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Lucene in Action, Second Edition delivers details, best practices, caveats, tips, and tricks for using the best open-source search engine available. This book assumes the reader is familiar with basic Java programming. Lucene’s core itself is a single Java Archive (JAR) file, less than 1MB and with
More Praise for the first edition Outstanding...comprehensiveandup-to-date..rabthisbookandlearnhowtoleverage Lucene's potential val's blos g the code examples are useful and reusable -Scott Ganyo, Lucene Java Committer packed with examples and advice on how to effectively use this incredibly powerful tool Brian goetz, Ouiotix corporation it unlocked for me the amazing power of lucene -Reece Wilton, Walt Disney Internet Group code samples as Unit test cases are incredibly helpful Norman richards. co-author XDoclet in Action A guick and easy guide to making lucene work Books-On-Line A comprehensive guide.. The authors of this book are experts in this field.they have unleashed the power of lucene the best guide to Lucene available so far. Licensedtotheresasmith<> Lucene im action Second edition MICHAEL MCCANDLESS ERIK HATCHER OTIS GOSPODNETIC MANNING Greenwich (74 w. long Licensedtotheresasmith<> For online information and ordering of this and other manning books, please visit For more information, please contact Special Sales Department Manning publications co 1 80 Broad st Suite 1323 Stamford. cT06901 @2010 by Manning Publications Co. All rights reserved No part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted, in any form or by means electronic, mechanical, photocopying, or otherwise, without prior written permission of the publisher Many of the designations used by manufacturers and sellers to distinguish their products are claimed as trademarks. Where those designations appear in the book, and manning Publications was aware of a trademark claim, the designations have been printed in initial caps or all caps @o Recognizing the importance of preserving what has been written, it is Mannings policy to have the books we publish printed on acid-free paper and we exert our best efforts to that end Recognizing also our responsibility to conserve the resources of our planet, Manning book are printed on paper that is at least 15 percent recycled and processed without the use of elemental chlorine Manning Publications Co. Development editor: Sebastian Stirling 1 80 Broad St Copyeditor Liz Welch Suite 1323 Typesetter: Dottie marsico Stamford. CT06901 Cover designer: Marija Tudor ISBN978-1-933988-17-7 Printed in the united states of america 12345678910-MAL-151413121110 Licensedtotheresasmith<> brief contents PART 1 CORE LUCENE e●。。。0。。e。0。●。。0。00。0。。。。0。。e。0●。。0。00。。 1 Meet li 2 Building a search index 31 3 Adding search to your application 74 Lucene's analysis process 110 Advanced search techniques 152 6 Extending search 204 PART 2 APPLIED LUCENE ●●。。●。●。。。。●●。。●0@●@●●。@@●鲁。●。●0。●0。。。0。。鲁● 233 Extracting text with Tika 285 Essential lucene extensions 255 Further lucene extensions 288 10 Using Lucene from other programming languages 325 ucene administration and performance tuning PARt 3 CASE STUDIES 381 12 Case study l: Krugle 383 13 Case study 2: SIREn 394 14 Case study 3 LinkedIn 409 Licensedtotheresasmith<> Licensedtotheresasmith<> contents foreword xvii reface x2x preface to the first edition xx acknowledgments xxiii this book Unit primer xxxiv about the authors xxxvii PART 1 CORE LUCENE........... Meet Lucene 3 1.1 Dealing with information explosion 4 1.2 What is Lucene? 6 What Lucene can do 7. History of lucene 7 1. 3 Lucene and the components of a search application 9 Components for indexing 11 Components for searching 14 The rest of the search application 16 Where Lucene fits into your application 18 1.4 Lucene in action: a sample application 19 Creating an index 19. Searching an index 23 1.5 Understanding the core indexing classes 25 ndex writer26· Directory26· analyzer26 Document 27- Field 27 Licensedtotheresasmith<> CONTENTS 1.6 Understanding the core searching classes 28 Indexsearcher 28 Term 28 Query 29 Term Query 2g TobD 29 1. 7 Summary 29 2 Building a search index 31 2.1 How Lucene models content 32 Documents and fields 32 Flexible schema 33 Denormalization 34 2.2 Understanding the indexing process 34 Extracting text and creating the document 34 Analysis 35 Adding to the index 35 2.3 Basic index operations 36 Adding documents to an index 37. Deleting documents from an index 39. Updating documents in the index 41 2.4 Field options 48 Field options for indexing 43- Field options for storing fields 44 Field options for term vectors 44 Reader, Token Stream, and bytel field values 45. Field option combinations 46 Field options for sorting 46. Multivalued fields 47 2.5 Boosting documents and fields 48 Boosting documents48·B0 sting fields49· Norms50 2.6 Indexing numbers, dates, and times 51 Indexing numbers 51. Indexing dates and times 52 2.7 Field truncation 53 2. 8 Near-real-time search 54 2.9 Optimizing an index 54 2.10 Other directory implementations 56 2.11 Concurrency, thread safety, and locking issues 58 Thread and multi-/VM safety 58 Accessing an index over a remote file system 59- Index locking 61 2.12 Debugging indexing 68 2.13 Advanced indexing concepts 64 Deleting documents with Indexreader 65 reclaiming disk space used by deleted documents 66 Buffering and flushing 66 Index commits 67. Acld transactions and index oseo69· Merging70 2.14 Summary 72 Licensedtotheresasmith<> CoNTENTS Adding search to your application 74 8. 1 Implementing a simple search feature 76 Searching for a specific term 76 Parsing a user-entered query expression: Query Parser 77 3.2 Using Index Searcher 80 Creating an Indexsearcher 81 Performing searches 82 Working with TopDocs 82 Paging through results 84 Near-real-time search 84 8.8 Understanding Lucene scoring 86 How lucene scores 86 Using explain( to understand hit scoring 88 3.4 Lucene's diverse queries 90 Searching by term: TermQuery 90 Searching within a term range: TermRangequery 91 Searching within a numeric range NumericrangeQuery 92 Searching on a string PrefixQuery 93 Combining queries: Boolean Query 94 Searching by phrase: PhraseQuery 96 Searching by wildcard Wildcardqaery 99a Searching for similar terms Fuzzy Query 100- Matching all documents MatchAllDocs Query 101 8.5 Parsing query expressions: QueryParser 101 Query tostring 102 TermQuery 103 Term range searches 103 Numeric and date range searches 104 Prefix and wildcard queries 104 Boolean operators 105 Phrase queries 105 Fuzzy queries 106 MatchAllDocs Query 107 Grouping 107 Field selection 107 Setting the boost for a subquery 108 To Query Parse or not to QueryParse? 108 3.6 Summary 109 4 Lucene's analysis process 110 4.1 Using analyzers Indexing analysis 113 Query Parser analysis 114 Parsing us. analysis: when an analyzer isn't appropriate 114 4.2 What's inside an analyzer? 115 What's in a token? 116 Token stream uncensored 117 Visualizing analyzers 120- Token Filter order can be significant 125 4.8 Using the built-in analyzers 127 Stopanalyzer 127- Standardanalyzer 128 Which core analyzer should you use? 128 Licensedtotheresasmith<>

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