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Free software development tools are also available, such as TI's Eclipse-based Code Composer Studio (CCS) and IAR Embedded Workbench. Both of these IDEs support EnergyTrace++™ technology for realtime power profiling and debugging when paired with the MSP430FR6989 LaunchPad. More information about th
External Power and Battery Connector LEDS Red leD1 P1.2L=D1 470 GND GND B B Mounting Holes: 125 mll for 4-40/M2.5/M3 screws Silkscreen 3 3V3 OUNTHOLE -25MIL CUNTHOLE 125MIL CHSUNTHOLE 25FIL ENCU User Buttons 472 D COMPANY. Texas Istruments TITLE: MSP-EⅩP43EFR6989 DRAWN: Jeff Pettyjon? D: APPROVE D 2/17/20154:34:92 pREv:1 Sheeta 3/ 4 5 Software-controlled dcdc converter Elleryy measurement nethod pr olecled ul der U.s. Pcle ll Application 13/329,073 and subsequent paten. applicaticns C125c124 R11日R11 4k74k7 Q12R128 220k p∠AG2X1512 GND MSP102 6k8 P1.E/TFOCLK/ACLK/PO/AD DUcC 16 R113C.115 P1./TH0 1/A2/CA2 2k32D 22k 5 1.3HOr3BLK//VEF-FIEET-/A3 0s12 XIN∠6 CFF 1.E/TA2.2/AE/SCLK TME/CA5 or2x⑩0 I OGTG n 8d pa/ wy cnet nc regr twice e ey sunk CCIEST 7 DCCRST GNL GND 116 115 B B TS5P21366RSER N 102n E∠ FET VCC0L TERGET VCC SENSE c109c117c118 20 4。zu1001 ND GNDGND BAs∠2- T10 R118 MG_213U人 GND GN了 82 T10 ZFET∪CC3UT 122S C122 BC35c以-115 220k C119c128 119 BAS40-05 D GND GND COMPANY. Texas Istruments TITLE: MSP-EⅩP43EFR6989 DRA人N: Mike stein CHECKED APPROVE D 2/17/20154:34:92 pREv:1 Sheeta 4/6 4 5 Host mcu for emulation 7HPIEZO-_CS CR4M00G15L99 F≠ CFT UCC 2吕吕 C122 C17 47k C112 TO MSP13a「R6989 岛器回时图岛时副司密 1 冒目百 巨臣吕函 GAD ET SRLITDIO R12 AIRX38834×n 24 JARTRTS B P4,7/2M NONE ARICIS 13818 T2A2C D, 1/CB1/A1 4.6/2H卜DNE CTARCE T 02468 B +3∪3 P62LB∠/ MSP101 P UCA1RXU/PN LLA1SUNII P6.3/CB3/3 卩.4/pUCA1T/PHLC151 P.1/C1/∩ p1.3/PM_ UCD1CLK/PH_JC01STE 44 ZEFI nCDCI01 6 p6.5/CB5/A5 p4.2/P1-UCB15C/Pr_JCB15CL A43 D65/CB6/A6 4/ Pr UCB1SIE/prl儿 ILAlLLK41 GND GN日 比6∥LB//H GND GND 03)F55[0/1/2]X DuCC2 40 CZFFT JCC Ds2|39 C121 P3. /UCAORXD/LCADSOI 12 MSP430F5578TRGC. D3. 3/UCAOTXD/[37 C114 13 P5.5/XOUT 3.2/UCBO: LK/JCAESTE H36 AUSS. p3.1/UCBOSOMI/JCBESCLL35 1 gan 15 C123 DUCC二 P3.B/UCDaSIMD/JCDecDn 134 FZFF UCM 宮星 C124 C113 addE D C12′ ∠72398 COMPANY. Texas Istruments 47n TITLE: MSP-EXP 4 30FR6989 DRA人N: Mike stein CHECKED APPROVE D END GND 2/17/20154:34:92 pREv:1 Sheete 5/ 4 5 USB interface and power supply CEET R124 W 7FF千D」DD IC122 Micro-USB IO1 VcC C118111 102|4 ≠ CF SHIF 186 MEZE GND 03 TOD1C001DRY3 333k GN END GN凵 GND GND B B hange IC101 to ad ju t voltage fron28∪ 36U TL733:33U IC181 - ZFFLCC DE BUG C18 C15 D TE128 CDCRST TE109 COMPANY. Texas Istruments TITLE: MSP-EⅩP43EFR6989 DRA人N: Mike stein CHECKED APPROVE D 2/17/20154:34:92 pREv:1 Sheete 6/6 4 5

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