 D9 A-2 D10 D11 D101 C c F-7 FE ● IC BLOCK D| AGRAMS c-5 平3 C101 c101cF77392Nc E舞RP A-5 03 B-3 效公 Q4 B-5 SELECTR C-8 Q7 C-8 图图l Q11 D-7 Q14 c1cx20091 ①0 H FRONT END SEMICONDUCTOR LEAD LAYOUTS CF77392NS cX20091 2sA1162G 2SK209-G 25K238-K16 N4601 MA152WK 1ss119 15S22 GL-1 PR102 2Sc1623-L5L6 MBIl 2Sc2223F13 sD595Dv345 DTC144EK TTIIIHIIL ⊙Q 4-2. SCHEMATIC DIAGRAM ICF-SW22 3 6 8 [MAIN BOARI (AEP, UK itaian, Saudi Arat a Modal c 个个个 E 上 mA ba [SWITCH BOAF G 國。 BIa 骤 Power valtage is dc 3v and fed with regulated dc power supply taken with a VOM[ Input impedi Voltage and waveforms are dc with respect to ground under na-signali detuned )conditions. signal path. All resistors are in s and vw or less unless otherwise no mark: FM 式:FM ▲: interna|co )): sW ) OFF 10 SECTION 5 EXPLODED VIEW NOTE XX, -X mean standardized parts, so Color indication of appearance parts The mechanical parts with no reference they may have some difference from the Example number in the exploded views are not original one. KNOB, BALANCE (WHITE).(RED) supplied The construction parts of an assembled Hardware(# mark)list is given in the part are indicated with a collation num ber in the remark column Parts color Cabinet's color last of this parts list. ● Items marked“*" are not stocked since they are seldom required for routine service. Some delay should be antici d when ordering these items ANT1一 19 35 #121 33 18 2031 22 L145 35 16 14 13 40 39 425 32 SP1 27 6 28 29 38 43 34 9 30 12 10 RefNo.Part No.Description Remark Ref No. Part No. Description Remark *1 1-641-084-21 SWIICH BOARD 23 9-911-845-XX CUSHION(A) X-3367-284-1 CABINET (FRONT)ASSY 24 3-311-815-11 WASHER, POLYETHYLENE (AEP, UK, Italian, Saudi Arabia) 900-149-01 RETAINER 2 x-3367-285-1 CABINET(FRONT)ASSY (E, Tourist) 263-669-481-04PIN(0IA.1812), PARALLEL 3-904-503-01 BUTTON(BAND SELECTION) 3-900-147-01 SHAFT, TUNING 3-900-137-01 BUTTON (OFF) 283-900-151-01 SPRING,RING 293-90-148-01KNOB, TUNING 56r 3-880-990-00 SCREN(1.7X3), FLAT, (+)SPECIAL 3-900-155-11 SCALE DIAL 3-900-158-01 STRAP, HAND 3-900-138-01 BUTTON(HOLD) 313-900-152-01 SPRING 8 3-900-143-01 GEAR, MIDWAY 32 3-900-153-01 TERMINAL, BATTERY 9 3-900-154-01 BEARING 33 3-900-141-01 PLATE, CONTACT, ANTENNA 3-900-160-01 POINTER 343-318-203-71SCR胃(B1.7X5), TAPPING 113-900-156-01BELT( TUNING) 4-356-741-31 SCREW, TAPPING( BIND 2X8) 12 3-900-157-01 PULLEY 36 4-356-741-41 SCREW, TAPPING (BIND 2X20) 133-892-318-00 SCREW, SMALL 37 3-900-161-11 CABINET ( REAR) 143-900-146-01 SPRING,DIAL 389-911-815-01 CUSHION(A 15 3-900-145-01 GEAR(B), TUNING CAPACITOR 39 3-889-802-71 LID, BATTERY CASE 163-900-144-01GEAR(A),DAL X-3899-513-1 PLATE (F)ASSY, SHIELD *17,3-900-162-01 C HASSIS 413-89-575-01SHET( STRAP) 18 3-900-142-01 PANEL, SW BAND INDICATION 42 9-911-841-XX CUSHION, CASSETTE LID 193900-159-01KNOB(SW 433-895-823-31SCRW(B1.4K2.3), TAPPING t 20 A-3661-854-A MAIN BOARD, COMPLETE ANTI 1-501-432-11 ANTENNA, TELESCOPIC (AEP, UK, Italian, Saudi Arabia) D9 8-719-812-41 LED TLR124(TUNE) 20 A-3561-856-A MAIN BOARD, COMPLETE( E, Tourist) L14 1-402-434-11 ANTENNA, FERRITE-ROD(MW) 21 3-893-926-01 SPRING, COMPRESSION SP1 1-504-318-11 SPEAKER(4CM) 223-900-150-01KNOB,VoL SECTION 6 MAIN ELECTRICAL PARTS LIST NOTE When indicating parts by refer 9 Due to standardization, replacements in ● Items marked“*” are not stocked since ence number, please include the the parts list may be different from the they are seldom required for routin board parts specified in the diagrams or the service. Some delay should be antici components used on the set pated when ordering these items ..XX, -X mean standardized parts, so ● SEMICONDUCTORS they may have some difference from In each case, u: u, for example the original one uA……:以A.…,uPA,…∴μPA ● RESISTORS uPB.…;μPB All resistors are in ohms uPD.:u PD METAL: Metal-film resistor ● CAPACITORS METAL OXIDE: Metal oxide-film resistor uF F F: nonflammable ● COILS uH: u H Ref No Part no tie Remark Ref No. Part No. Des cription Remark A-3661-854-A MAIN BOARD, COMPLETE C22 1-163-097-00 CERAMIC CHIP 15PF (AEP, UK, Italian, Saudi arabia) (E, Tourist) 冰水*本*水本**客*米******半**半********半 C22 1-163-104-00 CERAMIC CHIP 30PF (AEP, UK, Italian, Saudi Arabia) A-3661-856-A MAIN BOARD, COMPLETE (E, Tourist C23 1-163-090-00 CERAMIC CHIP 7PF *****半半半半率半半事**半*本半**半半*半牢*半 (E, Tourist) 3-892-318-00 SCREW, SMALL C23 1-163-095-00 CERAMIC CHIP 12PF 3-900-150-01KNOB,oL (AEP, UK, Italian, Saudi Arabia) C24 1-164-232-11 CERAMIC CHIP 0. oluF K FILTER C25 1-162-637-11 CERAMIC CHIP 0. 47uF C261-126-163-11 ELECT 4.7uF 20‰50V BPFl 1-235-170-00 FILIER, BAND PASS(E, Tourist BPFT 235-171-00 FILTER, BAND PASS C271-126-157-11 ELECT 10uF 20%16 (AEP, UK, Italian, Saudi Arabia) C28 1-163-037-11 CERAMIC CHIP 0.022uF 10% 25V c291-126-153-11 ELECT 22uF 2086.3V CAPACiTOR> c301-124-434-00 ELECT 220uF 20%4V C31 1-163-077-00 CERAMIC CHIP 0. luF 10%25V C2 1-164-232-11 CERAMIC CHIP 0. oluF 50v C3 1-163-077-00 CERAMIC CHIP 0. luF 10%25V C32 1-162-638-11 CERAMIC CHIP luF 16V C4 1-164-232-11 CERAMIC CHIP 0. 01uF 50V c331-124-434-00 ELECT 220uR 20%4V C6 1-163-059-00 CERAMIC CHIP 0. oluF 10‰50v C341-126-154-11 ELECT 47uF 20‰6.3 C71-163-009-11 CERAMIC CHIP0.001u10%50v C35 1-163-001-11 CERAMIC CHIP 220PF 10%50V C36 1-163-113-00 CERAMIC CHIP 68PF 50V C8 1-163-095-00 CERAMIC CHIP 12PF 50V Cl0 1-164-232-11 CERAMIC CHIP 0. olur 50V C37 1-163-003-11 CERAMIC CHIP 330PF 10%50v Cll 1-164-232-11 CERAMIC CHIP 0. OluF C38 1-163-111-00 CERAMIC CHIP 56PF 5‰50V C12 1-164-232-11 CERAMIC CHIP 0. oluF 50V C39 1-164-232-11 CERAMIC CHIP 0. OluF 50V C13 1-164-232-11 CERAMIC CHIP 0. oluF C40 1-163-116-00 CERAMIC CHIP 91PF 5‰50V C41 1-163-111-00 CERAMIC CHIP 56PF 5%50V C14 1-164-232-11 CERAMIC CHIP 0. oluF C161-126-154-11 ELECT 47uF 1-163-251-11 CERAMIC CHIP 100PF 5%50 C17 1-163-086-00 CERAMIC CHIP 3PF C43 1-163-251-11 CERAMIC CHIP 100PF 5% 50V (E. Tourist) C44 1-126-153-11 ELECT 22uF 20%6.3V C18 1-164-232-11 CERAMIC CHIP 0. oluF C47 1-162-637-11 CERAMIC CHIP 0. 47uF 16V C48 1-163-037-11 CERAMIC CHIP 0. 022u 10%25V C19 126-163-11 ELECT 4.7uF 20%50V 1-163-086-00 CERAMIC CHIP 3PF 50V C49 163-023-00 CERAMIC CHIP 0. 015uF 5% 50V 1-163-100-0C CERAMIC CHIP 20PF 50V C501-163-023-00 CERAMIC CHIP0.015uR5%50V (AEP, UK, Itarian, Saudi Arabia)C521 1 CERAMIC CHIP 0.022uF 10% 25V C21 1-163-103-00 CERAMIC CHIP 27PF 58‰50V C53 1-164-232-11 CERAMIC CHIP 0. OluF 50v (E, Tourist) C54 1-126-153-11 ELECT 22uF 20%6.3V 12

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