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vivado安装 license,2016.4版本,兼容window10.1.将安装包复制到安装的文件夹中,点击xsetup.exe文件开始安装 2.安装过程可以参考vivado-release-notes-install-licience文件 注意:1.在选择安装版本时勾选第一项 Vivado WebPACK
Ⅹ|L|NX ALL PROGRAMMABLEN Table of contents Revision History 2 Chapter 1: Release Notes 2016. 4 What'sNeW,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,5 mportant Information.,,,…,∴.6 Known ssues。,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,。,。,。。,。,,,,,, 7 Chapter 2: Architecture Support and requirements Operating Systems.,.,,...... 8 Architectures∴.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Compatible third-Party Tools System Requirements .,。11 Chapter 3: Download and Installation Downloading the Vivado Design Suite Tools 13 Installing the Vivado design Suite Tools ......,................. 14 Installing Cable Drivers......... 18 Adding Additional Tools and Devices 19 Network Installations 20 Batch Mode installation flow 22 obtaining quarterly releases 25 Uninstalling the vivado design Suite Tool......... 26 Chapter 4: WebTalk WebTalk~Participation 28 Setting Web Talk Install Preference....... 29 WebTalk User preferences,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 30 Checking WebTalk Install and User Preferences∴…∴……………………… 31 of data collected 31 Transmission of data 32 Chapter 5: Obtaining and Managing a License Licensing Overview DDDD·自D曹曹·春着 ,,33 Vivado design Suite 2016. 4 Release Notes Send feedback UG973(v20164) November30,2016 R XILINX ALL PROGRAMMABLEn Generating/installing/Managing Activation-Based Licenses 36 Generating/Installing Certificate-Based Licenses....................50 Managing Licenses On Your Machine.............. 56 Using the Xilinx Product Licensing Site........ 60 Chapter 6: Older Release Notes Release notes 2016. 3 75 Release notes 2016.2 84 Re| ease notes2016.1,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,86 Appendix A: Additional Resources and legal Notices Xilinx resources 101 Solution centers 101 Documentation navigator and design hubs...................... 101 Licenses and End User License Agreements............. 102 References 102 Training Resources........ 103 Please Read: Important Legal Notices 103 Vivado design Suite 2016. 4 Release Notes Send feedback UG973(v20164) November30,2016 ⅩL|NX ALL PROGRAMMABLE Chapter 1 Release notes 2016. 4 What's New Vivado Design Suite 2016.4 introduces the following Device Support and vivado System Edition products Device Support The following Ultra Scale+ devices are introduced in this release · Virteⅹ UltraSca|e+ XCVU11P and XCVU13P Board Support Board support enables the use of automation to quickly configure and locate interfaces on the evaluation board. This allows quick development of connectivity platforms when used with block and Connectivity automation. the following board support packages are introduced in this release yng UltraScale+ mpsoc-ZCU102-ES2 with support for the following interface Processing System with support for USB 3.0 Gigabit Ethernet Display Port SATA DDR4 4 GB) QSPI SD card slot Can bus Dual i2c and UaRts Vivado design Suite 2016. 4 Release Notes Send feedback UG973(v20164) November30,2016 sXL|NⅩ Chapter 1: Release Notes 2016. 4 ALL PROGRAMMABLE DDR4 (512 MB) GPIo, Dual i2c, UART Virtex UltraScale+-vCUl180-ESl with support for the following interfaces PCI Express(Gen4 x8 。 Dual ddr4(4 GB each GPIO. I2C&∪ART Multimedia ip Video test pattern generator 8K resolution support and 8 pixels per clock option Display Port related test patterns Build time configurability allowing what test patterns to include Video mixer Xilinx Software Development Kit For release notes information on the Xilinx Software development Kit(SDK)see Answer Record 66230 Important Information Device Support IMPORTANT: When opening a checkpoint targeting UltraScale+ production Evaluation parts, vivado will issue the following warning Production Evaluation speeafiles are provided in advance cf production release and are intended to closely approximate production levei performance. Once production speeafiles become availabie, the design will need to be rerun with the production speedfiles Simulation Export Simulation (export simulation) Multiple switches have been deprecated in this release Vivado design Suite 2016. 4 Release Notes Send feedback 6 UG973(v20164) November30,2016 sXL|NⅩ Chapter 1: Release Notes 2016. 4 ALL PROGRAMMABLE Table 1-1: Deprecated Switches Switch name Default behavior User Action Reason -ip netlist False N one Fastest simulation is available only in pure RTL Export simulation optimized to write scripts for fastest simulation performance -language Mixed Mixed language In order to ensure the fastest simulator simulation performance, export required simulation will only use the language of the ip rtl - single_ step True for Cadence Be aware of this Cadence IEs simulation will deliver change irun scripts that can handle mixed · False for others language rtL simulation Using single-step for the other simulators requires gate level simulation netlist Integrated Simulation(aunch simulation Starting in Vivado 2016 1, the Generate Scripts only capability has been deprecated and removed from the ide User should use the Export Simulation capability instead. This provides the functionality for exporting files from Vivado(Ip and IP Integrator) to use in externa verification environments Vivado Design Suite Documentation Update In the 2016. 4 Vivado Design Suite Documentation release, not all documentation will be available at first customer ship. Use the Update Catalog button in DocNav to stay up-to-date with the 2016. 4 documentation suite Note: DocNav is a 32-bit application and requires the installation of 32-bit libraries on Linux in order to function Known issues Vivado) Design Suite Tools Known Issues can be found at answer record 66830 Vivado design Suite 2016. 4 Release Notes Send feedback 7 UG973(v20164) November30,2016 ⅩL|NX ALL PROGRAMMABLEIM Chapter 2 Architecture Support and requirements Operating Systems Xilinx@ only supports the following operating systems on 86 and x86-64 processor architectures Microsoft Windows Support Windows 7 and 7 SP1 Professional (64-bit), English /Japanese Windows 8.1 Professional(64-bit), English/Japanese Windows 10 Professional (64-bit), English/Japanese Vivado@d lab edition is the only Xilinx toolset that supports Windows 7 SP1 Professional, 32-bit Operating System Lab Edition also supports the 64-bit systems Linux Support Red Hat Enterprise Workstation/ Server 7.1 and 7.2(64-bit) Red hat Enterprise Workstation 6.7 and 6.8(64-bit) Red Hat Enterprise Workstation 5.11(64-bit) SUSE Linux Enterprise 11. 4 and 12.1(64-bit) Cent OS 6.8(64-bit) Ubuntu Linux 16.04 LTS(64-bit Vivado lab edition is the only Xilinx toolset that supports the red hat Enterprise Workstation 6.6 and 6.7, 32-bit Operating Systems Lab Edition also supports the 64-bit systems Vivado design Suite 2016. 4 Release Notes Send feedback UG973(v20164) November30,2016 sXL|NⅩ Chapter 2: Architecture Support and Requirements ALL PROGRAMMABLE Architectures The following table lists architecture support for commercial products in the Vivado design Suite WebPacKM tool versus all other Vivado Design Suite editions. For non-commercia Support: All Xilinx Automotive devices are supported in the vivado design Suite WebPack tool Xilinx Defense-Grade Fpga devices are supported where their equivalent commercial part sizes are supported Table 2-1: Architecture Support Vivado web pack tool Vivado design Suite (All Other Editions) Zyng device Zyng-7000 AP SoC Device Zyng-7000 AP Soc Device XC7z010,XC7z015,XC7Z020, All ⅩC7Z030,XC7Z007S,ⅩC7Z012S,and XC7Z014S Virtex⑧FPGA Virtex-7 EPGA Virteⅹ-7FPGA None Virtex Ultrascale M fPga Virteⅹ UltraSca| e fPga N one Virtex ultrascale None Kintex⑧FPGA Kintex-7 EPGA Kintex-7 FPGA ×C7K70T,XC7K160T All Kintex ultraScaleM ePga Kintex UltraScale fpga XCKUO25XCKU035 All Artix ePga Artix-7 PGA Artix-7 FPGA XC7A15T. XC7A35T XC7A50T XC7A75T XC7A100T XC7A200T Compatible third- Party tools Table 2-2: Compatible third-Party Tools Third-Party Tool Red Hat Red Hat SUSE Windows-7/ 10 Windows-7/10 Linux Linux-64 Linux 32-bit 64-bit Ubuntu Simulation Mentor Graphic Modelsim es es Yes Yes SE/DE/PE (10.5c es N/A Vivado design Suite 2016. 4 Release Notes Send feedback 9 UG973(v20164) November30,2016 sXL|NⅩ Chapter 2: Architecture Support and Requirements ALL PROGRAMMABLE Table 2-2: Compatible Third-Party Tools Third-Party Tool Red Hat Red Hat SUSE Windows-7 /10 Windows-7/10 Linux Linux -64 Linux 32-bit 64-bit Ubuntu Mentor Graphics Questa Advanced Simulator(10.5c) Yes es Yes Yes es N/A Cadence Incisive enterprise Simulator (IES)(1520.005) es Yes N/A N/A N/A Synopsys VCS and VCS MX (L-201606) Yes Yes Yes N/A N/A N/A The mathWorks matlab③ and simulink with Yes Yes N/A Fixed-Point Toolbox(2016a Ye es Yes Yes and 2016b) Aldec Active-HDL(10.3)a N/A N/A N/A Yes Yes N/A Aldec Riviera- PRo (2016.06) Yes Yes Yes N/A Synthesis Synopsys Synplify/Synplify Yes Ye Yes Pro(L-201603)c N/A Mentor Graphics Precision Yes Yes Yes RTL/P|us(2015.2) Yes es N/A Equivalence Checking Cadence Encounter es es Ye Conformal (9. 1) es N/A N/A N/A OneSpin360(201512) Yes Yes Yes N/A N/A N/A a. Support for aldec simulators is offered by aldec b. Most Vivado IPs can only be synthesized by vivado synthesis, because the rtL source can include encrypted files. To use these IPs in a third party synthesis flow, the synthesized netlist can be exported from the vivado tool in a suitable format for use in the third-party synthesis project C. Contact Synopsys for availability of Synplify overlay or Service Pack d. Cadence Encounter Conformal Support is for RtL2Gate using Synopsys Synplify only System Generator support is restricted to operating systems that are compatible with The MathWorks matlab and simulink tools Vivado design Suite 2016. 4 Release Notes Send feedback 10 UG973(v20164) November30,2016

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