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Unmanned Aircraft Design A Review of fundamentals USARMY ER/MP Gray Eagle: Enhanced MQ-1C Predator 111 Synthesis Lectures on Mechanical Engineering Synthesis Lectures on Mechanical Engineering series publishes 60-150 page publications pertain- ing to this diverse discipline of mechanical engineering. The series presents Lectures written for an audience of researchers, industry engineers, undergraduate and graduate students. Additional Synthesis series will be developed covering key areas within mechanical engineering Introduction to Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Systems: Theory and applications Allan Kirkpatrick September 2017 Resistance Spot Welding: Fundamentals and Applications for the Automotive Industr Menachem Kimchi and David H. Phillips eptember 2017 Unmanned Aircraft Design: Review of Fundamentals Mohammad Sadraey September 2017 MEMS Barometers Towards Vertical Position Detection: Background Theory, System Prototyping, and Measurement Analysis Dimosthenis e. bolankis 2017 Vehicle Suspension System Technology and design Amir Khajepour and Avesta goodarzi April 2017 Engineering Finite Element Analysis Ramana pidaparti May 2017 Copyright c 2017 by morgan claypool All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted in any form or by any means--electronic, mechanical, photocopy, recording, or any other except for brief quota tions in printed reviews, without the prior permission of the publisher Unmanned Aircraft Design: A Review of Fundamentals Mohammad Sadraey www.mOrganclaypool.com ISBN:9781681731681 print ISBN:9781681731698 ebook DOI10.2200/S00789ED1V01Y201707MEC004 A Publication in the morgan claypool Publishers series SYNTHESIS LECTURES ON MECHANICAL ENGINEERING,#04 Series issn: 2573-3168 Print 2573-3176 Electronic Unmanned Aircraft Design A Review of fundamentals Mohammad H. Sadraey Southern New Hampshire University SYNTHESIS LECTURES ON MECHANICAL ENGINEERING #04 MORGAN CLAYPOOL PUBLISHERS ABSTRACT This book provides fundamental principles, design procedures, and design tools for unmanned aerial vehiclesqUAvs)with three sections focusing on vehicle design, autopilot design, and ground system design. The design of manned aircraft and the design of uavs have some similarities and some differences. They include the design process, constraints(e. g, g-load, pressurization), and UAV main components(autopilot, ground station, communication, sensors, and payload). A UAV designer must be aware of the latest UAV developments; current technologies; know lessons aine from past failures; and they should appreciate the breadth of uav design options The contribution of unmanned aircraft continues to expand every day and over 20 countries are developing and employing UAVs for both military and scientific purposes. A UAV system is much more than a reusable air vehicle or vehicles. UAVs are air vehicles, they fly like airplanes and operate in an airplane environment. They are designed like air vehicles; they have to meet fight critical air vehicle requirements. a designer needs to know how to integrate complex, multi-disci- plinary systems, and to understand the environment, the requirements and the design challenges and this book is an excellent overview of the fundamentals from an engineering perspective. This book is meant to meet the needs of newcomers into the world of uav s. the materials are intended to provide enough information in each area and illustrate how they all play together to support the design of a complete UAV. Therefore, this book can be used both as a reference for engineers entering the field or as a supplementary text for a uav design course to provide sys tem-level context for each specialized topic. KEYWORDS unmanned aerial vehicles, design, automatic flight control system, autopilot, drone, remotely pi noted vehicl Contents eface Part I 1 Design Fundamentals 1.1 Introd 1.2 UAV Classifications 1.3 Design Project Planning 1.4 Decision making g 5 Design Criteria, Objectives, and Priorities ....... 1.6 Feasibility Analysis 1.7 Design Groups 10 18 Design Process… 1.9 Systems Engineering Approach 12 1.10 Conceptual Design 15 1.11 Preliminary design .20 1.12 Detail Design… 21 1.13 Design Review, Evaluation, and Feedback 23 1.14 Questions 24 2 Design Disciplines 27 2.1 Introduction 27 2.2 Aerodynamic Design 28 2.3 Structural Design 垂垂垂垂垂垂 30 2.4 Propulsion System Design 32 2.5 Landing Ge ear Design 33 2.6 Mechanical/Power Transmission Systems Design 35 2.7 Control Surfaces Design 37 2. 8 Questions 44 Part Ii 47 3 Fundamentals of Autopilot 49 3.1 Introduction 49 V11 3.2 Primary Subsystems of an Autopilot ......49 3.3 Dynamic Modeling 50 3.4 UAV Dynamics 3.5 Aerodynamic Forces and Moments 54 3.6 Stability and Control Derivatives 56 3.7 Transfer Function 57 3.8 State-Space Model 58 3.9 Linearization 58 3.10 Autopilot Design Process 3. 11 Questions 4 Control System Design 63 4.1 Introduction 63 4.2 Fundamentals of Control Systems ..64 4.3 UAV Control Architecture 67 4.3.1 Control Categories 67 4.3.2 Cruise Control 69 4.4 Flight Control Requirements 70 4.4.1 Longitudinal Control Requirements 4.4.2 Roll Control Requirements 4.4.3 Directional Control Requirements 4.5 PID Controller 73 4.6 Optimal Control-Linear Quadratic Regulator (LQR)......... 73 4.7 Robust control 74 4.8 Digital Control 75 4.9 Stability augmentatic 76 4.10 Autonomy 79 4.10.1 Classification ......79 4.10.2 Detect(i.e, Sense)-and-Avoid 81 4.10.3 Automated Recovery 81 4.10.4 Fault Monitoring 81 4.10.5 Intelligent Flight Planning 82 4. 10.6 Manned-Unmanned Teaming 82 4.11 Control System Design Process 83 4.12 Questions 86 4.13 Problems 87 5 avigation System Design 91

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Make出版的无人机DIY教程,作者描述到“我们是Belinda和Terry Kilby。我们是无人机爱好者、航空摄影师、制作者、培训师,也是一对夫妻。我们一起生活,同时也结合了彼此对技术和艺术的专长及热情。从2010年起,我们的公司Elevated Element已经设计和制作了用于艺术和实用航空摄影的小型无人飞行器(Unmanned Aerial Vehicle,UAV)。作为这方面的尝鲜者,我们成为所在地区媒体的非正式UAV技术发言人。我们跟踪硬件、软件方面的进展以及无人机的新闻报道,因此,我们可以在艺术和创新方面代表无人机的制作者和用户。” 此书为英文版,亚马逊有中文翻译版出售。






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