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JavaScript is at a turning point. The language and those who program with it have matured.People are starting to realize that it is a complex subject, worthy of further study.Design patterns have been used in programming for years. They were first formally documentedin Design Patterns by Erich Gamma, Richard Helm, Ralph Johnson, and John Vlissides(affectionately known as the Gang of Four) and have been applied to countless object-orientedlanguages. Part of the appeal of design patterns is that they can be used uniformly over manydifferent languages and syntaxes. The basic structure stays the same; only the details change.It is fairly easy, for instance, to take a pattern implemented in Java and convert it to C++.The same cannot be said of JavaScript. While all of the same capabilities exist, they areoften not official parts of the language and must be emulated through obscure tricks andunintuitive techniques. Over the years, people have discovered ways of using the language toaccomplish tasks never imagined by its creators. We must do likewise to implement commonobject-oriented features.This book collects and documents those tricks and techniques. In the first part, we createa base of object-oriented features that we can build upon to implement specific design patterns.The second part deals with specific design patterns and how they can be used in the JavaScriptlanguage.We took great pains to make the examples in each chapter as practical as possible. Wetried to list some of the most common tasks performed by JavaScript programmers, and thenused design patterns to make them more modular, efficient, and easily maintained. When wedo venture into more theoretical examples, it is done to illustrate a specific point. We knowthat at the end of the day, the value of this book will be judged by its relevance to your everydaytasks and projects.

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