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ADASIS Forum ADASIS v3 Protocol Specification v3.1.0 Release Candidate 1 July 05 2018
LADASIS ADASIS v3 Protocol ni systeme Intort Document control Document title ADASIS V3 Protocol Electronic name ADASIS V3 Protocol Specification 3. 1.0. docx Main author(s)or editor(s) Current author(s Contributing author(s) Copyright notes This specification is protected by copyright laws and contains material proprietary to the adasis Forum It or any components may not be reproduced, republished, distributed, transmitted, displayed, broadcast, or otherwise exploited in any manner without the express prior written permission of the ADASIS Forum. You may use this specification for implementing the functionality therein without altering or removing any trademark, copyright or other notice from the specification, but the receipt or possession of this specification does not convey any rights to reproduce, disclose, or distribute its contents, or to manufacture, use, or sell anything that it may describe, in whole or in part ADASIS V3 Protocol Specification v3.1.0 LADASIS ADASIS v3 Protocol ni systeme Intort Document history Version 3.1.0 Status Draft Date 201807-05 Authors Reviewers Summary of changes ADASIS V3 Protocol Specification v3.1.0 LADASIS ADASISⅴ3 Protocol ni systeme Intort Abstract The adaSiS forum seeks to standardize the interface between a digital map and adas applications This interface predictively provides ADAS applications with road characteristics (e. g, road/lane geometry, slope, speed limits lane markings, etc. )ahead of a vehicle based on the vehicle's position This concept is referred to as ADAS Horizon As a vehicle's route or destination can change, the adas horizon flexibly adapts and has also the capability to convey dynamic information(e. g, traffic lights status). Further, the adas Horizon is able to incorporate auxiliary data sources(e. g. traffic information) and support sensor fusion as well a various communication schemes ADASIS V3 Protocol Specification v3.1.0 LADASIS ADASISⅴ3 Protocol ni systeme Intort List of figures FiGURE 1 ADAS CONCEPT AND COMPONENTS 12 FIGURE 2 ABSTRACTION OF REAL WORLD 17 FIGURE 3 ABSTRACT VIEW OF A SIMPLE T-INTERSECTION 18 FIGURE 4 ABSTRACT VIEW OF A SIMPLE T-INTERSECTION IN HD MAPS 18 FIGURE 5 POSSIBLE WAYS TO BE CHOSEN BY THE DRIVER 18 FIGURE 6A DIGITAL MAP WITH THE ROAD NETWORK AND A PATH SHOWING A UNIQUE ROUTE DRIVEN BY THE VEHICLE 19 FIGURE 7-A SIMPLIFIED REPRESENTATION OF VEHICLE PATHS BASED ON THE ROAD NETWORK Figure 8 EXEMPLARY MAP ATTRIBUTES ALONG A ROUTE FIGURE 9 ROAD NETWORK 22 FIGURE 10-AN EXEMPLARY NETWORK OF LINKS NEAR VEHICLE LOCATION 22 FigurE 11 RELEVANT ROAD LINKS FOR ADAS HORIZON FIGURE 12 ADAS HORIZON- PURE PATH REPRESENTATION 24 FIGURE 13 ADASIS V3 HORIZON-OPTIMIZED PATH REPRESENTATION FIGURE 14: ADASIS V3 HORIZON-APPLICATION VIEW FIGURE 15 ADASIS V3 HORIZON TOPOLOGY FIGURE 16 DIFFERENT INTERPOLATION TYPES ,30 FIGURE 17 EXAMPLE FOR MULTIPLE PROFILE VALUES AT THE SAME OFFSET FigurE 18 EXAMPLE OF A PROFILE WITH DISCONTINUOUS LINEAR INTER POLATION 32 FIGURE 19 TIMESTAMP USED FOR A VEHICLE POSITION INFORMATION FIGURE 20 LEFT: CURRENT PATH AND PREFERRED PATH ARE BOTH P1. RIGHT. CURRENT PATH IS P1 WHILE PREFERRED PATH IS P3. THE PARENT-CHILD RELATIONSHIP FROM P 3 TO P1 DESCRIBES THE MPP FIGURE 21 BASIC STRUCTURE OF ADASIS V3 SYSTEMw36 FIGURE 22 ADASIS V2 DELETE PARENT PATH (TRAILING LENGTH: 100M)......... 39 FIGURE 23 AD ASIS V3 DELETE PARENT PATH(PATH-DATA LIFETIME DEFINITION: 100M BEHIND THE VEHICLE, PATH LIFETIME DEFINITION 500M BEHIND THE VEH ICLE) 40 FIGURE 24 VALUE UPDATE OVERVIEW 42 FIGURE 25 ERASURE BY UPDATING TO NOTAVAILABLE ..43 FIGURE 26 UPDATING THE ENDOFFSET 43 FIGURE 27 RANGE UPDATE Figure 2 8 RANGE INVALIDATION 45 FIGURE 29 EHR FEEDBACK 47 FIGURE 30 COEXISTENCE SCENARIO OF ADASIS V2 AND V3 HORIZON P ROVIDERS 48 FIGURE 31 SINGLE AHP PROVIDING ADASIS V2 AND V3 MESSAGES 49 FIGURE 32 SYSTEM DIAGRAM OF MULTIPLE(CORE AND AUXILIARY) AD ASIS V3 HORIZON PROVIDERS......50 FIGURE 33 CONCEPT OF MULTIPLE (CORE AND AUXILIARY) ADASIS V3 HORIZON PROVIDERS 51 FIGURE 34 DOWNSTREAM SENSOR FUSION CONCEPT FIGURE 35 UPSTREAM SENSOR FUSION CONCEPT 52 FIGURE 36 GENERAL ADASIS V3 INFORMATION FLOW FIGURE 37 MESSAGE SPECIFIC CYCLIC COUNTER INCREASES WITH EVERY NEW MESSAGE 58 FiGure 3& MISSING OR LOST MESSAGE IDE NTIFIED DUE TO INTERRUPTED SEQUENCE OF CYCLIC COUNTER VALUES FIGURE 39 REORDERED MESSAGE SEQUENCE 58 FIGURE 40 PROFILE DATA INCLUDE VALIDITY LENGTH INFORMATION BASED ON OFFSET AND ENDOFFSET 58 FIGURE 41 PROFILE DATA RANGE CHECK ALLOWS FOR GAP DETECTION 59 ADASIS V3 Protocol Specification v3.1.0 LADASIS ADASISⅴ3 Protocol ni systeme Intort IGURE 42 T INTERSECTION USE CASE ADASIS V3 Protocol Specification v3.1.0 LADASIS ADASISⅴ3 Protocol ni systeme Intort Glossary of terms ADAS Advanced Driver Assistance Systems ADASIS ADAS Interface Specification ersion 2 of the adasiS protocol definition (to distinguish from Av2 ADASIS version 1 that has been developed and tested in the Prevent Maps ADAS project) Version 3 of the ADaSis protocol definition (to distinguish from Av3 Av2 A message based protocol used in automotive applications to allow CAN(Controller Area Network) devices to communicate CAN FD is an extension of the Can protocol It allows messages to CAN-FD (CAN with flexible data rate) hold up to 64 bytes. Extract of the Map database in front of the vehicles current ADAS Horizon(AH) position The software component that generates the av3 ADAS Horizon for Horizon Provider(Av3HP) transmission to other applications mplementation of the Av3 Programming Interface that rebuilds Horizon Reconstructor(AV3HR the horizon produced by the Av3HP Network of links collection of links, connected at their end points forming the road network A possible route through the road network that a vehicle could Profile Description of an attribute of the road network along a path Description of an attribute of the road network at a given location Profile ent on a path Profile Type Type of profile information, e.g. curvature or slope Part of a path where the attributes most significant for ADas Segment applications, remain the same An underlying map database component representing the roadway Link between two intersections Most Preferred path The most likely route of the vehicle on the road, which may be (MPP, formerly Most Probable Path) composed of parts of multiple other paths Root path A path that does not have a parent Sub path a path branching off from a parent path Parent path Path to which a sub path is attached Vehicle path Path that the vehicle currently is located on Transmitted path Path that has been actually transmitted from the provider to the Client via the network ADASIS V3 Protocol Specification v3.1.0 FADASS ADASIS V3 Protocol ni systeme Intort Path identifier Unique identification number of a path Offset Position along a path Unknown value The value assigned to an attribute that is supported by the horizon Provider but is not available at the current location or data item Signal not Available value(n/a) The value assigned to an attribute that is not supported or not implemented by the current Horizon Provider A representation of a curve by polynomial functions based on a set Spline of control points A curve whose curvature increases or decreases linearly with Clothoid distance and describes the optimal form of a curve in the road network Message Type Type of a message in the scope of the adasis v3 protocol Path Control Message Path Control Message Profile Control message Profile control Message ADASIS V3 Protocol Specification v3.1.0 8 LADASIS ADASISⅴ3 Protocol ni systeme Intort Table of contents 1 Introduction 12 1.1 ADASIS v3 Specification 12 1.2 The specification, and the franca|DL.………… ∴13 1.2.1 Installing franca 14 1.2.2 Franca Translators 15 2.3 Franca Deployment description 15 1.2.4 Further customization 15 ADASIS V3 Concept.. ∴17 2.1 Overvie .17 2.2 Reference model 19 2.3 Path representation of the adas horizo 2.3.1 Representation of relevant links for ADAS Horizon 2.3.2 Simple Path representation of Adas Horizon......... 23 2.3.3 ADASIS V3 Optimized Path Re ntation of the adas horizo 24 2. 4 Branching depth of ADasis v3 Horizon 26 3 ADaSis V3 Basic entities 26 3.1 Path 3.1.1 Definitions……27 3.1.2 Alternative trees 28 3. 1.3 Horizon Topology......... 8 3.1, 4 Horizon view 28 3.2 Profile 29 3.2.1 Definition… 29 3.2.2 Interpolation types 3.2.3 Profiles hierarchy 32 3.2.4 Global data 33 3.3 Position .33 4 ADASIS V3 Management..::.. 4.1 ADAS v3 horizon synchronization between provider and receivers 36 4.1.1 Path Synchronization 4.1.2 Profile Synchronization .39 ADASIS V3 Protocol Specification v3.1.0 9

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