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入式职业盟 Foshan www.bosfan.cnp @②,计机木(d 包含到库中w 享w新建文件夹 非国 ☆收实 名称 修改E用 类 大小 下鸢 I android-sdkr04-windcws 2010{4/31213文件夹 回桌面 I eclipse-jee-galileo-SR2-in32zip 010/4)312:12文件夹 最后访同的位jk6u19wndw6e 2010/4/219:16 应用程序 73.510KB 园库 视频 回圈片 国文 □迂雷下载 音乐 家庭组 计算机 E, windows 7(C 本地磁盘D o pregram anc 地磁盘F 本地磁盘iG 白开发与学习 软牛与娱乐 本地磁盘 )5 Reaming 3个对象 配置 安装 开发插件 打开 在菜单栏上选择 出现如下界面 入式职业盟 Foshan www.bosfan.cnp O Install Available software Sclcct a sitc or cntor tho location of a sit Work with: type or select a site Add Find mcre software by working with the 'Availab e Software Sites preferences. type filter text Name Version 口① There is ru sile selecter Details v Show only the latest versions ot available sottware Hide items that are already installed v Group items by category What is a ready installed? v Contact all update sites during install to find required software Back Next Finish 点击按钮出现如下界面 C Add site Name: Android OGa ocation:https://dl-ssl.googlecom/android/eclipse/ A river 输入网址 如果出错,请将改成 名称 这里可以自定义 入式职业盟 Foshan www.bosfan.cnp 点击,将出现如下界面 e Install Available software Check the items that you w sh to install. WorkwithAndroid- Add Find mcre software by working with the 'Availab e Software Sites preferences type filter text Namc colon A回 Developer Tools 回 Andrcid dcms 0.95201002051504-24846 V 4 Andrcid Deve opment Tool 0.9.6.v201002051504-24846 Details v Show only the latest versions of available software a Hide items that are already installed 回 group items by category What is a ready installed? M Contact all update sites d uring install to find required software Back Next Finish Cancel 点击按钮,出现如下昇面 入式职业盟 Foshan www.bosfan.cnp O Install Install detail Rcvicw the items to bc installcd Name Version Id LF Android DDM n9.fv2..romAndroid.ide. Ar lipse. ddms. feature Size: Unknown Detail Back Ne≥ Finish Cancel 点击按钮,出现如下界面 入式职业盟 Foshan www.bosfan.cnp O Install License Liccnscs must be rcvicwcd bcforc the softwarc can tc nstallod, This includes iccnscs for softwarc rcquired to complctc the E= Items with licenses License text Name version Note: jcommon-10 12 jar is under the BSD license rather Android ddms T Android Develo opment Tools i Mylyn Bridge: Lclipse IDL 3.3.3,v20100330-0100-e3x j I eetharL-1.0.9. ar and jlreechidr L-10.9-bwl jar are urider p Mylyn Bridge: Java Development 3.3.3. v20100330-0100-e3x the LGPL rather than the aPl, You can find a copy of the 4 Mylyn Bridgc: Tcam Support 333201003300100c3x Lgplat 2.1.txt You can get the source code for these two 4p- Mylyn Connector: Bugzil 3.3.3.v20100330-0100-e3x components at 你 Mylyn Task List (Requ red 33,3.20100330-0100-e3X http://android.gitkernel.nrg/pub/ 4-Mylynn Task-Fucused In le face (ReLm.3. 3. 3.v20100330-0100-eBx 4- Mylyn WikiText 121v20100222-0100-e3 Apache License Version 2.0, January 2004 httpi/nww.apache.orgmicenses/ TERMS AND CONDITIONS F∩R凵sE, REPRODUCTION AND DISTRIBUTION 1. Deliuliurs OI accept the terms of the license agreements I oi do not accept the terms of the license agreements Back Next> linish Cancel 选择 点击进入安装插件界面 入式职业盟 Foshan www.bosfan.cnp C Install 一回X Downloadingarg.eclipsemylyn.commons.core F:Always ryn in background 9 Install Run in BackgroundCancel<<Details 安装完成后,出现如下界面 CH Software Updates It is strongly recommended you restart Eclipse for the changes to take effect. For some add-ons, it may be possible to apply the changes you have made without restarting. Would you like to restart now? Yes NoApply Changes 点击按钮,重启 配置 点击菜怕 进入如下界面 入式职业盟 Foshan www.bosfan.cnp C Preferences type filter text Android Genera Android preferences Android Build SDK Location: F: \ Android\ android-sdk_r04-windows\android-s B Browse. DDMS Note: The list of SDk Targets below is only reloaded once you hit 'Apply' or 'OK. Launch Target Name Vendor Platform API LocAt Usage Stats No target available Data Management E nstall/Update Java Plug-in Development Remote Systems Run/Debu Server Tasks Team T erminal Usage Data Collector Restore defaults Apply OK Cancel 选择你的 解压后的日录,选错了就会报错,这个是升级工具,日前还没有一个版本的 ()升级版本选择菜单 出现如下界面 入式职业盟 Foshan www.bosfan.cnp Android SDK and AVD Manager Virtual devic Installed Packages SDK Location: F: \Android\android-sdk_ro4-windows\android-sdk-windows\ Available packages Installed Packages I Android SDK Tools, revision 4 Description Update All Delete Refresh 选择 按钮,出现如下界面 Choose Packages to Install Packages Package Description License X Android sdk Tools revision 5 Package Description w SDK Platform android 2,. api . re Android sDK tools revision 5 v Samples for SDK API 7, revision 1 This update will replace revision 4 with revision 5. X Google aPIs by Google Inc., Androi. X SDK Platform android 20, 1. api 6 Archive Description X Google APIs by Google Inc, Androi. Archive for windows X SDK Platform android 2. 0. API 5, re Size: 22 MiB sHA1:1ad403ad2637bec85bb45c1c1623c33127d93 X Google APIs by Google Inc,, Androi. X SDK Platform android 1.6. api 4 re O Accept o Rejed ○ Accept A‖l ['1 Something depends on this package Lance

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