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icm20689 是一款惯导芯片,用在无人机飞控上,上面包含1个三轴加速计,1个三轴陀螺仪。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。
AATDK Inven Sense CM-20689 4.16 Bias and ldos 23 4.17 Charge Pump……… 23 4.18 Standard power modes 23 Programmable Interrupts 24 5.1 Wake-on-Motion Interrupt .... 24 Digital Interfa 25 6.1 12C and SPi Serial Interfaces 25 6.2 2C Interface 5 6.3 2C Communications Protocol 25 6.4 C Terms 音垂非音音垂 28 6 SPL Interface 29 Serial interface considerations 30 7.1 ICM-20689 Supported Interfaces 30 Assembly.. 31 8.1 Orientation of∧xes∴ 31 8.2 Package Dimensions 32 9 Part Number Package Marking ∴33 10 Register Map……………,……… 34 11 Register descriptions ∴36 11.1 Registers to 2-Gyroscope Self-Test Registers. ....................................................................36 11.2 Registers 13 to 15- Accelerometer Self-Test Registers 36 11 REGISTER 19-Gyro Offset Adjustment Register 11.4 Register 20- Gyro offset Adjustment Register .37 11.5 Register 21-Gyro Offset Adjustm 37 11.6 Register22- Gyro Offset Adjustment Register.……,…,…,…,…,…,…… 38 11.7 Register 23-Gyro offset Adjustment Register 38 11.8 Register 24-Gyro offset Adjustment Register 38 119 Register25- Sample Rate Divider.......,.,.,…,……,………………,38 11.10 Register 26-Configuration .39 11.11 Register 27-Gyroscope Configuration..... 40 11.12 Register 28-Accelerometer Configuration.. 11.13 Register 29-Accelerometer Configuration 2 11.14 Register 30-Low Power Mode Configuration 11.15 Register 31 -X-AXis Wake-on Motion Threshold(Accelerometer) .42 11.16 Register 32-Y-Axis Wake-on Motion Threshold(Accelerometer) 43 11.17 Register 33-Z-Axis Wake-on Motion Threshold(Accelerometer)..................43 11.18 Register 35-FlFO Enable 43 11.19 Register 54-FSYNC Interrupt Status... 43 11.20 Register 55-INT/DRDY Pin/Bypass Enable Configuration 44 Document Number: Ds-000114 Page 3 of 53 Revision Date: 03/14/2018 AATDK Inven Sense CM-20689 11.21 Register 56-Interrupt Enable 44 11.22 Register 57-DMP Interrupt Status.... 44 11.23 Register 58-Interrupt status............ 45 11.24 Registers 59 to 64- Accelerometer Measurements .45 11.25 Registers 65 and 66-Temperature Measurement 11.26 Registers 67 to 72- Gyroscope Measurements 46 11.27 Register 104- Signal Path reset 47 11.28 Register 105- Accelerometer Intelligence Control 47 11.29 Register 106-User Control 47 11.30 Register107- Power Management1………… 248 11.31 Register 108-Power Management 2 48 11.32 Register 114 and 115-FIFO Count Registers 49 1133 Register116-F| FO Read write…….… 11.34 Register 117-Who Am I.. 49 11.35 Registers 119, 120, 122, 123, 125, 126 Accelerometer Offset Registers 50 12 Referenc .51 13 Revision History Document Number: Ds-000114 Page 4 of 53 Revision Date: 03/14/2018 AATDK Inven Sense CM-20689 LIST OF FIGURES Figure 1.I-C Bus Timing Diagram 15 Figure2. SPI Bus Timing diagran.,,,…,…,………… 16 Figure 3 Pin out Diagram for ICM-20689.......... .18 Figure 4. ICM-20689 Application Schematic 19 Figure 5. ICM-20689 Block Diagram 20 Figure 6. ICM-20689 Solution Using |2C Interface Figure 7. ICM-20689 Solution Using SPI Interface 22 Figure 8. START and STOP Conditions.................. 25 Figure 9. Acknowledge on the r2C Bus Figure 10. Complete 1-C Data Transfer. 27 Figure 11. Typical SPl Master/Slave Configuration ....................................................................................................................29 Figure 12. I/o Levels and Connections............... 30 Figure 13. Orientation of Axes of Sensitivity and Polarity of Rotation 31 Document Number: Ds-000114 Page 5 of 53 Revision Date: 03/14/2018 AATDK Inven Sense CM-20689 LIST OF TABLES Table 1. Gyroscope specifications Table2. Accelerometer Specifications…… 10 Table3. d.c. electrical characteristics 11 Table 4. a.c. electrical characteristics 13 Table 5. other Electrical Specifications 14 Table 6. 12C Timing Characteristics Table 7. SPl Timing Characteristics(8MHz Operation 16 Table 8. Absolute Maximum Ratings... 17 Table 9. signal descriptions 18 Table 10. Bill of materials . Table 11. standard power modes for IcM-20689 23 Table 12. table of Interrupt sources 24 Table 13. Serial Interface 25 Table 14.c Terms 28 Document Number: Ds-000114 Page 6 of 53 Revision Date: 03/14/2018 AATDK Inven Sense CM-20689 1 NTRODUCTION 1.1 PURPOSE AND SCOPE This document is a product specification, providing a description, specifications and design related information on the ICM-20689 Motion Tracking device. the device is housed in a small 4x 4X0. 9 mm 24-pin QFN package 1.2 PRODUCT OVERVIEW he ICM-20689 is a 6-axis Motion Tracking device that combines a 3-axis gyroscope, a 3-axis accelerometer, and a Digital Motion Processor M(DMP)in a small 4x4x0. 9 mm(24-pin QFN) package. It also features a 4 kbyte fifo that can lower the traffic on the serial bus interface, and reduce power consumption by allowing the system processor to burst read sensor data and then go into a low power mode. ICM-20689, with its 6-axis integration on-chip dmP, and run-time calibration firmware enables manufacturers to eliminate the costly and complex selection, qualification, and system level integration of discrete devices, guaranteeing optimal motion performance The gyroscope has a programmable full-scale range of + 250, 500, +1000, and +2000 degrees/sec. the accelerometer has a user programmable accelerometer full-scale range of +2g, +4g, +8g, and +16g. Factory-calibrated initial sensitivity of both sensors reduces production-line calibration requirements Other industry-leading features include on-chip 16-bit ADCs programmable digital filters, an embedded temperature sensor, and programmable interrupts the device features 1C and SPl serial interfaces a Vdd operating range of 1.71 v to 3. 45 v and a separate digital IO supply, VDDIO from 1.71 V to 3.45 V Communication with all registers of the device is performed using either 1Cat 400 kHz or spl at 8 MHz By leveraging its patented and volume- proven CMos-MEMs fabrication platform, which integrates mEMs wafers with companion mm(24-pin QFN), to provide a very small yet high-performance, low-cost package. The device provides high ro bustnessoof CMOS electronics through wafer-level bonding, Inven Sense has driven the package size down to a footprint and thickness of 4x 4x0. 9 supporting 10,000g shock reliability 1.3 APPLICATIONS Mobile phones and tablets Drones Handset and portable gaming Motion-based game controllers 3D remote controls for Internet connected dTVs and set top boxes, 3D mice Wearable sensors for health fitness and sports Document Number: Ds-000114 Page 7 of 53 Revision Date: 03/14/2018 AATDK Inven Sense CM-20689 2 FEATURES 2.1 GYROSCOPE FEATURES Digital-output X-Y-, and Z-axis angular rate sensors(gyroscopes with a user-programmable full-scale range of +250, +500 ±1000,and±2000°/ sec and integrated16- bit adcs Digitally-programmable low-pass filter Low-power gyroscope operation Factory calibrated sensitivity scale factor Self-test 2.2 ACCELEROMETER FEATURES Digital-output X-,Y, and Z-axis accelerometer with a programmable full scale range of +2g, +4g, +8g and +16g and integrated 16-bit ADcs User-programmable interrupts Wake-on-motion interrupt for low power operation of applications processor Self-test 23 ADDITIONAL FEATURES Smallest and thinnest lga package for portable devices: 4x4x0. 9 mm(24-pin QFN) Minimal cross-axis sensitivity between the accelerometer and gyroscope axes 4 kbyte Fifo buffer enables the applications processor to read the data in bursts Digital-output temperature sensor User-programmable digital filters for gyroscope, accelerometer, and temp sensor 10,000 g shock tolerant 400 kHz Fast Mode IC for communicating with all registers 8 MHz SPI serial interface for communicating with all registers MEMS structure hermetically sealed and bonded at wafer level RoHS and green compliant 2.4 MOTION PROCESSING Internal Digital Motion Processing M(DMPTM )engine supports advanced Motion Processing and low power functions such as gesture recognition using programmable interrupts DMP operation is possible in low-power gyroscope and low-power accelerometer modes Low-power pedometer functionality allows the host processor to sleep while the dmp maintains the step count. Document Number: Ds-000114 Page 8 of 53 Revision Date: 03/14/2018 AATDK Inven Sense CM-20689 3 ELECTRICAL CHARACTERISTICS 3.1 GYROSCOPE SPECIFICATIONS Typical Operating Circuit of section 0, VDd =1.8V, VDDIO =1.8V, Ta=25 C, unless otherwise noted PARAMETER CONDITIONS MIN TYP MAX UNITS NOTES GYROSCOPE SENSITIVITY Full-Scale range FS SEL=O ±250 FS SEL=1 ±500 FS SEL=2 ±1000 FS SEL=3 ±2000 Gyroscope ADC Word Length 16 bits Sensitivity Scale Factor FS SEL=O 131 LSB/(°/s) FS SEL=1 65.5 LSB/(°/s) 333333333 FS SEL=2 28 LSB/(°/s) FS SEL=3 164 LSB/(°/s) Sensitivity Scale Factor Tolerance Component-Leve25℃C Sensitivity Scale Factor Variation Over Temperature 40°cto+85°C ±1.5 +3 Nonlinearity Best fit straight line; 25C ±0.1 %%%% Cross-Axis Sensitivity ZERO-RATE OUTPUT(ZRO) Initial ZRO Tolerance Component-Level, 25C ZRO Variation Over Temperature 40°cto+85°C 0.05 +0.05 °/s/°C GYROSCOPE NOISE PERFORMANCE (FS SEL=0 Noise Spectral Density 0.006 001 °/5s/VHz Gyroscope Mechanical Frequencies 25 27 29 kHz Low Pass Filter Response Programmable Range 5 250 Hz Gyroscope Start-Up Time From Sleep mode 35 ms 3.91 500 Output Data Rate Standard(duty-cycled)mode Low-Noise(active)mode 4 8000 H Table 1. Gyroscope Specifications Notes 1. Derived from validation or characterization of parts, not guaranteed in production 2. Tested in production. 3. Guaranteed by design Document Number: Ds-000114 Page 9 of 53 Revision Date: 03/14/2018 AATDK Inven Sense CM-20689 3.2 ACCELEROMETER SPECIFICATIONS Typical Operating Circuit of section 0, VDD=1.8V, VDDIO= 1. 8V, TA=25C, unless otherwise noted PARAMETER CONDITIONS MIN TYP MAX UNITS NOTES ACCELEROMETER SENSITIVITY AFS SEL=O 士 AFS SEL=1 t4 Full-Scale range AFS SEL=2 gggg ∧ ES SEL=3 ±16 33333 ADC Word Length Output in two's complement format 16 bits AFS SEL=0 16,384 LSB/g AFS SEL=1 8,192 LSB/g Sensitivity Scale Factor AFS SEL=2 4,096 LSB/y AFS SEL=3 2,04 LSB/g itial tolerance Component-Level, 25C 3 2 3 2 Sensitivity Change vs Temperature 40Cto+85° CAES SEL=0 % 1 Nonlinear ity Best Fit Straight Line t05 Cross-Axis Sensitivity ±2 1 ZERO-G OUTPUT Initial tolerance Component-Level, 25C 80 +80 mg Zero-G Level Change vs Temperature 40°Cto+85°C -0.75 +0.75 /°C 1 NOISE PERFORMANCE Noise spectral density 150 210 /VH 1 Low Pass filter response Programmable Range 5 218 Intelligence Function Increment 4 20 Accelerometer Startup Time From Sleep mode 3311 From Cold Start, 1ms VoD ramp 30 Standard (duty-cycled)mode 0.24 500 Output data rate 1 I LOw-Noise(active)mode 4000 Table 2. Accelerometer specifications Notes: 1. Derived from validation or characterization of parts, not guaranteed in production 2. Tested in production. 3. Guaranteed by design Document Number: Ds-000114 Page 10 of 53 Revision Date: 03/14/2018

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