Active@ Partition Recovery v.5.0.357 Enterprise Toolkit. Retail

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Active@ Partition Recovery for Windows - will help you if non-system partition is lost, i.e. you can boot Windows, install and run the software from under Windows to recover deleted or damaged partitions located on data volumes (D:, E: ...), attached HDDs, as well as on the external USB drives and Memory Cards (SunDisk, MemoryStick, CompactFlash, etc...). BOOT.INI is corrected automatically (if needed) to keep the system bootable, as well as damaged Volume Boot Sectors are corrected to mantain integrity of the partition. Software allows also to fix damaged MBR and to delete invalid partitions. Active@ Partition Recovery for DOS is a very small and easy to use DOS utility which recovers deleted partitions or Logical Drives completely and also can backup and restore Master Boot Record (MBR), Partition Table, Boot Sectors. Active@ Partition Recovery for DOS - is a very small, powerful and easy-to-use DOS program that can help you to: - Recover deleted partitions (FAT and NTFS). - Restore deleted FAT and NTFS Logical Drives. - Scan hard drives and detect deleted FAT and NTFS partitions or Logical Drives. - Preview files and folders on deleted partition or drive, to recover data. - Backup the Master Boot Record (MBR), Partition Table, Volume Boot Sectors. - Restore the MBR, Partition Table and Volume Boot Sectors from backup if damaged. - Create a drive image. Extended Disk Scan may detect partitions being deleted even if you have created new ones instead, formatted and used them ! It will help you when: - Drives or partitions inadvertently deleted (using FDISK or other programs). - Hard Disk Logical Structure has been corrupted. - Boot sector is damaged by virus. Active@ Partition Recovery supports: - Supports IDE / ATA / SCSI drives. - Supports FAT12, FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, NTFS5 file systems. - Supports MS-DOS, Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP partitions. - Detects deleted primary/extended partitions and drives. - Scans partitions damaged by virus or with dama

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fatmouse007 这是V5.0.0.0原版,不带和谐文件,无序列号
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