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-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- DebugFactory Builder for AM1 STARTER KIT -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Table of Contents -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1. Overview of DebugFactory for AM1 STARTER KIT 2. Requirements Environment 3. Install 4. Start up 5. Coverage of Warranties and Limitation of Liability -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1. Overview of DebugFactory for AM1 STARTER KIT -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- DebugFactory is an integrated development environment for performing Microcomputer programming development and debugging. It enables various tasks to be performed, from source editing through compiling and linking, setting of compiler options, and debugging with the actual device. DebugFactory includes the following functions. -Project management function This function creates a Project file. A Project file contains information such as related source file names and information on compiler options and so forth. This information is used to create a make file. A number of make files can be managed by one Project. -Source code editing function DebugFactory has an editor. When the code complementation function is used, candidate items are listed without having to key-in every word. Use of the file outline function makes it possible to view a list of functions and variables contained in the file being displayed by the editor, and clicking an item in that list displays the relevant location. Functions such as string search and GREP necessary for source code editing are also provided. If the user does not want to use the DebugFactory editor, a commercially available editor can be specified by means of an option setting, and source can also be displayed by the specified commercially available editor

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