TB62209FG 2相步进电机驱动芯片

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TOSHIBA Function This circuit is used to input from the data pins micro-step current setting data and to transfer them to the subsequent stage. By switching the SetuP pin, the data in the mixed decay timing table can be overwritten TOSHIBA Function The current setting circuit is used to set the reference voltage of the output current using the current setting decoder. The current feedback circuit is used to output to the output control circuit the relation between the set current value and output current This is done by comparing the reference voltage output to the current setting circuit with the potential difference generated when current flows through the current sense resistor connected between Rs and Vm The chopping waveform generator circuit to which CR is connected is used to generate clock used as for the chopping fre %6 MW—→L ------------------一 TOSHIBA ,-二 TOSHIBA 本 本卦 TOSHIBA TOSHIBA D MODE1→GA+(OUTA,A) D MODE2→GA-(OUTA,A D MODE3→GB+(OUTB.B) CW/CCW→GB-(OUTB,B) TOSHIBA D MODE1→GA+(OUTA,A D MODE2→GA-(OUTA,A) D MODE3→>GB+(OUTB.B) CW/cCW→GB-(OUTB,B TOSHIBA

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