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infineon Tc233/Tc234/Tc237 Revision History Page or Item Subjects(major changes since previous revision) v1.0,2017-03 The history is documented in the last chapter Data sheet V1.02017-03 infineon Tc233/TC234/TC237 Trademarks of Infineon Technologies ag AURIXM. C166M. Can PAKM CIPOS M. CIPURSETM. Econo PACKTM CoolMOSTM CooIsETTiA CORECONTROLTM, CROSSAVETM, DAVETM, DI-POLTM, EasyPIMTM, EconoBRIDGETM, Econo TM EconoPIMTM, EconoPACKm, EiceDRIVERTM, eupecTM, FCOS TM, HITFETM, HybridPACKTM, 12RF ISOFACETM, IsoPACKTM, MIPAQ TM, ModSTACKTM, my-d TM, NovalithICTM, OptiMOS TM, ORIGA TM POWERCODE TM. PRIMARIONTM, PrimePACKTM. PrimeSTACKTM. PRO-SILTM. PRoFETTM. RASICT Rever SayeM SatRICTM SIEGETTM SINDRIONTM SIPMOS TM SmartLEWISTM SOLID FLASHTM, TEMPFETTM thin Q! M, TRENCHSTOP TM, TriCore M Other Trademarks Advance Design System TM(ADS)of Agilent Technologies, AMBA TM, ARMTM, MULTI-ICETM, KEILTA PRIMECELLTM, REALVIEWTM, THUMBTM, uVision M of ARM Limited, UK. AUTOSARTM is licensed by AUTOSAR development partnership. Bluetooth TM of Bluetooth SIG Inc. CAT-iqTM of DECT Forum. COLOSSUS TA FirstGPS TM of Trimble Navigation Ltd. EMVTM of EMVCo, LLC (Visa Holdings Inc ) EPCOSTM of Epcos AG FLEXGO TM of Microsoft Corporation. FlexRay TM is licensed by Flex Ray Consortium. HYPERTERMINAL TM of Hilgraeve Incorporated. IEC TM of Commission Electrotechnique Internationale. IrDAM of Infrared Data Association Corporation iso M of INTERNATIONAL ORGanization FOR StandaRDizatioN. matlaBtM of MathWorks, InC. MAXIMTM of Maxim Integrated Products, Inc. MICROTECTM, NUCLEUS TM of Mentor Graphics Corporation MIPITM of MiPl Alliance, Inc. MiPs M of MiPs technologies, Inc, USA. muRata m of mUraTa MANUFACTURING CO., MICROWAVE OFFICETM(MWO)of Applied Wave Research Inc, OmniVision M of OmniVision Technologies, Inc. Openwave TM Openwave Systems Inc. RED HATTM Red Hat, InC. RFMDTM RF Micro Devices, Inc. SIRIUS M of Sirius Satellite Radio Inc. SOLARIS TM of Sun Microsystems, InC. SPANSIONTM of Spansion LLC Ltd. Symbian TM of Symbian Software Limited. TAIYO YUDENTM of Taiyo Yuden Co TEAKLITETM of ceva inc. tektroniXtm of tektronix Inc, toKotm of toKo KabushiKi KaisHa tA. uniXtm of X/Open Company Limited. VERILOG TM, PALLADIUMTM of Cadence Design Systems, Inc. VLYNQ TM of Texas Instruments Incorporated. VXWORKS TM, WIND RIVERTM of WIND RIVER SYSTEMS, INC. ZeTEXM of diodes Zetex limited Last Trademarks Update 2011-11-1 1 Data sheet V1.02017-03 infineon Tc233/TC234/TC237 Table of contents Summary of Features∴.∴.…. Package and Pinning Definitions ....... 2.1 PG-LFBGA-292-6 Package Variant Pin Configuration of TC237X 2.1.1 Port Functions and Pinning tables 556 ······ How to Read the Following Port Function Tables 6 Tables.,,,,,,,,,,,, 国国 翻面 2.1.2 Pull-Up/Pull-Down Reset Behavior of the Pins 69 PG-TQFP-144-27 Package Variant Pin Configuration of TC23X-ADAS 2.2.1 Port Functions and Pinning Tables 71 How to Read the Following port Function Tables 71 Tables 2.2.2 Pull-Up/Pull-Down Reset Behavior of the Pins PG-TQFP-100-23 Package Variant Pin Configuration of TC233X 132 2.3 132 2.3.1 Port Functions and Pinning tables 134 How to Read the Following Port Function Tables 134 Tables 135 2.3.2 Pull-Up/Pull-Down Reset Behavior of the Pins 172 Electrical Specification ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,173 Parameter Interpretation .,.,,,173 3.2 Absolute Maximum Ratings 174 Pin reliability in Overload ....,.,175 3.4 Operating Conditions 177 3.5 3.3V Pads 179 3.6 VADC Parameters 183 7 MHz Oscillator 188 3.8 Back-up clock 189 3.9 Temperature sensor 190 3.10 Power Supply Current ...,,191 3.10.1 Calculating the 1.3 V Current Consumption 193 3. 11 Power-up and Power-down 195 3.11.1 Single Supply mode 196 3.11.2 External Supply mode 198 3.12 Reset T iming 199 3.13 EVR 201 3. 14 Phase Locked Loop (PLl) 204 3.15 ERAY Phase Locked LOop(ERAY PLL) 205 3.16 AC Specifications 206 3.17 JTAG Parameters ..,,,,207 DAP Parameters 209 3.19 ASCLIN SPI Master Timing 211 3.20 QSPI Timings, Master and slave mode 213 3.21 Ethernet Interface(ETH) Characteristics 217 3.21.1 ETH Measurement reference points 217 3. 21.2 ETH Management Signal Parameters(ETH_ MDC, ETH_ MDIO) 218 3.21.3 ETH MIl Parameters 219 3.214 ETH RMI Parameters 220 3.22 E-Ray Parameters 3.23 Flash Parameters 223 Data sheet TOC-1 V1.0,2017-03 infineon Tc233/Tc234/Tc237 3. 24 Package Outline 226 3. 24.1 Package Parameters .,,,,,228 3.25 Quality Declarations Istory ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,231 Changes from Version TC23x_ Ds_v1.1 to Version TC23XAC DS_v1.0 231 Data sheet V1.02017-03 infineon Tc233/TC234/TC237 Summary of Features Summary of Features The TC23x product family has the following features High Performance Microcontroller with one CPU core Power Efficient scalar TriCore CPU (TC16E), having the following features Binary code compatibility with TC16P up to 200 MHz operation at full temperature range up to 184 Kbyte Data Scratch-Pad RAM(DSPR) up to 8 Kbyte Instruction Scratch-Pad RAM(PSPR) 8 Kbyte Instruction Cache(ICACHE 4 line read buffer(DRB) Lockstepped shadow core for TC16E Multiple on-chip memories All embedded Nvm and srAM are Ecc protected up to 2 Mbyte Program Flash Memory(PFLASH) up to 128 Kbyte Data Flash Memory(DFLASH)usable for EEPROM emulation 32 Kbyte Memory(LMU) 512 Kbyte Memory(EMEM) BootROM (BROM) 16-Channel dma controller with safe data transfer Sophisticated interrupt system(ECC protected) High performance on-chip bus structure 64-bit Cross Bar Interconnect (sRI) giving fast parallel access between bus masters, CPUs and memories 32-bit System Peripheral Bus (SPB )for on-chip peripheral and functional units One bus bridge(SFI Bridge Optional Hardware Security Module(HSm)on some variants(See below Safety Management Unit (SMU) handling safety monitor alarms Memory Test Unit with ECC, Memory Initialization and mBiSt functions(MTU) Hardware I/0 Monitor(IOM)for checking of digital I/O Versatile On-chip Peripheral Units Two Asynchronous/Synchronous Serial Channels(ASCLIn) with hardware LIN support (V1.3, V2.0, v2. and J2602)up to 50 MBaud Four Queued SPI Interface Channels(QSPl)with master and slave capability up to 50 Mbit/ Two MultICAN+ Module with 3CAN nodes each and 128 free assignable message objects for high efficiency data handling via FIFo buffering and gateway data transfer 4 Single Edge Nibble Transmission(SENT) channels for connection to sensors One FlexRay module with 2 channels(E-Ray)supporting V2. One Generic Timer Module(GTm) providing a powerful set of digital signal filtering and timer functionality to realize autonomous and complex Input/Output management One Capture /Compare 6 module(Two kernels CCU60 and ccu61) One General Purpose 12 Timer Unit (GPT120) EEE8023 Ethernet MAC with RMll and Mil interfaces(ETH) Versatile Successive Approximation ADC (VADC Data sheet V1.02017-03 infineon Tc233/TC234/TC237 Summary of Features Cluster of 4 independent AdC kernels Input voltage range from 0 V to 5. 5V(ADC supply) Digital programmable l/o ports On-chip debug support for OCDS Level 1(CPUs, DMA, On Chip Buses) Four/five wire JTAG (IEEE 1149. 1)or DAP(Device Access Port)interface Power Management System and on-chip regulators Clock Generation Unit with System PLL and Flexray PLL Embedded voltage regulator Data sheet 1-2 V1.02017-03 Infineon Tc233/Tc234/Tc237 Summary of Features Ordering Information The ordering code for Infineon microcontrollers provides an exact reference to the required product. This ordering code identifies The derivative itself, i. e. its function set, the temperature range, and the supply voltage The package and the type of delivery For the available ordering codes for the TC233/ TC234/TC237 please refer to the AURIXTM TC2x Data Sheet addendum which summarizes all available variants Table 1- overview of tc23x functions Feature CPU Core ype TC16E E Cores/Checker Cores Max. Fred 200M FPU yes Program Flash Size 2 Mbyte Data Flash Size 128 Kbyte Cache Instruction 8 Kbyte Data 4 ine read buffer SRAM Size TC1 6E 184 Kbyte /8 Kbyte 1) (DSPR/PSPR) Size EMEM o Kbyte Size lmu o Kbyte DMA Channels 16 ADC Channels 12+12 Converter 2 G TIM 1 TOM DTM CMU/ICM 1/1 TBU Timel GPT12 CCU STM Modules FlexRay Modules Channels CAN Modules 2 Nodes per Module Message objects 128 CAN FD es QSPI Channels Data sheet 13 V1.02017-03 infineon Tc233/TC234/TC237 Summary of Features Table 1-1 Overview of TC23x Functions(contd Feature ASCLIN Interfaces SENT Channels 240 Ethernet Channels ASIL Level up to ASIL-D Safety support SMU IOM FFT HSIC Channels 2 Security HSM Embedded voltage regulator DCDC from 3.3v to 1. 3V Yes Embedded voltage regulator LDO from3.3∨to1.3V Yes Low Power feature Standby ram Yes Packages Type PG-TQFP-100-23/PG-TQFP-144- 27/ PG-LFBGA-292-6 Type 3.3 V CMOS (5V input supported on ADC Range 40..+125°C/+150°C 1)To ensure the processor cores are provided with a constant stream of instructions the Instruction Fetch Units will speculatively fetch instructions from the up to 64 bytes ahead of the current PC If the current PC is within 64 bytes of the top of an instruction memory the Instruction Fetch Unit may attempt to speculatively fetch instruction from beyond the physical range. This may then lead to error conditions and alarms being triggered by the bus and memory systems is therefore recommended that the upper 64 bytes of any memory be unused for instruction storage Data sheet V1.02017-03

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