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ADASIS v3 Protocol Reference 3.1.0.RC1 ADASIS Forum ADASIS v3 Reference Specification v3.1.0 Draft 1 July 05 2018
LADASIS ADASIS v3 Reference od Drivor Assistant Systems Interface Document control Contributing author( s) Copyright notes This specification is protected by copyright laws and contains material proprietary to the ADaSIS Forum It or any components may not be reproduced, republished, distributed, transmitted displayed broadcast, or otherwise exploited in any manner without the express prior written permission of the ADASIS Forum. You may use this specification for implementing the functionality therein without altering or removing any trademark, copyright or other notice from the specification, but the receipt or possession of this specification does not convey any rights to reproduce, disclose, or distribute its contents, or to manufacture, use, or sell anything that it may describe, in whole or in part ADASIS V3 Reference specification v3. 1.0 LADASIS ADASIS v3 Reference Advanced Drivor Assistant Systems Interface Document history Version 3.1.0 Status Date Authors Reviewers Summary of changes ADASIS V3 Reference specification v3. 1.0 LADAss ADASIS v3 Reference od Drivor Assistant Systems Interface Specifications Abstract This document provides an aPi reference for profile types and the franca idl types defined by the ADASIs v3 protocol specification ADASIS V3 Reference specification v3. 1.0 LADASIS ADASIS v3 Reference od Drivor Assistant Systems Interface 1 ADASIS V3 Versioning With official release of ADASIS V3(3.xYz) the numbering of versions will not follow strict rules regarding compatibility It is expected that major changes for example introduction of new messages or complete change of profiles will increase the version Minor changes for example extensions of profiles or structs would Increase the r"version. Bugfixes are implied through increase of " Z The version number gives no strict indication about backwards compatibility to older ADASis V3 versions. It is expected that most updates are downwards compatible if implementer regards following rules. If issues arise with updates of the protocol, it will be mentioned here 1.1.1 Rules List of changes which should be downwards compatible Everybody can/must take into consideration that o(1) it is guaranteed that no enum value is reassigned, reordered or shifted explicit enumeration is used o(2 ) new profile types might be added therefore it should be possible to skip"unknown profile types o(3 it might happen that new fields will be added at end of a structure serializer should compatible in both direction and dont do repacking therefore it is accepted that data volume could increase without repacking 2 Profiles reference ADASIS v3 offers a rich set of standardized profiles which are summarily listed below. Furthermore custom profiles can be added as needed for a specific implementation 2.1 Intersection Profiles In ADASIS V3, intersections are represented as nodes -locations along a path where multiple roads meet. a node is one single location i.e. one offset; if a logical intersection has some roads meeting at multiple locations(offsets), even within a very short distance, it is represented in adaSiS v3 as multiple nodes Intersections are not tightly linked to side paths anymore as it was the case in adasis v2 with the STUB message. Side paths do not technically need a corresponding node though in reality the branching point of a side path will be an intersection that can be described by a node. But if a node is provided, it can give additional information on the relationship between parent and side path(as was provided by the stub in adasis v2 ) for this purpose there is a cross-reference between paths and the arms of a node 2.1.1 Node The Node profile is used to describe intersections Property Value ADASIS V3 Reference specification v3. 1.0 LADASIS ADASIS v3 Reference od Drivor Assistant Systems Interface Profile Interpolation Type Spot Profile value Nodeprofilevalue 2.2 Basic Geometry Profiles The following profiles describe the road geometry in a simple way that is sufficient for most classical ADAS purposes, without reference to absolute coordinates 2.2.1 Heading Change This profile represents the heading angle change of the path at the points of a polyline representation of the path Property Value Profile Interpolation Type Spot Profile value FloatProfilevalue Unit deg 2.2.2 Curvature This profile represents the curvature of the path In reality, curvature usually changes continuously along a path In order to get a good representation of actual curvature maps and horizon providers need to provide a high number of curvature values compared to other profiles. to accommodate this high data density without creating an excessive data transfer volume the adaSiS v3 Curvature profile uses a special data representation where each profile value("offsetFloatProfileValue"in Franca)is an array containing multiple pairs of offset and curvature value. The semantics is the same, though, as it would be with sending each curvature value in a separate profile entry for its corresponding offset The validity range of the curvature profile entry is the union of the validity range of all the array entries, i.e. it extends from the offset of the first entry to a point some distance behind its last entry, where the first array element of a subsequent curvature profile entry would be Logically the curvature values should be interpolated linearly. this interpolation, though, needs to happen between individual curvature array elements - the array -valued profile entries themselves cannot be interpolated Therefore the Curvature profile is marked as special interpolation the arrays are passed unchanged It would be useful for a reconstructor, though, to dissolve the curvature arrays, to store the individual curvature entries in the same way like separate scalar-valued profile values, and then to do linear interpolation between them Property Value Profile Interpolation Type Special Profile value Offset Float Profilevalue Unit 1/m 2.2.3 Slope This profile represents the slope information of a path ADASIS V3 Reference specification v3. 1.0 6 LADASIS ADASIS v3 Reference od Drivor Assistant Systems Interface Specifications For Slope, the same considerations with respect to data density apply as for Curvature, and consequently the Slope profile is constructed and handled using array of offsets and values in just the same way as described in the preceding paragraph for Curvature. Property Value Profile Interpolation Type Special Profile value OffsetFloatProfile Value Unit 23 Road model profiles The following profiles provide a detailed description of the structure of the road and of the possible ways of driving along it they describe how the road consists of lanes, if and how lanes can be driven, how the lanes (and their boundaries) look like; and they give the absolute geometry of the lanes and of the road in tota 2.3.1 Road Geometry This profile provides the geometry of the road reference line, usually as a polyline. Typically, the road reference line is the road centerline but this is dependent on the underlying road map Property Value Profile Interpolation Type Spot Profile value RoadGeometry Profilevalue 2.3.2 Lane model In the real world, a road consists of one or two carriageways resp roadways, each with one or more lanes and any associated pavement resp. sidewalks, e. g, a footpath, and road verges a carriageway consists of a width of road on which a vehicle is not restricted by any physical barriers or separation to move laterally a carriageway consists of a number of traffic lanes together with any associated shoulder but may be a sole lane in width, e.g a highway interchange a lane is part of a carriageway that is designated for use by a single line of vehicles, to control and guide drivers and reduce traffic conflicts. a lane is usually a laterally delimited area as part of a carriageway A lane has some technical characteristics such as a lane is a part of a carriageway and a carriageway is part of a road a lane is usually a laterally delimited area on the carriageway depending on the type of usage, the allowed driving direction For each road segment with a specific length a lane can be delimited by left and right borders, each border is either a visible or a virtual boundary line a lane has defined start and end through opening or closing part alternatively through splitting of a lane in two or more lanes respectively merging two or more lanes in one lane There must be at least one lane to describe the road ADASIS V3 Reference specification v3. 1.0 LADASIS ADASIS v3 Reference od Drivor Assistant Systems Interface Specifications Property Value Profile Interpolation Type Spot Profile value Lanemodelvalue Examples TODO: Check the two changes figures, check third new figure(and check captions figure numbers!) Linear object (is an arr ay entry in LinearobjectDefinition valuel Linle Geomety (is an att ay enly in Arles Geurmlelry Froilevalue) Lane info(is an arr ay entry in LaneModel value earce]ectdrghIBoundary Linsarobjsctldognto rLing Attribute Seament #1 Attribute Segment t2 Attr bute egmont #3 igure 1 Lane Model details ADASIS V3 Reference specification v3. 1.0 LADASIS ADASIS v3 Reference od Drivor Assistant Systems Interface Linear object (is an array entry in Linearobject value Line Geometry (is an arr ay entry in Lanes Geometry Profilevalue Lane Into iis an array entry in LaneModel value Lane Indo #1(Lane 1, Normal Lane La nelnto #2( Lane 2 Noral Lane tinearcEeeud leftBoundary=#l Uinearobjectd rightBoundary=#2 thearobject d centerLine=#4 unearobject#1(LaneMarking) Lineafctjecthd left aoun dary =#2 Linezrobject #2( LaneMarking) -unearobjectd right Bound ary=#3 LinearObjectld idline=#1 Linearobjectid idline=#2 geOmetry招 LinearObjectld idline=#3 neGeometry H4(Poyline WG84 Coord, Points Path 1 Attribute s nt# 1 Figure 2 Li odel details hierarchy ADASIS V3 Reference specification v3. 1.0 9

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