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采用深度学习方法的Python计算机视觉,第三卷 评分:

采用深度学习方法的Python计算机视觉,第三卷 本书循序渐进共分为3卷, 第一卷为深度学习入门,第二卷为高级技术最佳实践,第三卷结合ImageNet大规模神经网络训练 Since this book covers a huge amount of content, I’ve decided to break the book down into three volumes called “bundles”. A bundle includes the eBook, video tutorials, and source code for a given volume. Each bundle builds on top of the others and includes all content from the lower volumes. You should choose a bundle based on: (1) how in-depth you want to study deep learning, computer vision, and visual recognition and (2) your particular budget. You can find a quick breakdown of the three bundles below — the full list of topics to be covered can be found later on this page: Starter Bundle: A great fit for those taking their first steps towards deep learning for image classification mastery. You’ll learn the basics of (1) machine learning, (2) neural networks, (3) Convolutional Neural Networks, and (4) how to work with your own custom datasets. Practitioner Bundle: Perfect for readers who are ready to study deep learning in-depth, understand advanced techniques, and discover common best practices and rules of thumb. ImageNet Bundle: The complete deep learning for computer vision experience. In this bundle, I demonstrate how to train large-scale neural networks on the massive ImageNet dataset. You just can’t beat this bundle if you want to master deep learning for computer vision.

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