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STlink 使用手册,支持 IAR for stm8s 1.3 vision 以上; 支持 STVD 4.3以上版本
File Edit View Project Tools Window Help D日岛|M島|c 》%|:息A△ mas it stm8s it main I str&s stm3s kImainImain 日 Discover-Debua 21es如9s⊥t author MCD Applicaticn Team Optio t edate 18-Novembex-2014 口 FWLiMake s brier Main Interrupt Service Routines Iais file provides template for all peripherals interrupt service Rebuild al -E c,st Clean r Attention 国 Stop Build THE PRESENT FTRVAARE SHICE IS FOR GUIDANCE ONLY AIMS AT PROVIDING CUSTOMERS AITH CODING INEORMEICN REGARDING THEIR PRODUCTS IN ORDER FOR THEM IC SAVE Add E mo TIN. AS A RESULT, SIMICHOELECIRONICS SHALL NOT BE HELD LIABLE FOR ANY L日国 Remove e,时⌒ OR COLSEQUENTIL DAMGES ITE RESPEC TO AVY CLAIMS RISI 田□oupu USE NADE BY CUSTOMERS CF HE Rename CODING INFORMA TTON CONTAINED HEREIN IN CONNECTION ITR THEIR PRODUCTS FOR MORE INFORMTION FLEASE READ CREULLY THE LICESE AGREEMEN FILE LOC.ED Version Control System R IN THE ROOT DTRECTORY OF THIS FIRMYARE PACRAGE Open Containing Folder. <h2><center>icopy: COPYRIGHT 2011 SIMi croelectronics</center></h2> Set as Active /s Includes ---------- --------------------------- +include "atmea it. h Uncover 新(E File Debugger Setup标签 Driver: ST-LINK; a Discover-IAR Embedded Workbench IDE File Edit View Project Tools Window Help 口c日回|曲|c Workspace stmas it stmas it main I stmas Istm8s ck Main I Debug 女女实实实实实史实女女实实实女女实乡女实实中女虫头女女头女实实女实实头女央头女实实实安 Files 811 stm8s 2t.c 日回 Discover- Debug t author MCD Application Team 口 I Include files 早口 Source files Options for node"Discover □ FLIb c]stm8s_adcl.c C stm8s clk.c 田国 stm8s exti.c Category: Factory Settings C stm8s_gpio. c General Options 田回sm8stm1c C/C++ Compiler 田园stm8stm2c Assembler 田 stm8s timA.c Output Converter Setup Extra Options Images Plugins ORL EC main.c Custom Build HEEL oC stm8s it.c Build Actions 口 Output Linker DE E Run to Simulator TENSE aln STice ST-LINK Setup macros □ Use macro fi1e Device description file □ Override defaul t STOOLKITDIRS\config\ddf\iostm8s003f3daf Messages OK Cancel 支持软件版本说明 1,STLⅠNKv支持的软件 2,支持ST官方IDE(集成开发环境软件) ST Visual Develop(STVD)4.3以上 3,烧录软件STⅤ isual program(STVP)4.3以上。 4,支持 ATOLLIO, IAR for stm8s1.3以上 5, Keil for arm MDK46以上, TASKING等STM32的集成开发环境。 6,MDK( kiel for arm)设置说明,拿下载调试STM32F103VET6来说明 打开项日选项菜单 Project/ Option for Target。。 (1)切换到 Device标签,选择STM32F103VET6 W Options for Target'STM32F103 Flash' Device Target Output Listing User C/C++ Asm Linker Debug I Utilities Database: Generic CPU Data Base Vendor: STMicroelectronics Device: STM32F103YE Toolset: ARM C STM32F103RG ARM 32-bit Cortex-M3 Microcontroller, 72MHz, 512KB Flash, 64kB SRAM. C STM32F103T4 Flexible Static Memory Controller for SRAM, PSRAM. NOR and NAND Flash Cd STM32F103T6 PLL Embedded Internal RC 8MHz and 32kHz, Real-Time Clock E STM32F103T8 Nested Interrupt Controller, Power Saving Modes, JTAG and SwD 4 Synch. 16 bit Timers with Input Capture, Output Compare and PWm C STM32F103TB 216-bit Advanced Timer, 2 16-bit B asic T imer. 2 16-bit Watchdog Timers STM32F1038 SysTick Timer, 3 SP1/125, 2 12C, 5 USART, USB 2.0 Full Speed Interface C STM32F103VB CAN 2. 0B Active. 312-bit 16-ch A/D Converter, 2 12-bit D/A, Converter E STM32F103VC SDIO, Fast 1/0 Ports E STM32F103VD Ed STM32F103VE E STM32FT0S Ed STM32F103/G E STM32F103ZC 肖cTM2F1nn OK Cancel De faul ts Hel p 2)切换到 Debug标签,按照框框内设置(fash调试设置) W Options for Target 'STM32F103 Flash' Device Target Putput Listing User c/c++ Asm Linker Debug Utilities STMicroelectronics STM32F103RC Code Generation Xtal(MHz)8.0 Operating system: None System viewer File[Sfr) y Use MicrolIB 厂 Big Endian SFD\ST\STM32F1 xx\STM32F103%x sfr Read/Only Memory Areas Read/rite Memory Areas default off-chip Start Size Startup default off-chipStart Size Norit 厂RDM1 RAMT 厂R0M2 厂RAM2 厂RDM3 厂RAM3 on-chip on chip ROM1:p8000 RAM1:0×200000000 IROM2 IRAM2 Cancel Defaults Help (3)切换到 Debug标签,选择 ST-Link Debugger,点击 Settings按钮: w Options for Target STM32F103 Flash Device Target]Output Listing User | c/C++ Asm I Linker Debug utilities C Use Simulator Settings 厂 Limit Speed to Real-Time v Load Application at Startup N Run to mainl Load Application at Startup Run to mainO Initialization file Initialization File Edit ASTM32DBG ini Edit Restore Debug Session Settings Restore Debug Session Settings Breakpoints v Toolbox v Breakpoints Toolbox v Watch windows& Performance Analyzer v Watch Windows v Memory Display Memory Display CPU DLL. Parameter Driver DLL. Parameter SARMCM3. DLL-REMAP SARMCM3.DLL Dialog DLL: Parameter Dialog DLL: Parameter DCM. DLL PCM3 TCM. DLL PCM3 OK Cancel Defaults Hel (4) Settings设置对话框,接∏设置成JTAG, JTAG Device chain是检查到STM32 JTAG id号; Cortex-M Target Driver Setup Debug Trace Flash Download Debug Adapter JTAG Device Chain Unit: ST-LINE(/V2 ove TDO U Serial Number: N/A OxOBAO.. ARM CoreSight JTAG-DP (Cortex-M) Ox0641.. STM32 BSC (boundary scan) TAP HW Version: v2 TDI Down Firmware V2J17S4 C Automatic Detectio LI COUE ort: JTAG C Manual Confi gurati Device fame Max1MHz Add Delete Update IR len: Debug Connect Reset Options Cache Options Download Options Connect: Normal Reset: Autodetect Cache Code Verify Code downlo v Reset after Conn Cache me emory Download to flash 确定」取消」应用)」 (4) Settings设置对话框,接口设置成SW, SW Device是检查到STM32SWid号 Cortex-M Target Driver Setup g Trace Flash Download Debug Adapter SH Device Unit: ST-LINK/v2 cONe M SHDIO Ox1BAD.. ARM CoreSight Sw-DP U Serial Number: N/A HW Version: v2 owl Firmware v2J17S4 C Automatic Detectic 工DCDE ort: SW C Manual Confi gurati Device Name Max 1Mhz Ad Delete Update TR len Debug- Connect Reset Options the Opti ons Download Opti ons onnect: Normal Reset todetect Cache code 厂 Verify Code Downlo V Reset after Conn Cache Memory Download to Flash 确定取消应用0)」 (5)切换到 Utilities标签,选择 ST-Link debugger,选择 Updata Target before Debugging(fash调试), 点 Settings,添加STM32型号 W Options for Target 'STM32F103 Flash Device Target Output] Listing User |C/C++ I Asm I Linker Debug Utilities Configure Flash Menu Command c Use T argel Driver for Flash Programming Use Debug Driver ST-Link Debugger Settings y Update T arget before Debugging Init File Edit C Use External Tool for Flash Programming Command Arguments 厂 Run Independent OK Cancel Defaults Help (6) Settings设置对话框 Cortex-M Target Driver Setup Debug I Trace Flash Download Download function RAM for Algori thm C Erase Full Program ↓。 ras ector Verify art:p20000:100 C Do not Erase Reset and Run Programming Algori thm Description Device size Device Type Address range art 12 Add Remove 确定 取消 应用 (7)添加对话框,选择STM32F10 X High- density Flash512K下图框框内,点击Add按钮即可 Add Flash Programming Algorithm descriptio Flash Size Device T ype Origin SN32F710 16kB User ROM On-chip Flash MDK Core SN32F720 8kB User ROM k On- chip Flash MDK Core STM32F05% Flask 64k On-chip Flash MDK Core STM32FOxx Flash Options 16B On-chip Flash MDK Core STM32F10x XL- density Flash 1M On-chip Flash MDK Core STM32F10x Med-density Flash 128k On-chip Flash MDK Core IM32E10c the □ nchin fl STM32F10x High-density Flash 512k Un- chip Flash MDK Core STM32F10x M25P64 SPI Fla Ext Flash SPl MDK Core STM32F10 Flash Options 16B On-chip Flash MDK Core STM32F2xx Flash 1M On-chip Flash MDK Core STM32F2xx Flash Options Un- chip Flash MDK Core STM32F2xx Flash OTP 2 On- chip flash MDK Core STM32F3xx Flash 25趴k On-chip Flash MDK Core STM32F3xx Flash Options 16B On-chip flash MDK Core C: Kel\ARM\flash\STM32F10x 512 FLM Add Cancel (8)结果如下图 Erase sectior, Program. Verify,* Reset and run如果需要下载稈序后运行需要选择它, 如果是调试不用选择 Cortex-M Target Driver Setu Debug race Flash Download Download Function RAM for Algori thm Full c Pr Erase sector Ve¥if art:2000:100800 c Do not erase Reset and run Programming Algorithm device size l 1STM32F10x High-density Flash 512k On-chip Flash 08000000H-0BOTFFFFH axt:0z0800000 ize:0x00080000 Add R emoT色 确定]_取消」应用」 注意事项 ST-LINKⅥl与 ST-LINK/V2两个驱动模式完全不一样如果您原来一直用ⅴ1,换成Ⅴ2后,需要重装安装 ST-LINK/V2 的驱动,并可能需要更新软件. 也就是说 ST-LINK/V1和V2对电脑来说是完全不同的设备 注意事项二: VISTA WIN7用户请用管理员模式安装驱动及应用程序,WN8驱动签名问题,请一定要禁用驱动程序强制签 名(WN8需要关闭驱动强制签名-见附件1).,信任 STLINK V2的驱动。 安装完成后,设备管理器里会有“ STMicroelectronics STInk dongle这个设备 附件1 Win8下安装设备驱动 第一步:禁用驱动程序强制签名 1、鼠标移动屏幕右下方 2、点击按钮:设置 3、点击按钮 更改电脑设置 4、选择“常规”->“高级启动“,点击:立即重启 5,疑难解答->高级选项->启动设置->重启 6,启动设置选择第七项:⑦)禁用驱动程序强制签名 7,重启电脑 第二步:安装设备先安装光盘里的st- link v2 usbdriver-1.04rar驱动程序 1,把 st ink v2通过线连到电脑usb口上 2,打开设备管理器(鼠标移动屏幕右下方-->点击设置-电脑信息-->设备管理器(左侧第 二项)) 3,其他设备STM32 SLInk右单击菜单更新设备驱动 4,选择自动搜索更新的驱动程序软件(S) 5,在弹出的 Windows无法验证此驱动程序软件的发布者对话框选择:始终安装此驱动程 序软件(1) ⊙四更新驱动程序软件-STM32 STInk 正在安装驱动程序软件, Windows安全 Windows无法验证此驱动程序软件的发布者 ◆不安装此驱动程序软件(N 应查看制造商的网站,获得设备的更新驱动程序软件。 ◆始终安装此驱动程序软件( 仅安装来自制造商网站或光盘的驱动程序软件。其他来源的未签名软件可能会 损坏你的计算机或窃取信息 查看详细信息D ⊙n更新驱动程序软件 STMicroelectronics STLink dongle Windows已经成功地更新驱动程序文件 Windows已经完成安装此设备的驱动程序软件 STMicroelectronics STLink dongle 关闭(C

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