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Description 试设计一个用回溯法搜索一般解空间的函数。该函数的参数包括:生成解空间中下一扩展结点的函数、结点可行性判定函数和上界函数等必要的函数,并将此函数用于解图的m着色问题。 图的m 着色问题描述如下:给定无向连通图G 和m 种不同的颜色。用这些颜色为图G的各顶点着色,每个顶点着一种颜色。如果有一种着色法使G 中每条边的2 个顶点着不同颜色,则称这个图是m 可着色的。图的m着色问题是对于给定图G和m 种颜色,找出所有不同的着色法。 编程任务: 对于给定的无向连通图G 和m种不同的颜色,编程计算图的所有不同的着色法。 Input 输入由多组测试数据组成。 每组测试

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Eame General 3.0(摘要写作)

易觅,Eame General,文章利器,中、英文论文写作必备。



paper: Generalized Search Trees for Database Systems

This paper introduces the Generalized Search Tree (GiST), an index structure supporting an extensible set of queries and data types. The GiST allows new data types to be indexed in a manner supporting queries natural to the types; this is in contrast to previous work on tree extensibility which only

Google's PageRank and Beyond: The Science of Search Engine Rankings

This book is written for people who are curious about new science and technology as well as for those with more advanced background in matrix theory.... Much of the book can be easily followed by general readers, while understanding the remaining part requires only a good first course in linear alge


This white paper is intended to give general information regarding the way search engines collect information to fill the search index. Also discussed are potential problems that spiders may have with certain types of content and how to overcome those problems

SIGMOD 07 论文

Query processing over graph-structured data is enjoying a growing number of applications. A top-k keyword search query on a graph nds the top k answers according to some ranking criteria, where each answer is a substructure of the graph containing all query keywords. Current techniques for supporti

Computing with Spatial Trajectories

空间轨迹分析 Computing with spatial trajectories is still a fairly young and dynamic research field. This book may serve researcher and application developers a comprehensive overview of the general concepts, techniques, and applications on trajectory indexing, search and data mining, and help them explor


Definition and properties of an algorithm- Analysis of algorithms. Divide and Conquer -The general method- Binary search- Finding maximum and minimum element- Analysis of Merge sort- Analysis of Quick sort- Analysis of Selection sort- Analysis of Heap sort

社区全文检索引擎 Hyper Estraier 1.4.13

 1.Hyper Estraier是一个用C语言开发的全文检索引擎,他是由一位日本人开发的.工程注册在sourceforge.net(http://hyperestraier.sourceforge.net). 2.Hyper的特性: 高速度,高稳定性,高可扩展性…(这可都是有原因的,不是瞎吹) P2P架构(可译为端到端的,不是咱们下大片用的p2p) 自带Web Crawler 文档权重排序 良好的多字节支持(想一想,它是由日本人开发的….) 简单实用的API(我看了一遍,真是个个都实用,我能看懂的,也就算简单了) 短语,正则表达式搜索(这个有点过了,不带这个,不是好的Full text Se

Java 9 Data Structures and Algorithms

Java 9 Data Structures and Algorithms by Debasish Ray Chawdhuri English | 28 Apr. 2017 | ASIN: B01KM5RLGS | 340 Pages | AZW3 | 4.28 MB Key Features This book provides complete coverage of reactive and functional data structures Based on the latest version of Java 9, this book illustrates the impac

jxplorer for windows

JXplorer is an open source ldap browser originally developed by Computer Associates' eTrust Directory development lab. It is a standards compliant general purpose ldap browser that can be used to read and search any ldap directory, or any X500 directory with an ldap interface. It is available for im


General Purpose Commands<br>Managing Commands and Functions<br>addpath Add directories to MATLAB’s search path<br>doc Display HTML documentation in Help browser<br>docopt Display location of help file directory for UNIX platforms<br>genpath Generate a path string<br>help Display M-file help for MATL

Google's PageRank and Beyond

Why doesn't your home page appear on the first page of search results, even when you query your own name? How do other web pages always appear at the top? What creates these powerful rankings? And how? The first book ever about the science of web page rankings, 'Google's PageRank and Beyond' supplie


JXplorer is a free open source cross platform LDAP browser and editor. It is a standards compliant general purpose LDAP client that can be used to read and search any LDAP directory, or any X500 directory with an LDAP interface. It is flexible, can be extended and customised in a number of ways, and

Combinatorial data analysis : Optimization by Dynamic Programming

Combinatorial data analysis (CDA) refers to a wide class of methods for the study of relevant data sets in which the arrangement of a collection of objects is absolutely central. The focus of this monograph is on the identification of arrangements, which are then further restricted to where the comb


From Google search to self-driving cars to human longevity, is Alphabet creating a neoteric Garden of Eden or Bentham's Panopticon? Will King Solomon's challenge supersede the Turing test for artificial intelligence? Can transhumanism mitigate existential threats to humankind? These are some of the

Data Structures and Algorithm Analysis in C, Second Edition.ppt.rar

数据结构与算法,C描述。第二版,英文讲义PPT。 包含9章:Ch04-LISTS-STACKS-QUEUES(数据结构),Chapter3-Stacks-and-Queues,Chapter5 Binary Trees, chapter6 General trees,chapter7 Sorting,chapter8 Primary & Secondary Storage,Chapter-9 Search,chapter11 Graph,chapter13 Advanced Trees Structures


P2P network is factually an overlay network for distributed object store, search and sharing. This paper will present a survey about it’s recent. First, we will introduce a simple definition of P2P, and define some common operation procedures in P2P. Second, P2P performance metric will be discusse