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This manual contains notices intended to ensure personal safety(highlighted by a warning triangle),as well as to protect the products and connected equipment against damage(text without warning triangle. The texts shown below are graded according to severit △△△ dicates that death, severe personal injury or substantial property damage result if proper precautions are not taken indicates that death, severe personal injury or substantial property damage result if proper precautions are not taken text with warning triangle warns of the risk of minor personal injury if proper precautions are not taken text without warning triangle warns of the risk of damage if proper precautions are not taken. warns of the risk of unwanted events being triggered or of the development of indefinite states if the corre sponding notice is ignored With several risk levels the warning with the highest risk level applies. A warning of the risk of personal ury which is highlighted by a warning triangle may also contain an additional warning of the risk of dam- The devices system should always be commissioned and operated in accordance with this documenta tion. Only should be allowed to install and use this equipment. Qualified persons are defined as persons who are authorized to commission, to ground and to tag circuits, equipment, and systems in accordance with current safety standards Please note △ This device and its components may only be used for the applications described in the catalog or technical description and only in combination with devices or components from other manufacturers which have been approved or recommended by Siemens. This product can only function correctly and safely if it is transported, stored, set up, and installed correctly, and operated and maintained as recommended All names identified by the are registered trademarks of Siemens AG. Third parties using for their own purposes any other names in this document which refer to trademarks might infringe upon the rights of the trademark owners The reproduction, transmission or use of this document or its contents is nct We have checkec the contents of this manual for agreement with the hardware and software described. Since deviations cannot be precluded entirely, we ages. All rights, including rights created by patent grant or registration of a utility annot guarantee full agreement. However, the data in this manual are re iewed regularly and any necessary corrections include in subsequent edi- tions. Suggestions for improvement are welcomed Sie Automation and Drive Technolcgy Division C Siemons AG 2005 Comb nation Technology Field Technical cata subject to change D-76181 Karlsruhe Siemens aktiengesellschaft Edition 07 2005 A5E00075541c05 The Add-on products of the Add 7 product family provide a cost-effective solution for the specific high-performance requirements in the field of process control and automation engineering. The design of these products is based on many years of experience in the field of process engineering and on solid expertise with respect to the current system generation in the Siemens Totally Integrated Automation program As part of the Add 7 product family, the AddFEM Front End Module satisfies the special requirements of high-speed turbine control systems(different signal types, redundancy, high-speed detection and signal preparation etc. 6DL3100-8AC offers the option of operating the AddFEM in redundant mode (module redundancy), and/or to process signal preparation functions on the Add FEM The AddFEM 6DL3100-8AC can be programmed in RUN using DPV1 services If you have any questions about the use of the products described in this manual and do not find the right answers, please contact your Siemens partner AT YOUR OCAL Siemens Office or Agencies. Our products are compliant with EC Directive 89/336/EEC Electromagnetic Compatibility EC Directive 73/23/EEC"Low-voltage Directive", and the European Harmonized standards specified in those directives) Ce In accordance with the above stated directives the ec declaration of conformity is avail ble to the responsible authorities at Siemens Aktiengesellschaft Automation drives A&D SE S2 Siemensallee 84 D-76181 Karlsruhe AddFEM Edition 07/ 2005 A5E00075541C-05 Classification and featu日s∴ 1.1.1 Variant 6DL3100-8AC, fields of application 1-4 1.2 Driver blocks 1-6 2.1 AddFEM configuration .2-2 2.2 Connecting elements 2-3 3.1 General functions 3-2 3.2 Operating principle of 2-channel velocity monitoring with detection of the rotational direction .3-3 Modes of operation 3.4 Redundancy functionality with AddFEM 3-8 3.4.1 Redundant Profibus dp connection 3-10 3.5 Signal preparation functions with AddFEM (applies only to 6DL3100-8AC)3- 4.1 Technical data 4-2 4.2 Safety, environmental conditions and emc….……………4-12 4.3 Processing times 国国面面B 4-16 5.1 stalling the AddFEm…… 5-2 5.2 Socket pin assignment... 5-7 5.3 Control and display elements -11 54 Setting the PRoFiBUS DP address 5-16 5.4.1 Setting the address of PROFIBUS DP A using the key switch and slide switch 5-16 54.2 Setting the address of PROFIBUS DP B using the key switch and slide switch 5-20 54.3 Verifying the PROFIBUS DP address setting 5-22 54.4 Resetting the AddFEM .5-22 54.5 Setting the PROFiBUS DP address in SIMATIC Manager 5-23 5.5 Configuring the AddFEM ..5-24 5.5.1 Adjustable parameters 5-25 5.5.2 Integration in automation systems Troubleshooting AddFEM Edition 07/ 2005 A5E00075541C-05 5.6.1 Hot-swapping faulty redundant AddFEMs Fig. 2-1 AddfeM. front view .2-2 Fig. 2-2 24V DC module supply ..2-3 Fig 3-1 Mode o ·:: 3-7 Fig 3-2 Mode 1 ..4.:.::::: 3-7 Fig. 3-3 Mode 2 3-7 Fig 3-4 Mode 3 3-7 Fig 3-5 System configuration with two redundancy nodes 3-10 Fig 3-6 Redundant ProFibus dP connection 3-11 Fig 4-1 Trend of digital inputs 4-4 Fig 4-2 Count pulse inputs, characteristics diagram 4-6 Fig. 5-1 Dimensional drawing of the DiN rail mounting 5-3 Fig. 5-2 Dimensional drawing of screw-mounting…… 5-4 Fig 5-3 24V DC module powe Fig. 5-4 Process connector 5-7 Fig. 5-5 Process connect 5-7 Fig 5-6 Possible redundancy configurations 5-10 Fig. 5-7 Usable diodes 5-10 Fig. 5-8 Control elements of add fEm and indication of the profibus dp addresses5-17 Fig. 5-9 Assigning the PRoFIBUS DP address in SIMATIC Manager 5-23 Table 5-1 Description of the error /status LEds 5-15 Table 5-2 Setting the address of ProFIBUs dP a using the key switch and slide switch 5-19 Table 5-3 Setting the address of PRoFIBUs dP b using the key switch and slide switch .5-21 Table 5-4 Verifying the PRoFIBUS DP address settings 5-22 Table 5-5 Resetting the AddFEM 5-22 Table 5-6 Adjustable parameters .5-25 Table 5-7 Overview of automation systems 5-26 AddFEM Edition 07/ 2005 A5E00075541C-05 Classification and features 1-2 AddFEM Edition 07/ 2005 A5E00075541C-05 The add-on products of the Add 7 product family provide solutions for specific and high-performance applications in the field of process control and automation engi- neering The Front end Module of the add 7 product family is tailored to the special re quirements of high-speed turbine control systems(different signal types, redun- dancy, high-speed acquisition and preparation of process data, etc. )AddFEM su ports the implementation of loop control systems in the gas- steam-and water- driven and industrial turbines sector the add FEM is also suitable for integrated automation and loop control applications where the emphasis is set on high-speed system reaction times The AddFEM offers highly versatile combination options. It supports integration in SIMATIC S7 and SIMATIC PCS 7 systems, and in SPPA-T3000 or SIMADYN D The AddFEM operates in dP standard slave mode, and is controlled via PROFIBUS DP. The loop control and automation functions are handled as usual by the automation processor. The AddF EM is equipped with analog and digital lOs, including counter inputs for the acquisition of velocity control data Due to the optimized composition of signals, and based on an organization by the various signal types, smaller applications can be easily handled by a single Add- FEM module. More complex applications, of course, can be handled by integrating several modules AddFEM signal lOs for the various signal types 12 analog inputs, of which six may be operated as current inputs, while the remaining six may be configured in SIMATIC Manager or COM-PROFIBUS for operation as current or voltage inputs 8 analog outputs 15 digital inputs of which three are available as counting pulse inputs for the acquisition of velocity control data with and without detection of the rota 16 digital outputs, optionally operable as digital inputs Due to the design of its analog lO measuring ranges, the AddFEM does not require any additional signal transducers when operated in turbine loop control systems In addition to the usual measuring ranges 0 ma to 20 mA, 4 ma to 20 ma and +20 mA, the module provides a +30 mA measuring range. An additional +50 mA meas uring range at the analog outputs supports the control of final control elements with higher current consumption, such as fuel control valves, without additional signal amplifier All analog and digital outputs are short circuit-proof and monitored, and can be wired in parallel with other outputs. The analog and digital circuits are electrically isolated AddFEM Edition 07/ 2005 A5E00075541C-05

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